Meng TS-056 - Merkava Mk.4M with Roof Armor dn models

Meng TS-056 – Merkava Mk.4M with Roof Armor

MENG Merkava series are known as the most accurate and sophisticated kits regarding the Israeli main battle tank. As expected, latest generations are the most popular among modelers and therefore their Merkava 4 variants are among their best selling kits ever. Actually, if we have to be frank, Merkava is exactly the kit that made MENG Models famous manufacturer, with their second biggest hit – D9R Doobi.

With the latest unfortunate events in Israel and the following war in Gaza, Merkava is the military vehicle that we see quite often on our TV screens lately. Many of those formidable tanks are used and are spread throughout the fronts that Israel opened, being simultaneously the backbone of IDFs ground forces and the star of the battle. Unlike the planes that come and go fast, tanks stand firmly on the ground and are like monuments of war.

Those of you intrigued by the subject know, that IDF Merkava had some roof armor modifications, apparently dictated by the semi-urban warfare of the current ongoing conflict. Those mentioned above look like a sun shade for the crew, but are a vital add-on, protecting the crew and the tank cupola from attacks from above. Those are specifically dangerous lately, with the introduction of all kinds of drones, which even uneducated in warfare civilians can use against the army. That was no invention of the Middle-East, but can be seen in Russo-Ukraine war quite often. It is part the the new wave of smart war.

MENG found the right timing for releasing a new variant of their brilliant 35th scale Merkava IV tooling, under item number TS-056. This is going to be called “Merkava Mk.4M with Roof-Mounted Slat Armor” and will feature all the bells and whistles we know from their previous releases, plus the abovementioned Slat and two paint schemes.

That is one kit that will be somewhat controversial, due to accusations from different World communities and organizations, condemning Israel and their swift and merciless response to the October events of 2023, but in the same time it will be a definite hit. Wars are always sad and tragic events and during them, there is no real glory and fame. Those come later, after the dust has settled. But with that said, MENG will be ready. With this upcoming release, the Chinese company will fill a niche that is not even yet open. However, Merkava tanks were always in the spotlight and with that Roof Armor, there will be no doubt, that even if MENG skipped this release, someone else would’ve done it.

Luckily, they didn’t.