Please read the following:

Due to increased number of delays, damaged or stolen items, following countries will be excluded from our Flat WorldWide Shipping offer: Russia, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. If you’d like to order from one of these countries, feel free to contact us at for checking for an eventual option and delivery times. Orders made from these countries without first contacting Us will be refunded.

Payments:  We accept Paypal payments.

Shipping: We will ship your item (items) within 2 business days after receiving clear payment. Usually the items are being delivered within 14-20 calendar days. However, standard delivery is within 22 to 25 business days and that is  the time-frame that you should base your expectations on. During December, February and August, shipping is a bit slower. December is full with holidays, February is worst winter month in Europe and August is vacation season in most parts of the world. During these months it might take longer than usual.

We can guarantee that we will do our best to pack it as securely as possible. Once it leaves the postal office though, the item is within the hands of the postal officers and around the world they treat mail according to different standards.

Tax and VAT:  Items shipped within EU are TAX and VAT -free. The rest of the World: all taxes like customs, storage due to unsuccessful delivery or any other charges are responsibility solely of the buyer. Thus, any damage of the items due to customs check upon arrival is not responsibility of the seller. If you get your item damaged, you need to claim it on the spot or once in your hands you bear all the consequences of what might have happened if some customs officer opened it. Please, Do Not Accept packages that are obviously damaged or abused in any way!

Returns: Returns are accepted. You can return your item within 7 days after it gets delivered. In order to make you a full refund, please be sure to have the item in its original packing and without any damages. There should not be any missing parts, instructions, damaged pieces or stickers. It is buyer’s responsibility to ship the item back properly and pay the shipping quotes. After receiving the item and checking its condition, assuring everything is as described above, the full refund will be made. Exchanges for other items are not possible. It is not a problem a new order to be made for a different item and again it should go through the PayPal system. If the item is returned and arrives with damages, not in its original packing or failing to comply with any of the conditions described above, no refund will be made. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any additional questions! We believe that the good communication is fundamental for doing great business!

Packing:  Packages containing small items are usually envelopes or boxes provided by the postal office. Packing of the built models varies. Same goes for diorama pads. Item is usually placed inside holder created especially for it, made of polystyrol in 90% of the cases. Then this is placed in a box, which is sealed. In some cases boxes are placed in second, larger cardboard box. Price of the shipping varies according to weight and size of the model or diorama pad. Please contact us first in order to arrange everything in the best way possible. If you fail to do so, we will ship the item in the way I always do, which is described above. 99% of the time is trouble-free. 1% troubles comes from third parties engaged with shipping along the way.

For built models: Pigments that are replicating dust are very fragile and could be damaged during transportation. That doesn’t mean that the model itself will be damaged, but some of the dust on the fenders/tracks/tires might be different or missing. It’s impossible to be ruined totally. The only complete damage can be caused if the package is opened during its travel by some customs office. Some models are tracked vehicles. Depending on the company some of the tracks are designed with click-click system. Thus, upon delivery some of them might need to be clicked /if visible curve is present/ or the whole track line might need to be re-attached. Have in mind that seller does not take responsibility for the tracks of the vehicle, since their design is specific. However, this only means that you should have minor modeling skills in order to re-attach them if the line was broken along the way. They are flexible and painted all along the track line, so this should not be a problem. Damage of the tracks beyond repair with this particular design is impossible and therefore this is a risk that the buyer takes solely. Airplane models have small parts on their landing gears and under the wings. They are very fragile and can be damaged during transportation. Landing gear doors, antennas and any form of payloads can be damaged. Minor modeling skills needed for repair. Please check the pictures of the model to know what to expect as a possible damage if any occurs.

This goes for all models: There is a lot of small parts added to the models. Each model will be packed and protected as much as it could be. However some of the details might be disassembled or broken during the transportation and might need repair. Have in mind that the model is a fragile structure so there cannot be any guarantees that it won’t receive any damages along its journey. In case there are any, they will be minor though. You can always contact me for help regarding the model or if it need any repairs. I would be happy to help as much as possible.

Diorama pads: Some of the diorama pads have leaves, branches or some other small pieces lying on the ground. It is highly unlikely, but not impossible some of those to be missing or need to be re-attached. If you are uncertain how to do it, please contact me for advice. Same goes for trees and bushes. Some of those are de-attached before shipping, depending on design. Some might need small adjustments. Please be prepared that if the item travel 8-10 thousand miles it might bear some damages. This happens very rarely with diorama pads, but it is not impossible.

Other items: If your item is not a built model, diorama pad or model related item, please have in mind that all of the items are packed accordingly to their size and weight. If you need to know more information or by any chance we missed to put it here, please contact us to get confirmation on any matter you are interested in regarding the particular sale.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.