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Airbrush Tailstopper. Do you really need it?

Airbrush tailstopper. Volume adjuster. Needle limiter. Fluid control knob. Those are all names describing one [...]

Dragon Models Resurrected?

Dragon Models is a Hong-Kong based model maker, that started its glorious journey back in [...]

Evolution 2024 CRplus by Harder & Steenbeck

Evolution is an airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck, that is considered to be among the [...]

Takom Anniversary Tiger Tanks

Takom recently announced an Anniversary series of kits, showing one photo, featuring nothing but the [...]

Ka-52 from Zvezda 1/48

Ka-52 Hokum/Alligator is among the most wanted kits for years when it comes down to [...]

MENG J-20 Stealth Jet

MENG J-20 1/48 /LS-002/ is the latest addition to the notorious modeling company. This time, [...]

Eduard Upcoming 1/48 Stuka Family

Eduard are one of the most prolific companies on the scale modeling scene. Especially last [...]

Border Model IDF Merkava Mk.2D

Border Model announcement…again. But this time it is about an IDF subject. In a timely [...]

Border Model Zero in 35th scale

Border Model are releasing their next 35th scale kit soon. This comes as rather surprising [...]

IDF M113 50 Years Anniversary Edition

IDF M113 armored personnel carrier, otherwise known as Zelda, is a vehicle favorite to many [...]

Chipping Fluid from Tamiya

Chipping fluid – or Hairspray technique as it is more widely known is a modeling [...]

New Tool A-4M – 1/48 Magic Factory

A-4 Skyhawk is widely available in quarter scale. Hasegawa and HobbyBoss are among the most [...]