Rye Field Model & MiniArt Pumas dn models scale model masks

Rye Field Model & MiniArt Pumas

We are already used to the trend of multiple companies releasing the same subject at the same time and in the same scale at once. It is odd, but apparently fashionable approach, typical for the last decade or so. And even though that might be annoying for many, it has its perks. Given the fact that there are many new modeling companies and that their approach to engineering model kits is different in its core, we are actually ending up with totally different product from pure modeling perspective.

Latest on the market are two Puma vehicles in 35th scale. One is from MiniArt and the other from Rye Field Model. Both companies are well known and are among the top producers, former one in Europe, latter one – in Asia. But the region is not a limit. Just the contrary. Both are popular Worldwide and most importantly – deeply respected.

The Sd.Kfz.234/2 that they are going to release is a subject that is somewhat obscured. It is a lightly armored vehicle from the Second World War, that never got the fame typical for the armor of the period. That is a bit strange, considering that Sd.Kfz.234 Puma was innovative design and some of its design ideas are used to this day quite successfully. Maybe the lack of tracks or the lack of its presence on the silver screen helped too.

Nevertheless, there are not many modern toolings to choose from if you want to build it, not until now at least. RFM and MiniArt simultaneously decided to change the course. With that, we will end up with two fresh kits of the Puma, one featuring engine parts the other – full interior. That might seem rather similar, but differences doesn’t end up there.

Rye Field Model & MiniArt Pumas dn models scale model masks

MiniArt are approaching their kit with a lot of devotion and try to show up every tiny detail, up to the limit of the current technology. They do that with all of their kits. If they put Full Interior on their box, they mean business. That is very tempting, but it is also demanding. You need to really know what you are building and read and research a lot. That usually extends the building process, especially with projects like the Puma, that are not in the spotlight.

Rye Field Model on the other hand are gaining fame of being something like a Tamiya mirror image in terms of building and accuracy approach, even though that is somewhat exaggerated. However, they have proven, that their kits are very good and lack the sometimes tedious approach of building that is typical for MiniArt. Latter might show up everything within the model, but the over-complication of things might be bitter for some in the end.

Puma is not a big vehicle. It is not intriguing as StuG or a Tiger and actually if you are not a fan of the period, there is a chance that you might’ve never heard of it. So it seems bold move from both the manufacturers mentioned to release a demanding kit of it, especially if somebody else is doing it in the exact same time. Any mistake on behalf of one of the two sides seems quite risky for their rep. Because if MiniArt mess something up with the accuracy of their interior, or RFM does not provide their usual quality, the other brand will gain serious advantage. And we have witnessed similar situations before. Let’s wait and see what this competition will bring us.