Radio Controlled Models were always part of DN Models’ spectrum. You cannot find any particular RC masks sets on the website, because up to a point, we dealt only with Custom Orders. Reasons for that are many, but most importantly – the different scales available, as well as the various customer requests.
We decided that it is time to open that page for the general public, allowing people to know that we do RC masks from the very first moment they visit the website. It is a known fact, that many scale model enthusiasts are also RC modelers. So from now on, this is an open page for them as well – if you need a mask set for your RC models – feel free to get in touch.
The page will not feature specific options for the reasons stated above. However, we are ready to provide any of our existing masks sets in different scale, completely or partially, designed specifically for RC models. With that said, we understand, that many of you will be interested in the insignia only, since many of our camouflage sets are big and they might feature stuff that you might not need.
However, with all that said, we are familiar with the market and of course – and as always – we are ready to try to fulfill any specific needs out there. We are fans of the RC models as much as we love plastic scale models, so we are here to help! Email us with your needs and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our possible solution.
DN Models Team

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