About Us

At DN Models, our goal is to constantly improve our products and develop new techniques and helping materials. Many of our models are in private collections around the world and some are displayed in museums in Europe and USA. We are in the scale model business since 1990, and since then we have won a lot of competitions and prizes in 11 countries. Most of the success is based on some innovation techniques and different approach to the modeling process itself. Throughout the years we, at DN Models have learned, that the best achievements we have are based on walking outside the known road and rely mostly on intuition and knowing what you want to see in the end. A good model is not a perfectly built model, but the one that has an amazing final look. Perfection is something non-existing, and knowing that, we at DN Models try to squeeze the best we can with the means we have. The modeling world is in its golden years now, and improvements and innovations are constantly showed on the market scene. This helps us get better results and continue our successful business in a matter that satisfies our clients and our expectations. The more options we have, the more exciting results we strive to achieve. The DN Models accessories are a good substitute or addition to the modeling process of every modeler. They are based on our experience and are focused on the areas where some modelers struggle. Decals are hard to be placed properly, especially on armor vehicles where the surface is rough. Quite often, on airplanes decals are pretty thick for the model to appear real, and then DN Models try to step in and help! Even though some of our clients have no troubles with decals, they still use the masks, just because we offer different option, or higher level of realism in the finished kit. Same goes for the other accessories we have. DN Models’ chains for example, can be used as they come from the box, or they can be weathered with burnishing liquid. It all depends on your personal preference and goal. We at DN Models try our best to be practical with the products we offer, and help more modelers achieve the results they go for in the hobby!

Thank you for trusting us!

DN Models