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T-55 mod.1963 – MiniArt 1/35 w/Interior

Introduction: MiniArt keep on providing us with various T-54s and T-55s with and without interior. [...]

MiniArt T-54-3 with Full Interior

Introduction T-54 dash 3 or T-54 model 1951 is the third and last pre-production run [...]

MiniArt T-54B Soviet Medium Tank Review

Introduction: MiniArt T-54 line does not need introduction. The models released so far are with [...]

Tiran 4s on the Horizon!

2017 looks like it might be the year of the T-series and especially Tiran tanks. [...]

T-54 B from MiniArt. The meaning of “superdetailed”

T-54 and T-55 are one of the most recognizable and popular main battle tanks in [...]