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Soviet Assault Infantry in Winter Cloaks from MiniArt

Introduction: A good diorama always includes unusual things in it, especially in terms of figure [...]

STUG III Ausf. E – DML #6688 Smart Kit

This STUG III kit came just like an early Christmas gift to me. Not so [...]

Su-122 Initial Production w/ full Interior from MiniArt

Su-122 is a Soviet self-propelled howitzer and assault gun, based on T-34 platform. 122 comes [...]

Year of the Abrams – 2016. Another new tooling coming up.

As I’ve mentioned in my other articles, 2016 is the year of the Abrams tank [...]

The star from “Fury” by Tamiya

After “Fury” movie came out, Sherman fans were over-excited, and not without a reason. Tamiya [...]

2016 – Looks like the year of the Abrams

This is part of the Dragon Boxart of their latest Abrams version Even though with [...]

Under New Management Group Build

Publishing this article on the very first day after the final date of the Under [...]

T-72M & AZP S-60 Walkaround

High quality pictures can be seen below: