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What is Most Important in a Scale Model

Just recently, we caught a glimpse of a Kinetic post in their social network page, [...]

Dragon Models Resurrected?

Dragon Models is a Hong-Kong based model maker, that started its glorious journey back in [...]

Panzer III Ausf.J 1/16 from Takom/DasWerk

Panzer III is another tank that does not need any introduction what so ever. One [...]

PL-01 Polish Light Tank Prototype – Takom #2127

  Intro: Polish Light Tank prototype, or PL-01 as it is more popular, is one [...]

Modeling Companies Engagements

We are definitely living in the golden age of scale modeling. While only 2 decades [...]

Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz.173 by MENG Model

The market is eagerly awaiting for a new Jagdpanther for years. DML kits are good, [...]

Typhoon-K : Russian MRAP KAMAZ-63968 from TAKOM

Recently, MRAP vehicles became very popular. Not only because many model companies compete in issuing [...]

T-54-2 Mod.1949 from MiniArt without Interior

T-54-2 was a huge hit when MiniArt released its interiored version not long ago. Now, [...]

Tristar’s Brummbar – From HobbyBoss this time.

Tristar’s kits are no longer out on the market. Although wonderful kits, some of them [...]

MT-LB from Trumpeter 05578 – it was worth the wait!

MT-LB is an multy-purpose amphibious vehicle, introduced in the late 60s. It was a replacement [...]

Tamiya British Tank Mk.IV Male – Build Review

Tamiya’s 2014 addition to WWI range is a wonderful new option for all Great War [...]