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Do-335 Anteater from Zoukei-Mura: A-12 version in 32nd scale.

Do-335: Extreme is the word that describes this airplane when you come to think of [...]

F-4D Phantom II – 1/48 Zoukei-Mura SWS No.7

Introduction: Phantom is one of the most wanted models ever. That includes all scales. Of [...]

Zoukei-Mura F-4D is upcoming in February

Zoukei-Mura F-4 series are the best Phantom option in any scale up to this date. [...]

Heinkel He-219 Uhu 1/32 by Zoukei-Mura

He-219 Uhu is one of the most interesting airplanes used by the German Luftwaffe during [...]

Unboxing Zoukei-Mura F-4J – Phantom II in 48th scale.

F-4 Phantom II is more than a legend. In aviation area it is a major milestone [...]