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Top 10 YouTube Modeling Channels – 2023

2023 is close to its end and as always, at the end of every cycle, [...]

Model Kits as an Investment Strategy

Nowadays everybody are talking about investments. Portfolios filled with crypto coins, NFTs, stocks or paintings, [...]

Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B

Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B in 35th scale. New tooling. Isn’t that great? You bet it [...]

Takom StuG III? Biggest news for armor in 2020

Takom StuG III release was somewhat logical announcement. Although still not official news neither as [...]

Rotary Tools for Scale Modeling + Demo Sessions Video

  Rotary tools can come in many different forms. There are plenty of manufacturers on [...]

72nd scale returning to the spotlight?

Back in a day, when you open a Heller or Airfix catalogue, 72nd scale was [...]

Masks Vs. Decals – The Analysis

Masks vs. Decals – the analysis, is a short article, about how decals alter the [...]

Tools Talk – Best Scale Modeling Nippers

Nippers… There is a saying that the craftsman is only as good as his tools. [...]

Sparmax SP-540 Double-Action Airbrush

Intro: The more one uses a specific tool, the more he or she is inclined [...]

1/72 Horten Ho-229 Flying Wing from Zoukei-Mura and Bonus…

Just a couple of day ago, I did a discussion with a fellow modeler who [...]

Top 5 inspiration sources to get your modeling mojo back

Getting back in shape after a long break or just after a long period without [...]