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Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B

Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B in 35th scale. New tooling. Isn't that great? You bet it is! And finally, after years of its initial announcement, Kitty Hawk released a boxart of the UH-1B 1/35, #KH5001. That happens amidst weird times for all of the inhabitants of our Planet. Being forced to keep social distancing, on a brink of a new economic crisis and with expectations of unpredictable changes, at least we get some good news. Because if now is not the time for staying home and making models, when will be it?

The Huey we expected from Kitty Hawk was different version. Couple of years ago, we were hinted that later variants will be released - either D or H. Vietnam era legends. And they probably will be. But when, this isn't exactly clear. Actually, same goes for KH5001 - UH-1B. Don't let the news of the boxart fool you. Kitty Hawk are not a company that keeps their deadlines or promises accurately. And we are not talking Hollywood postponements of the upcoming movies due to the virus panic. Nope. Even in perfect times, most of the new comers on the scale modeling market does not respect the time frames of their releases. Even though those time frames were set by themselves.

However, being a hobby that requires time and patience, scale modeling and its fans can tolerate extended deadlines. And with that said, the UH-1B will appear rather soon eventually. One of the reasons for that being the fact, that now people are forced to stay home, or at least limit their movement around. That eliminates traveling abroad and vacations too. So we take it that Kitty Hawk are not stupid and they, as many others will exploit the opportunity of releasing new and interesting kits. Maybe latter one being the reason why B version appears first too.

Kitty Hawk Huey is already available in 48th scale, for those who do not want to wait and want to start immediately. But we all have been waiting for this 35th scale release. And even though it took a while it will be great to have it. So brace yourselves helo fans, a new era in plastic modeling is on the horizon! And if you wanna wait for the 35th in those strange times that we live in, you can always count on Hollywood. Legendary movies like Apocalypse Now and We Were Soldiers are here to stay and keep you home, but more importantly - to motivate you for this upcoming 35th scale beauty. Use your time wisely!

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Takom StuG III? Biggest news for armor in 2020

Takom StuG III

release was somewhat logical announcement. Although still not official news neither as scale nor as release date, Takom dropped the bomb with a single picture posted on their Facebook page. For armor modeling world, this is probably the biggest and most likely the greatest announcement of 2020. It is most definitely more interesting and important for armor modelers than corona virus is nowadays.

StuG III is the most produced vehicle of the German side of the Second World War. Not only that, but it has tons of fans around the World, modeling-wise. Interestingly, those who once take the StuG road, tend to stay on it, with few extreme examples. Latter one are builders that build either mostly or only StuG IIIs in 35th scale.

Here comes the question: “What scale will be Takom’s StuG III?”. It might seem like an easy answer, but it is not yet announced officially, which might mean that it can be 1/16th, just like their FT-17 tank. And why not, considering that Trumpeter are releasing StuG in 16th scale sometimes in the next 12 to 24 months. It is definitely a possibility.

Most likely though,

the 35th scale kit will emerge on the already flourishing armor market. And that means a lot. It means that this is just the beginning. Because Takom are not like Bronco, and they will expand their line and probably give the rights to others to re-pack. In the meantime, the most interesting object for modeling of the WWII will  probably be explored by others too. It is highly unlikely this speculation to be false as well. And if you wonder why, think about it:

MiniArt just announced Panzer IV and they already did some pre-production Panzer and StuG IIIs. Border model also entered the game with their Panzer IV, as well as the brilliant Rye Field Model representation of the same thing. It will be insane decision not to take a swing at the StuG III, considering that it is far more popular than Panzer III and IVs.

But let’s give time

to Takom and see what exactly they will offer us. And if expectations of everybody are correct, this will be 35th scale new tooling of a StuG III. Probably with interior. That will set the beginning of a new line of StuG IIIs and will put a huge pressure on Dragon, dethroning them as a StuG dominant on the market. Reasons for that are many, but none more important that this: Takom know how to make contemporary models and are highly competitive, while DML seems to have forgotten how to. One thing is certain: Takom StuG III is happening!


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Rotary Tools for Scale Modeling + Demo Sessions Video


Rotary tools can come in many different forms. There are plenty of manufacturers on the market who have one or more variations in their line and last years many new appeared too. Rotary Tools can be of various sizes, but the basis for all of them comes from Dremel with their legendary tool. The latter one has numerous advantages over the competition, but for the purposes of scale modeling it is not something that would help you make a decision per se.

Scale Modeling rarely involves power tools besides the compressor. The compressor itself is not a power tool exactly, but a supporting machinery. So there are few such tools that one can implement into the hobby, however the definite leader among them as practicality and usefulness is the rotary tool.

Plenty can be achieved with such a tool and you can see that in the video attached below. Those are only few demo sessions that show various solutions that can be tedious if not using a rotary tool. And the one seen in that video is a very cheap option. However, speaking of price one must know that rotary tool that you will use for scale models won’t suffer much and in general there is no need for super-rugged and pricy item which can sustain all that abuse from constant work.

That is simply because it won’t be doing much of that.

The most important thing to look for are the various speeds option as well as a good fat set of bits included. As seen from the Demo Sessions below, there are practical use for almost ever bit, plus the fact that this is only a small fraction of the things that can be done with it. For example – armor modeling present a whole different universe of usage, starting from Metal Track polishing and cleaning up to and including shell holes. Latter ones are very slow process when done by hand.

Whatever the main purpose you are getting your rotary tool is, there going to be many more options revealing once you get the tool in hand. There are extensions with more flexible attachments to go into tricky places with those rotary tools, which will come handy. There are engraving tools that can cover that part of the modeling, but you can get all in one if you find a good set. Or get the stand to hold your rotary tool on your bench and use only the flexi-extension.

Much can be said about rotary tools and many various brands can be shown as example. Dremel are the best, that is certain, but there are many more. From Ryobi, through DeWalt and Black&Decker up to many no- or odd-brand ed Chinese options, they will all do the job for the regular scale modeler.

Check out the video below and see what a basic cheap tool can do. This one costs half the price of a 48th scale model, even less, and it can cope with almost anything:




72nd scale returning to the spotlight?

Back in a day, when you open a Heller or Airfix catalogue, 72nd scale was all over it. Catalogues were small leaflets, not fancy too. Later on, Italeri and Revell started expanding their 48th line and slowly, the pages were equalized in numbers and content count. Rater quickly same happened with 32nd scale and at some point, 72nd scale became slightly obscured.

Reasons for that are many. Modelers prefer to work on larger pieces with age, more detail options embedded in 48th and larger scales and relatively acceptable size even for larger models. Then Trumpeter appeared and they tested the boundaries of 72nd scale. Unsuccessfully at their first attempt.

Nowadays things started to shift back. Not because modelers that are devoted 72nd scale builders are a huge crowd, nor that they are very vocal. But because of several scale models in 72nd scale that appeared and proved a point. A point that was debated for a long time – are 72nd scale kits sufficient to satisfy the detail demand of the experienced builders.

There were several hits from Trumpeter and AMK, Great Wall Hobby as well. But the company that made the real difference was Eduard. They released brilliant 72nd scale MiG-15, Fw-190 and MiG-21, which are extremely detailed. They are high-quality in terms of plastic, fit and decals. Accuracy is flawless. Very competitive to best 48th scale kits. Better then some too. So there the magic happened.

A lot of modelers that are devoted to the bigger scale bought some of those. Just for the sake of having such kit in their collection. I was one of them too. And once they opened the box, they were immediately hooked. I know at least couple of guys that built their kits putting aside everything else on the bench, simply because they looked so tempting.

So, is the market slowly shifting backwards?

Maybe, maybe not. But it’s a start. 72nd scale has a lot of advantages. Mostly – size-wise, the kits are very attractive. You can build ton of these and still have room for more. They are /or at least most of them/ cheaper. Compared to 48th and 32nd of course. Less plastic, smaller photo-etch and decal sheets and there you go. That cannot be said for all of the companies though. For example, G.W.H. F-15E or Trumpeter MiG-29 are very good, but expensive in 72nd scale. With that point, Eduard again smashes the competition. They produce the best 72nd scale kits nowadays and at the most affordable prices too.

Why that happened? Maybe, because Czechs have their history with 72nd scale. Maybe because 72nd scale was what we all grew with. Or maybe, because the scale offers extremely interesting way of approaching the hobby. Detail-wise and collection-wise.

True, there are kits that are limited to that scale. Like the Dora railway gun that Hobby Boss offers. Or Tupolev bombers from Trumpeter. Well, the latter ones are not limited to that scale per se, but the truth is that there are many versions and if you want them all, you either buy them in 72nd scale or you buy yourself another home and turn it into a scale modeling museum. Maybe that’s why Modelcollect offered their B-1B, B-2 and B-52s in 72nd, don’t you think?

But all things considered, Eduard did the breakthrough here. No doubt about it. Their MiG-15 and Fw-190 started it and MiG-21 nailed it. For good I believe. Why would anyone want to be limited to something? Do you stop watch your old favorite sitcoms because they are in 4:3 and now everything is 16:9? No. You just enjoy a different perspective. 

Same with modeling. What’s wrong in being back into the smaller scale? Nothing of course. You just sit back, relax and enjoy the hobby to its fullest. Just like in the old days.

picture courtesy of Eduard
Masks vs Decals - The Analysis by DN Models ah-1z viper marines

Masks Vs. Decals – The Analysis

Masks vs. Decals - the analysis, is a short article, about how decals alter the appearance of a scale model, while masks can improve it. With that said, we must clarify the idea of the scale model. It is all about realism. Scaled down, made in an art form, any miniature is after the realism. Well, some are not, but those are usually different form of art. In scale modeling, people are fighting over sizes, panel lines, measurements and what not. And it all comes down to this: how accurate the replica in scale is. However, even the best and most accurate dimension-wise models are useless without the proper colors and markings. And those are subjects basis for even nastier feuds. Of course, the goal is still the same. Perfection in all dimensions and appearance that will cheat the eye to believe, that this is the real thing. Now, much has been written about colors. Acrylics versus enamels, this brand over that one and so on. With that said, the markings are still under consideration. Tamiya for example, are ill-famous for their thick decals. They don't adhere to the surface nicely. Usually, they can ruin the whole project. And of course, weathering those can be a struggle. That goes for aftermarket decals as well. And this is where masking in scale modeling comes in.

Masks are not only for canopies, they can be used for everything.

Masks vs. Decals is not an actual challenge. It is a self explanatory subject. Why? Well, masks vs. decals would've been a discussion in case most of the application out there in the real world were made with decals. They aren't. Let me show you why: What you can see above is an AH-1Z helicopter. Real life bird. Painted with masks. Now see how neatly it looks on that picture. And let me share with you why you cannot get better than masks in modeling. What you see below is a close up of the markings. Is the question Masks vs. Decals here stands? I don't think so. You can clearly see the overspray spot and that it perfectly matches the color of the markings. How close can you get by doing this painting over decals? Pretty close some of you might say.

That may be the case. But if you use masks, you will be 100% accurate.

But again, that is not the sole reason. Now, on the picture below, you can see that there is a leveling in between the layers of paint: Decals are one unified surface. A film, that holds the transparent part and the markings - all in one. But what you see above and what you can achieve on a model are different things. Not that you will need that supreme form of accuracy in 48th scale. For example, with that AH-1Z that is a good point, since one of the best kits of the Viper is exactly in quarter scale. But even if those were vinyl stickers on the real thing, in order to be more accurate, in scale your only option is to go for the masks. What about paint layering? Well masks vs. decals gives masks advantage here again. It is true, that mostly, such things are visible on armor vehicles. Rarely on aircraft. But take a moment to inspect the picture below: Looking close enough, you can see that there is paint leveling from the previous markings. The best way to get there is not with decals. Well, it might be, if you cut out the transparent film. But where is the point in doing that, when you can do that solely by using a paint mask set for the markings? And be as thick as you might want to be.

Best advantage of the masks set is the weathering option that they provide.

Chipping is visible not only on armored vehicles. Weathering and missing paint flakes can be seen on every extensively used vehicle. No matter is it a helicopter, train, tank or plane. Let me clear that out for you: This can be done with decals. And with tons of risks following. Especially when it comes down to the clear film and the possible wash troubles that will follow with the final weathering. So, masks vs. decals here? Masks win. Why? Well, you can do this with hairspray, salt method, masking fluid and what not. In all those possible variants, you will get this exact effect. No clear film to worry about, no color discrepancy, no nothing. Pure and simple. Give it a try with masks, see where that will lead you. Be my guest.

Weathering over painted insignia is far easier. It always was, always will be.

Finally, the paint that goes under the masks. Yes, many complain about that. I even had to gear up with my airbrush and travel 50 miles once, just to prove a point. Thin layer of paint, drying with the airbrush and air only for a 2-3 seconds and another thin layer. And no underlying paint, no defects no nothing. But for those who cannot cope with that, here it goes: Well, it happens to the best of us. It happens to me more often that I want to admit. Obviously the sailor who painted this won't be awarded at the next IPMS at his local chapter. It happens. So what? Apparently, it happens in real life too. As you can see from the picture above. Overspray and underlying paint is unavoidable. And what if it happens? Well, you can get better realism, that's what. True, scaled down, those will be mostly invisible. The last picture especially. The edges on technical signs as NO STEP or NO PUSH too. But not the chipping, not the edges and paint layering and not the accuracy of the appearance and colors. All of those will be perfectly into scale. And only if you go for the masks. Scaled down, the thickness of the elements of the scale model are the bigger issue here. You don't believe that the trailing edge of an aircraft in 48th scale correspond to the real thing, do you? And on the flying toys, sharp edges are most common thing visible. The thickness of the clear parts too. Imagine the weight of a canopy that thick if you scale up your plastic part. Insignia? Yeah, but not that much. This might be slightly different compared to reality, but it is 10 or 15%. The elements mentioned above are awfully out of scale. With which of those you will be closer to reality? I trust the masks will suffice. So what was the question again? Masks vs. Decals? www.dnmodels.com
Tools Talk - Best Scale Modeling Nippers

Tools Talk – Best Scale Modeling Nippers


There is a saying that the craftsman is only as good as his tools. That is 100% true for scale modeling too. Especially when it comes down to nippers. They can be a destroyer of dreams, especially when the curvy plastic is soft and attached to the sprues just where it shouldn't be. Nippers can be of a lot of help, as well as cause a lot of trouble. They can be a deal breaker /and especially/ with delicate parts or round elements.


the delicacy of MiniArt small and intricate details. Rods, hoses, cables - made from plastic and what not. Now imagine there is just a tiny bit of more tension there. In between the two or more of their attachment points. If you use sharp and precise nippers, you will be fine. Most likely. But if you use something of low quality, with damaged cutting edges and with thick cutters - you will see the element break. Or, just like mentioned above. A beautiful, round fuselage parts that you see on some first or second generation jet fighters. Let's say Eduard MiG-21 in 72nd scale. You can easily cut some of it, or, damage it beyond the point of decent repair. And there goes your perfect round shape. All that is a work for your nippers. When picking a pair, you should not be cheap, but you should know exactly what you are looking for. Because they can be expensive too. And for no obvious reason. On the market there are several options, some of which fantastic. Others - not so much. Here's the top 5 nippers you can get nowadays, according to what I've learned in my modeling journey. Believe it or not, either of those should do just fine, but a pair of them /preferably combined but different/ will be the perfect combo.

Number 5:

Tamiya Craft Tools #74035

Tamiya are a leading brand when it comes down to modeling. Scale Plastic or RC. They produce tools and some of them are the best. This set of nippers are called Sharp pointed Side cutters. Side means that they are meant to cut flat on one of their sides, which is the end towards the plastic part. They guarantee clean cut, and of course can be combined with something cheaper, just in case you want to save them from the extra tension.

Number 4:

Trumpeter Sprue Cutter Tool

Your eyes do not lie to you. Yes, Trumpeter comes at number 4 here. A step closer to number 1 and ahead of Tamiya. They are not better, but they seem to be a bit tougher. And the reason why they are at number 4 is their availability. Trumpeter are available almost everywhere around the Globe now, while Tamiya are a brand that is hard to be found at some places. Trumpeter took the same road tools-wise as Tamiya, however they still keep their prices a bit lower. That is not exactly accurate for their cutters though. Still, they worth it!

Number 3:

GSI Creos Mr. Nipper Side Cutter

These are cheaper, yet very nice side nippers. GSI Creos are a solid brand from Japan, arguably second only to Tamiya. In my opinion they are pretty competitive. The price of those is right, they are comfy and can last you long. There are other, not-so-precise options from the same brand, but the set here is the one that I would recommend if you are serious about your hobby.

Number 2:

GSI Creos Mr. Nipper A - MT103

In my opinion - the wisest option you can get on the market today. They are number two fro two reasons. First is because of the flawlessness of Number 1 in this list. Second reason is the price. Compared to the best listed further down there is a significant difference on the tag. Number one are not that better, so to cost twice as these nippers here. MT103 is an improved model, stainless steel and they come from Japan. Guarantee for quality. GSI Creos is mentioned twice in this list here, so that must mean something too.

Number 1:

God Hand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 SPN-120

Hands down, God Hand Ultimate Nippers /SPN-120 5.0/ is the best set of nippers available. Expensive, but perfect. They are more precise than any of the sets mentioned above, thus the price. Made in Japan, they are very popular with modelers that are interested in various subjects. From Gundam to small 48th and 72nd armor. And those nippers deliver best performance that you can ever get. If you are not sure what to get, but you have the money, this is the set for you. Preferably combined with one of the not-so-precise options available. Before we conclude, the runner up. A set that probably deserves to be in Top 5. MENG Model Tool set

I cannot comment much on the set, because I haven't used the nippers from it and it would be inappropriate if I label it in this list. However, people that used this swear by it. On the other side they are fans of MENG Models and that might be slightly misleading. The truth is, that the set is very affordable and probably comparable with Trumpeter's nippers mentioned above. MENG are releasing airbrushes, thin glues and what not nowadays, so one can tell they are aiming high. Probably they won't embarrass themselves with lousy product, so I am inclined to trust this set. Nippers seems precise enough and with that price, it won't hurt to give them a chance.


All things considered, I must admit that you can hardly live with only one set of nippers. Many modelers have several. What I would suggest is to get at least a couple. Which ones is up to you. But if you ask me, go with something very nice, like Number 2 or Number 1 and combine it with one or two of the cheapest options. Number 5 is way up there just because some people could not get it that easily. Other than that it is in TOP 3.

Please remember:

these are not just nippers. Tools mentioned above are not only one of the best available, but they are also a way to keep the plastic of the parts you cut intact. They are the way to a better and easier modeling. They are also reliable products and well worth the money. Either one of those won't hurt a modeler's budget, especially with recent kit's prices. But at some point the investment will return. Sometimes, just one little defect can ruin the whole model. And all the modeling starts with cutting the plastic from the sprue. www.dnmodels.com

Sparmax SP-540 Double-Action Airbrush

Intro: The more one uses a specific tool, the more he or she is inclined to continue using it and avoid changes. One reason for that is the experience and the mastery that a person can achieve being comfortable around and with something. Another is that the habit of using something quite often becomes a second nature. That being said, there is no wonder why some of the most experienced modelers paint with old and rugged airbrushes, that are off the market and without support of any kind. However, they are sufficient for the job they are being used for, sometimes even exceeding the expectations of the spectators. Based on the tech specs and the perception that the more tiny the nozzle is and the extras included are abundant, many people avoid buying simple, tough and proven airbrushes. However those airbrushes can do magical things and perform as well as the top tools on the market. That is for the half of the price, but with a little more practice and experience required. In other words, it is not guaranteed that if you buy the most expensive tool you will become master. But is guaranteed, that with a regular airbrush, you can become a pro, just based on knowledge and constant improvement and strong will. One such airbrush is the SP-540. It is a Sparmax tool, which seems simple and rugged, but if you get to know it better, you will see that there is a lot more behind the looks and it well exceeds many expectations. The supposed purpose: With 0.4mm nozzle, missing the tail-stopper and bottom feed from plastic bottles, Sparmax SP-540 looks far from exciting. For some it might look cheap and even worthless. What is expected from such airbrush is to perform good on general subjects. Like priming, clear coats and single tone applications. For some of the industries different from scale modeling, it is accepted that this tool can do general work, but nothing overly specific. All of that, based on the nozzle size, lack of fine pressure valve or tail stopper. Not much of a stud, if one might say. The actual performace: Actual performance of the SP-540 differs from the supposed one. And by far. 0.4mm nozzle is not such a sniper weapon as seen on the ones that we are used to recently - .2mm or .15mm – but is still very much within the limits of what is accepted as common. And that is .3mm or .35mm for most of the brands. When you come to think of it, that is not much. Besides, the most important thing about an airbrush is its balance and the ergonomics, not the nozzle size. And Sparmax SP-540 is very balanced and fine tuned airbrush. It is dual action, bottom feed tool that makes it perfect starter. The bottle size and attachment guarantees that spills are almost impossible and the lack of tail stopper can help you focus on working your trigger, not just squeezing it, depending on the mechanics to stop it when needed. That last one is actually really important, since paint build up can really mess things up if you are too dependent on the stopper. The overall simplicity of the tools helps for the maintenance and spare you the hassle for unwanted damages of the fine parts. The business end of the SP-540 for example, even though looks bigger than what we are used to, is working just fine. Easy to clean, low risk of damage, far from delicate. In the positive way of course. The airbrush can do a lot more than it is expected from. It can draw fine lines /especially with the needle cap off/ and in the same time can cover evenly, while working with envious consistence, compared with the rest airbrushes in that same class. No wonder, since Sparmax are making airbrushes for 4 decades already. SP-540 can be easily used as a primer-only tool, or a starter airbrush, but it can stick with you for a long long time too, even as a main gun. That is only if you can develop the feel for it, which is strongly individual. Based on my personal experience, if you start with it, you will most likely stick to it and for a while. Value against Money: The cheapest airbrushes that come from China perform exactly how they are valued. They are inconsistent, defective and can let you down in the worst moment. The next level is basic tool airbrushes, such as SP-540, usually bottom feed too. However, this isn’t one level above the Chinese cheapos, but at least 4 or 5. The value of the airbrush is very good. Actually, you pay a little above the Cheapo airbrush, but you pay 2 or 3 times less than the next level tool, while you are getting a quality closer to the higher category. So when you come to think of it, this is the best value for the money that you can get from airbrushing. Especially if you are in the first years of your airbrushing career. It is unreasonable to start with an airbrush that costs $150-200, because you will damage it at some point. Accidents happen. Especially to the newcomers. On the other hand it is unreasonable to get a tool that can easily push you away from airbrushing, based on ill practice and inconsistent results. What that leaves you with, is pretty much only one simple and reasonable choice. Even though that choice can be widen within the brands. Quality: As mentioned above, 40 years of experience for Sparmax can help you with that choice. To be that long in the game, you gotta know how to play it. SP-540 is a very good option and the quality is not neglected in any way. The airbrush only looks rugged. It is very nice and balanced tool actually. It is not heavy, nor the trigger is flimsy. The only thing that might fool you is the look of the tail, which is not made by polished metal. However the rest is just where it should be: the quality of the box, the contents, the little goodies included. Like the hanger of the plastic clamshell for example. The small things that make a big difference combined altogether. Conclusion: I cannot lie and I must say that I am Sparmax fan. I own several of their airbrushes and in my honesty, I never met anyone who does not appreciate Sparmax as a brand. SP-540 is not surprisingly one very satisfactory tool. Especially when you come to think of it as an investment. The price is right, the quality is more than decent. On the other hand the lack of bells and whistles might not tempt you at first, but simple things usually work with less effort and fewer troubles. That does not mean that you should consider it as an all-in-one tool. But a tool that can easily complete most of the tasks and will serve most of the modelers out there fulfilling their needs in airbrushing. My personal opinion is that this is another hit from Sparmax, targeted towards a wider audience. Probably the larger part of the users out there. And with that quality, I think this is an all-around winner! www.dnmodels.com
horten ho-229 1/72 1/144 zoukei mura dn models

1/72 Horten Ho-229 Flying Wing from Zoukei-Mura and Bonus…

Just a couple of day ago, I did a discussion with a fellow modeler who didn't know about the existence of 48th scale Horten Ho-229 from Zoukei-Mura. For those of you who never heard of that, it is a scaled down version of their wonderful Ho-229 in 32nd scale. The kit features the same engineering - transparent parts, internal body structure and so on. We discussed how nice it would be for a modeler to make and present a set of the two scales side by side - 48th and 32nd. Of course, this gives you the option to present the models in different camo schemes and in this case - in totally different appearances. As you might know from the review I've done - the outer layers are made from transparent plastic material. So imagine my surprise, when I read through one of the social network updates and I saw the Zoukei-Mura update for 72nd scale Horten-229.  Zoukei-Mura promises engineering with the highest possible standards and as many details as the scale allows. This is quite a promise and it sends chills back my spine, since I am very familiar with their 48th and 32nd scale kits. Since Horten Ho-229 is not a small aircraft, you can imagine that in 72nd scale we will have a lot to deal with. The surprises does not stop there! Zoukei-Mura promises that there will be a bonus included in the box - 1/144 Horten Ho-229. And that was the last drop in my cup! As a devoted fan of that German jet miracle, I was excited to the maximum, knowing that we will have now 4 scales available for that flying wing. Besides, all of them will be from Zoukei-Mura, so far giving us the best kit of the Horten 229. And they will fill the market basically for everybody! 1/144 scale isn't popular as 48th, but in the Nordic countries 144 alongside with 72nd are very warmly welcomed and modelers there often create miracles with the kits. With the proper out of the box basis - Zoukei-Mura tooling - I have no doubts we are about to see tons of Horten 229s at the shows and in all scales possible. Great news! Alongside with the smallest kit they ever did (1/144 scale Horten), Zoukei-Mura announced one of their biggest as well - twin-seater Do-335 Pfeil - soon to update you on that one too. ! So stay tuned!  

Top 5 inspiration sources to get your modeling mojo back

Getting back in shape after a long break or just after a long period without modeling might be quite difficult. So, make it easier with the following 5 tips. They include 5 awesome sources of inspiration to get your modeling mojo back.
  • Historical movies. There are plenty of them in YouTube and in other video channels, as well as in a variety of other forms to suit your taste. Just pick up your favorite historical movie and try to transport yourself to the time period from that movie, and to get used to the atmosphere. It`s not obligatory to watch “Top Gun” if you want to make a F-14 Tomcat. Other great movies may range from historical documentary movies about the conflict zones where the Tomcat participated, to documentary movies about the construction of the plane. This will give you not only an enormous variety of reference materials and you could learn more about the real plane, but could also inspire you to get started your new model.
  • Posters and other paper artworks. They are definitely a great source of inspiration, because that`s their main purpose too. For example, let`s take the limited edition kit of Eduard – MiG 21 and the Scooter in 1/48, which arrive in one box, as well as accompanied by a huge poster depicting both planes flying in the air. This poster is definitely a must have as a background of your display case or just to hang it on a wall as a painting. When you watch it every day, it should be quite normal to get more and more inspired to start the new build. Another great tip is to get advantage of the beautiful colorful pages with the paint schemes in your model`s instruction manual and to make just about the same thing. Especially the bigger sheets with paint schemes can easily turn into a striking painting for your desktop. It`s not required a lot of talent for decoration for a DIY frame for the colorful pages.
  • Famous songs. For instance, if you plan to start a Vietnam-themed model – check out in internet some Vietnam-themed songs. There are many of them that are especially military oriented and that were produced during the Vietnam conflict period. Such iconic songs could easily make you dream of that bygone era and of the real flying machines, for example.
  • Military games. This is always another great idea to return your modeling mojo, of course if you are not a gaming enthusiast who can easily be tempted to play all day long instead of starting a new model. It comes to games like flying simulators, where your new model is future as a real vehicle and you could drive it, fly on it, etc.
  • Just pictures. Make yourself a collection with beautiful HD photos of the real subject of your model. Whether a collection with highly detailed close-up photos or a just a couple of pics at night, sunset, etc. – such pictures could easily inspire you to start the model. On the other hand, they could act as a wonderful source of reference photos too. Watch reviews over the internet about your model, search for the best tips in WIP videos, and just find what suits you best as a source of inspiration.
(source: www.fondospedia.com)

1000 Subscribers /not so/ Special.

Finally, DN Models YouTube channel has reached the milestone of 1000 subscribers. That happened just last week, after almost 10 days hiatus, which was quite unusual. The subscribers count during that hiatus was kinda frozen, which was quite unusual comparing it to the last 3 or 4 months of constant movement. Maybe YouTube evaluated something on my channel, maybe something else was happening. One can only guess. I waited for this moment a long long time, knowing that this is some sort of a magical number after which things will go ballistic and all my efforts, appreciated by at least 1K subscribers there will actually become a real happening. Unfortunately, nothing of that kind happened, and even after a week of waiting and hoping for a slight change, things remained the same. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expected a space shuttle launch to happen, but even the slightest add-ons like monitoring your biggest fans among your subscribers never showed. The only thing I got from this milestone, was a short annotation from YouTube, saying I have reached 1000 subs and now I can fill a theater with them. Good to know. The new people that came in after, actually were with the same steady flow of everyday new subs, which is the opposite of what rumors say. You should go faster and easier after 1000 mark. Nope. Not here. Not in my case. Whatever the case is, I realized that having 1000 subscribers is rather a bigger responsibility than a success, and DN Models is liked, thus I gotta keep on working. Even harder. So what I want to say is "Thank You!" to my subscribers, to people who read here and to people who email me and communicate with me through the social networks. I am grateful for having them in my flow of communication, and I am thankful for their appreciation of my efforts. Seeing nothing happening after 1K subs, I realized also that actually all along the way something did happened. That is new friends found among the other YouTubers, new contacts with people who think alike and new experience in people interaction in general. I am truly grateful for that! I wish to express my gratitude to all my supporters out there, to the people who comment and communicate with me most: Mark, Carlos, Michael R., Michael S., Michael R/again but another one/., Rafael, Andy, Paul S., Paul A. and David. They gave me boost without even knowing, when I was wondering do I need to go on with that endeavour and does my efforts count. Also, I want to thank Alina and Vladislav from MiniArt for their trust in me, and especially Vladislav for the wonderful communication along our mutual work! Thank you guys! I will try and do better and better. YouTube might've done nothing with my 1000 subs milestone, but you did along the way and I am grateful! DN Models could not exist without you, not in YouTube but anywhere! See ya soon!