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Wiesel A1 TOW 1/16 from TAKOM dn models masks for scale models

Wiesel A1 TOW 1/16 from TAKOM


1/16 is  a scale that you see significantly less-often compared to 35th. Probably, because of the significant size of Abrams or Leopard tanks in 16th scale. But if you remember, few years back, there was a Hobby Boss Dora kit in 72nd scale, which actually was spot on, again for the very same reasons. So in other words, there are kits that are suitable for 35th scale, but there are many that are definitely not. 

Takom somehow hit the right spot again, with this upcoming release of Wiesel A1 tankette. Previous time they did it was with their 1/16 Renault FT, another tank that in 35th scale is too small to be interesting. Others followed too. And even though Wiesel A1 is far less popular than the legendary FT light tank, it will still fit the bill perfectly.

The major advantages of the models in scale 1/16 are the enormous amount of details that you can work with. Again, that isn’t a good choice for larger vehicles /or probably is, but it is an expensive one/, mostly due to their size when assembled, but for smaller tanks this is quite an option. Wiesel A1 is a relatively tiny vehicle, which features enough details on its exterior and definitely deserves a model in 16th scale. And TAKOM calculated the situation with impressive precision.

The german tankette, although not very popular and camera-friendly in real life, especially compared to the latest tanks, is actually interesting for the modelers. Both Revell and AFV Club have proven that over the years. In smaller scale of course. Now for the devoted fans, January 2021 is coming with the bigger and hopefully deeply re-engineered version of the Wiesel A1 TOW, which will probably be the start. And by that, we mean a new line of kits, with various options, because Wiesel has few of them that needs to be represented as models. 

Takom are one of the companies that are not releasing many kits as Trumpeter do on an annual basis. They are more modest and careful when expanding their catalogue. But sometimes when they do, they announce very interesting and potentially celebrity-type kits. Most likely, Wiesel A1 TOW will be one of those.


FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

FJ-3 Fury 1/48 from Kitty Hawk coming in 2020

FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

FJ-3 Fury is the navalised version of the mighty F-86 Sabre, which was used from US NAVY and Marine Corps. F-86 Sabre had its Soviet adversary in the face of MiG-15 and MiG-17, however none of those offered the potential to become a true carrier based aircraft. In this regard FJ-3 along with FJ-2 and FJ-4 were one of a kind planes for their era and even though somewhat forgotten nowadays, deserve a lot of respect.

We have plenty of kits in many scales when it comes down to the mighty Sabre. However, FJ-series are not included in that equation. It was about time to see such an option for quarter scale lovers and Kitty Hawk responded to the demand. Even though initially promised for 2019, FJ-3 fury from Kitty Hawk should appear in 2020, but rather soon as rumor goes. Probably in the first couple of months of the new decade.

FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

The kit is promised to feature several interesting camo schemes, which you can see on the pictures in this article. Unlike the modern fighter jets of today, the first US jets were painted with bright colors and models of those are always an attractive sight. Sabre by itself is not a small jet per se, thus all those vivid options that we will receive with this Kitty Hawk release will make out of the kit one very shiny and bright piece of art.

FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

The kit will be a complex one, like most of Kitty Hawk’s line of kits. It should present us with superb detail and couple of options to present the completed model. Based on the FJ-3 Fury, Kitty Hawk will soon release FJ-2 /which is available at some locations already/ as well as hopefully the FJ-4, with a fact in mind, that the latter one is very deep modification of the Sabre and while FJ-2 and FJ-3 are close, the Fourth is almost a completely new aircraft.

Future looks bright for the lovers of the early jet age planes, especially carrier based ones. FJ-3 Fury was produced in relatively modest numbers for its time, but despite that fact it is a memorable aircraft and a must for every modeler that builds US NAVY and US Marines planes. Thanx to Kitty Hawk, we will soon have that options in 48th scale. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of the line of carrier based Sabre siblings.


mig-23bn eduard limited edition oops! dn models masks for scale models

Eduard’s MiG-23BN Limited Edition. Oops! A mistake.

MiG-23BN is a derivative of the sweep wing fighter jet MiG-23, being altogether very beautiful and very controversial at the same time. This plane was a symbol for couple generations of one of the sides of the Iron Curtain, however never made good name for itself, due to its poor fighting performance in real life.

Although very capable, fast, agile and with very responsive engine, MiG-23 was never even close to the fame of MiG-21. It served shortly, especially compared with the famous Fishbed and proved to be a burden when it comes down to maintenance and expenses for a flight hour. With that said, everybody who flew and work with it, loved the hell out of that streamlined beast. If not anything else, as part of world’s aviation history, it deserves a ton of respect because of the sweep wing technology,and it was definitely a milestone for Mikoyan.

Eduard already released a fighter version in a form of a Limited Edition kit, repacking Trumpeter’s latest 48th scale tooling of the early variant of the fighter-interceptor version. In late 2019, the Czech company decided that they will repack the fighter-bomber version too – the BN, more widely known as “Gena, the Crocodile”. Named after a famous Soviet animated character, because of its nose, the BN was used with several air forces, one of which was of course: Czechoslovakian.

Eduard’s decision was great in theory. However, BN released by Trumpeter is one of their worst kits ever released – full with discrepancies, wrong shapes, etc. Not only that, but Eduard didn’t even tried to alter the worst thing about the kit: its frontal part. MiG-23BN nose is what makes it distinctive and that is where Trumpeter dropped the ball and with enviable splash too.

Now, Eduard are a company that releases only nice Limited Editions, full with improvements, nice camo schemes and important alterations. Their Phantoms as well as their A-4s, F-14 /and others/ are a perfect example. However, with the MiG-23BN they made a very nasty mistake. 

The kit is practically unfixable, except if one doesn’t change the whole nose section. Which beats the purpose of it all. Did we mention that the canopy needs to be replaced too? Well, it does. Eduard never put an effort in that though. Why?

Nobody knows.

Another thing Eduard missed – maybe on purpose – was that they included Soviet versions, omissing Indian and Bulgarian ones, which are more closely tied to the history of MiG-23BN. When MiG-23BN came to Bulgaria and India, in Soviet Union they were already gearing up with MiG-27. In Soviet service the plane wasn’t loved and lived relatively shortly when it comes down to active service. However, with India and Bulgaria, the case was very different. And on top of that, both countries featured very nice camouflage schemes and both of them had unusual single-tone gray MiG-23BNs in service.

It is rare to see low-lever fighter bombers to be painted in light gray, and from modeling standpoint this provides for superb weathering options as shading, chipping, worn and dirt effects. Great for an earth digger, right? But no. Eduard decided to give their respects to Czechoslovak /later Czech/ MiG-23BNs, Soviet ones /who knows why?!/ and East German air force. With the exception of Czech variants, the other two were never very tightly connected with the BN. Nobody get that tingle in the stomach when thinks of East German BN. 

It is quite surprising, considering the fact that Eduard released MiG-21bis in Indian service as Limited Edition. And Indian modelers are constantly begging for more models oriented towards their area. T-90s, MiG-21s, -23s and -29s, all they are very respected and longed for by Indians. Not to mention the option to release MiG-21-93 or Bison version in a separate pack from Eduard’s nearly-perfect line of Fishbeds. Something that Eduard still can cash on. But again, big, fat NO.

Quite surprising indeed…

And in conclusion, this is probably the first time that Eduard dropped the ball with their choice. The Trumpeter kit by itself is worthless and can be fixed only if tons of modifications are made by the builder, which includes plenty of money spent for aftermarket. On top of everything, removing Bulgaria and India from the equation called “Limited Edition MiG-23BN” was another bad decision from the Czech company. But even the best companies make mistakes sometime.

With that said, we won’t provide you with pictures for that kit, besides the boxart. We think it simply isn’t worth the time nor the effort to get it and build it, except in cases when you might want to stash it and have it there just for the sake of it. Because Trumpeter’s MiG-23BN neither looks nor tastes like a real Gena the Crocodile, and lacking the nicest camo schemes seen out there, well, it all beats the purpose.

Did we mention that Cuba had those too? Yeah, this blueish Gena is not included in this kit either. And many of the MiG-23BN fans know about that famous Mikoyan parked on the US soil in Florida, freshly defected from Cuba. Well, it is not here. Instead, you can build Soviet and East German versions though. 

Probably if resin nose and new canopy were offered, if not in this kit at least as a Brassin set. Just a hope for those who wants their kit to look like the real thing. Because the only thing certain about this BN release is that if you build it it won’t look like the real thing.

Thank you, but no thank you Eduard! Maybe next time!



Messerschmitt Gigant in 144th scale by G.W.H dn models masks for scale models 144th

Messerschmitt Gigant in 144th scale by G.W.H

Messerschmitt Gigant was a German military transport airplane from the Second World War. The name Gigant is perfect for that beast-of-a-plane. It measured more than 28m in length and with more than 55m wingspan. For the time, this was a monstrosity. It started as a glider and it was developed into a engine-driven beast of a plane.

Messerschmit Gigant

also known as Me-323 was built between 1942 and 1944. Only 198 were built, a number way too low for the standards of the Second World War. However, due to its size and appearance, it made its mark onto the aviation history.

It is hard to get a model of that plane. Simply because it is gigantic. Messerschmitt Me-109s or Me-262s can be found in almost every scale. Not this Messerschmitt. However, this is about to be updated and Great Wall Hobby are bringing the news this time.

They recently announced a new tooling of Messerschmitt Gigant, more specifically Me-323 D-1 version of it. It will be in 144th scale and it is understandable. It will be way too big if it was otherwise. The truth is, that this aircraft its not the most famous bird of the war, and even though interesting, it is highly unlikely modelers to want to spare so much space for it. By “so much” I mean if it was released in larger scale. The technology of today allow us to receive toys of all scales and sizes and at some point maybe some company will bring this monster to 48th scale or above.

However, to be suited perfectly, probably 144th and 72nd are the best scales for that beast. Probably due to that, Great Wall Hobby are testing the grounds with their release. With the quality of their moldings in 72nd scale they proved a point. Now, in 72nd almost everything comes with satisfactory details. Thus, Me-323 Messerschmitt Gigant in 144 will probably suffice. 

Messerschmitt Gigant in 144th scale by G.W.H dn models masks for scale models sprues

Why would 144th be enough?

Well, originally the aircraft was contemplated as a glider. Gliders are in general simple and smooth. This plane doesn’t have too much details and 144th scale will give us the perfect combination in between size and quality. In general, Me-323 was a pretty simple construction. The only thing more complex will be the fact that there were 6 engines present. Maybe the camouflage will be challenging. Most definitely, adding details to those engines will be a difficult task too. But again, 144th should do.

After all, it is better to have the Messerschmitt Gigant in your collection small, than not to have it at all, right?

So, we are about to see what G.W.H will deliver. I want to add that the initial info states that the kit is actually a Pit Road tooling. Anyhow, both are scheduled for 2018 release which will either happen at Telford IPMS show or it will be delayed for 2019. What I trust is, that this 144th scale Gigant will be better than Italeri’s 72nd scale representation that we have on the market. Both – detail- and engineering-wise. Hopefully the price will be affordable too. Because too much is coming our way in 2019. And all of it is very promising.


wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models 1:32

Wingnut Wings Surprise

Its been a while since Wingnut Wings are around. They are a great company with even greater kits. Probably that’s because of their team or love for aircraft. Or because they are devoted to a specific area – WWI airplanes. It is hard for one to tell which one is it. Whatever the case is, Wingnut Wings create wonderful aircraft and are among the Top 5 modeling companies in the World today.

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models fuselage

It came as a surprise that they are shifting from the path well known. Probably most of you already know what I am talking about: their announcement for 2019. Lancaster kits in 32nd scale. Wingnut Wings kept the scale, but they took a time travel further ahead into the Second World War realm.

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models interior

That is beautiful surprise. The knowledge and experience they have, plus the quality they demonstrated with their kits so far speaks a lot about the upcoming Lancasters. They should be, undoubtedly, works of art. The pictures available on their website speak by themselves. We get everything: Engines, Oil Canning, Rivets all over – the whole package.

If you owned or at least looked through a Wingnut Wings kit, you would know that the instruction sheet is work of art too. And that is for single engine WWI aircraft, which are not that complex. Imagine what we will get next year with those Lancasters. It seems so good that it is scary!

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models engine

The other thing that is scary is the step they took. Wingnut Wings are definitely a company that showed different perspective from the get go. A winning one too. Now they are going fast forward 30 years later in history and they are hitting very hard. The market has vacuum in decent 32nd scale 4 engine bombers from that period. Besides Lancaster is of course a legend and of a special significance to many. So the scary part here is, what will come next? If Wingnut Wings go for WWII, at least half of my modeler friends will go bankrupt. Because there are so many objects deserving attention and so few that are getting the correct one.

If anything, Wingnut Wings proved that it can give the proper attention to their kits. Hence, whatever new they will release will be probably top notch. That means, that if the Lancaster is the first of many WWII kits, we will do two things. First – spend a lot of money for plastic. Second, eat healthy food and live healthy lives, because time won’t be enough to enjoy what’s coming.

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models cockpit

I doubt that there is a slightest chance that Wingnut Wings will disappoint. Most likely, there will be pleasant surprises, huge expectations for the future and a lot of sales. But with that said, every great company deserves that fate. Looks like the folks on that part of the World know how to do serious business. And in the end modelers are the winners in that game.


Pictures courtesy of Wingnut Wings
Zlín Z-37A Čmelák upcoming from Eduard - 1/72 zlin z-37

Zlín Z-37A Čmelák upcoming from Eduard – 1/72

Zlin Z-37 A Cmelak

is a legend in Eastern Europe. Together with Zlin Z-526 Trener, Aero L-29 Delfin and Let L-13 Blanik, the Z-37A Cmelak is among the most famous and successful Czech designs. It was not mass produced aircraft per se – with only little over 700 built. Nonetheless, a well known one all around the Globe. Many Zlin Z-37 are flying in Africa, India, United Kingdom and United States. Of course the airplane is still one of the most popular crop dusters in the former Eastern Block.

Eduard, already are providing us with new tooling of two other legendary aircraft in 72nd scale – MiG-21 and MiG-15. They are now onto the Z-37 too. If you wonder why I am mentioning the MiGs, both of them were built in Czechoslovakia under license, so they were part of Czechoslovakian Aviation Industry at some point. Probably due to that, Eduard are aiming to create new toolings directly related to the history of their home country. And in the legendary scale of 1/72.

Zlín Z-37A Čmelák upcoming from Eduard 1:72

Zlin Z-37’s

new tooling is rumored to appear sometime in 2019 in 72nd scale. According to one of my favorite sources /Scalemates/, the kit will be released from both Eduard and Veselý lepič. Latter one a company that is not extremely famous. If we count on what we have seen so far from Eduard, the new Zlin Z-37 will feature great engineering and superb accuracy. Adding to that – the Zlin Z-37 is not a small plane. That means that the kit won’t be small, even in 72nd scale. For a reference regarding the size and the power of Zlin Z-37:

A record was made with that plane towing nine gliders all together, which is pretty tough job for any airplane. Let alone a crop duster.

So hopefully in less than an year, we will have new tooling of the famous Cmelak /Bumblebee/. There are old but obsolete toolings available, but I doubt that the new release from Eduard will disappoint anybody. It is about time for a new non-military release and especially in that scale. Builds of such planes are often rare sight at scale model shows and they are very attractive. Especially with Zlin Z-37, which although mostly seen in yellow, was available in many other paint schemes, from Silver to bright combos with many brand stickers all over.

Another great promise from the Czech modeling company! Maybe we can count on an upscale too. And I surely trust that we can count on new L-13, L-39 and MiG-21 F-13. In the years to come…


TF-104G from Italeri in 32nd scale

TF-104G is the dual-seater version of the Starfighter. This was an aircraft essential for the survival of the pilots who flew it. Due to its complexity, the single seat Starfighter was dangerous to operate and TF-104 was a logical variant. Italeri already released a beautifully tooled F-104. Considering the Italians are the people who created the most sophisticated version of the Starfighter – the S-variant – it is good to have a kit that is made in Italy.

Following that idea, TF-104G was an expected continuation of the line. Italeri #ITA2509 is the first of the two dual-seater kits we are about to get from the Italian Model maker. It is not yet clear what will be featured in the second option, but most likely there will be different camouflage schemes.

So far only renders of the canopies area are available, but as far as the rumor goes, the TF-104G will be up for sale sometime during August 2018. The price is expected the be exactly the same as the one of the single seater from Italeri, which is pretty decent for 32nd scale kit. TF-104G will feature more clear parts of course, photo-etch details, several decal options and probably quite soon – many aftermarket add-ons will be available.

The decals are the strong side of Italeri’s kits. They are made by Cartograf and that is the top decal brand in the World. We should expect large sheets, especially with the old big insignia that was typical for the era when TF-104G and F-104G/S flew. Of course, Starfighters were used up to 2004 in Italy, so new low-visibility grey options will be featured most likely. Whatever the case is, the kit will give you several paint schemes, including pretty much endless possibilities for weathering.

TF-104G and F-104G/S were small planes in reality, but in 32nd scale they are pretty big plastic chunks which allow for super-detailing on many areas. They were used for quite some time and were decently worn. The other option for modeling the bird is the fact that it is a main star in many aviation museums around the World. As we all know, the maintenance of the plane museum artefacts is not that sophisticated everywhere, so you can find very interesting weather-damaged Starfighters that you can use as an inspiration.

TF-104G is another kit in the Large Scale Planes realm that we lived to see. Maybe soon there will be a new tooling for the smaller scale, dethroning Hasegawa’s tooling and something that will compete with this big bird that we’re about to get from Italeri. Not that 32nd scale is a bad thing. Just the contrary. But the more we have, the better! Especially when it comes down to Starfighters.




MENG Model 9K37M1 Buk Air Defense System

Many kits are considered controversial, especially due to their history. Most of them are from the First and the Second World Wars. Not so many of the modern armor models, especially currently in use will spark such a debate as this one though. And as far as the information goes, besides MENG Model mentioned in that article, there are couple more options on the way from different manufacturers concerning the same subject.

The latest that MENG Model announced was the 9K37M1 Air Defense Missile System, more popular as “Buk”. Buk is a self-propelled, medium-range, surface-to-air system, that entered service in the late 70s in the former Soviet Union. It is most famous as the system that shot down Malaysia 777 over Ukraine couple of years ago. Despite the fact that the Russians refused to take blame for the accident, investigators found proof that this was used by pro-russian separatists at the time of the unfortunate event and was part of a Russian regiment before that. That will bring a lot of sad memories for the thousands of people involved in one way or another with that tragic event, and now having it in 35th scale will cause the controversy mentioned above.

It is nice to have a kit that can bring so much more than just being a beautifully painted and weathered scaled down model. Kits that brings memories about something are more than just a plastic with paint. They are quite often works of art, just like paintings. They can make you smile or ignite a dose of anger within you. They can even bring tears. Creating feelings means also that they are powerful tools and they are more than a lifeless toy. Something that builder managed to bring to life. Just like a beautiful song and its author.

The Buk system that MENG Model is about to release is such a kit. What I think though is, that it is a bit too early to put this on the market. It is of course, nice to have a great addition to their beautiful and well detailed 35th sale line. However for many, Buk will always be a reminder of what happened to the people flying in that Boeing 777 over Ukraine. MH17 as many remembers it. Great loss of life and completely useless too.

I am guessing that not many will reproduce the exact system that caused the tragedy of course, but still, the name Buk will always ring that wrong bell in many. Interestingly, as mentioned above, more of those are about to appear on the market in 35th scale. Again, surprisingly – closely released one to another. But that is not yet completely confirmed. On the other hand, one might hope that builders will make such kits, that will remind us properly about what happened and will make us think more often about MH17. Because thinking through the history is one of the ways to learn it. And once you know it, it is a great way to avoid it repeating itself.


RF-101 Voodoo from Kitty Hawk

When Kitty Hawk released their first kit of the Voodoo couple years ago, it was a big hit. It had its issues, but of course nothing major and nothing that can push away the Voodoo lovers. F-101 is a plane that might not have the fame and glory of its bigger cousin – the Phantom – but it is a milestone in aviation by all means.

The standard variant is not that popular though. The reconnaissance version is the one that is most famous. So back in 2014, the expectations were that Kitty Hawk will release it probably within a year or so. But no such thing happened. Many speculated that the reason is that Kitty Hawk never sold enough of the Voodoo in the first place, but almost all of my modeling buddies have one in stash or built. So I assume the reason was something different. Anyhow, fast forward to 2018, and we have two Voodoos on the line. The double-seater and the upcoming RF-101C.

Since the kit isn’t that complex and the design has to be altered slightly, we can expect to see the Recce Voodoo pretty soon. Probably within weeks. In 48th scale the plane is decent in size, so the price won’t be on the low end most likely. On the other hand, I really do hope that Kitty Hawk has improved their original Voodoo, since the RF-101 needs alterations in terms of plastic, which eventually might bring with them improvements on the basic kit too.

What is known is that the kit will feature RF-101C, and RF-101G/H. In total 5 painting options, but in reality, a lot more to be dealt with. Voodoo was mostly bare metal in color, but it flew in an era, when high-visibility markings were the way to go, so with a little research, miracles can happen. On top of that, those wonderful shades of different metalizers will give any modeler a huge field to work with a lot. Best of all, is that different shades of metal are most visible on black and white photos, so knowing the time when RF-101 Voodoo flew, that is what one can expect to get mostly.

Perfectly sound decision from Kitty Hawk and even though a bit late, it is better than never! Voodoo is a big bird and with no problem one might spend couple of months working on that big chunk of scaled down airplane. So prep your metalizers, single-action compressors and reference materials! The Recce Voodoo will be here soon!


Pictures are courtesy of KittyHawk

Caterpillar Sixty 1/35 from Thunder Model

One of the best selling and loved models of the last decade was Trumpeter’s ChTZ-65 Stalinetz. The reasons for that are many, but the most important one is the versatility of the kit. It is a simple one, yet with tons of options. It is not an accurate model kit per se, but it is a one that you can expand to a level of absolute precision with the help of different resin and metal add-ons.

The kit is old nowadays and behind the current standards. However, the theme is still an important one. A release that Thunder Model is promising as of last week is something that will eventually de-throne the Trumpeter’s tractor. The realm is already dominated by MiniArt’s D7 series, which are the best tractors in any scale so far, precision-, detail- and fun-wise. However they are demanding and they cover a later model. Now, Thunder Model has announced a legend – US Crawler Sixty. With the promise that shortly after ChTZ-60 will follow.

These are the basis of the ChTZ-65 but are more interesting due to many factors. They are almost skinless vehicles with all the beauty of the engine showing, old-school looking almost steampunk-like machines. They are old-fashioned and in the same time they do represent a beginning of an era in terms of tractors. Especially the Sixty, which is a legend in US.

On the other hand, the ChTZ-60 is the same thing for the Soviets. It was an important and a vital part of the Soviet industry. It was produced in the 30s, probably with an idea to be mostly agricultural tool, however later it came to be known as a huge helper for the army.

Thunder Model are not famous for their timely releases, but we can hope that this will happen rather soon. Hopefully within the next 5 or 6 months. Since both of the promised kits are close in appearance and probably tooling, they will appear very close one to another. It might be even simultaneously. The price is yet to be announced and we can hope for a decent fit and good quality plastic. Everything else a modeler needs is already embedded in the idea of that kit.


Yakovlev Yak-130 in two scales

Yakovlev Yak-130 is a advanced jet trainer and one of the very few available today, engineered up to the recent standards and requirements in modern aviation. In its beginning, the project was a joint-venture between Aermacchi  and Yakovlev which ended at some point and that brought to life two separate aircraft: M-346 Master and Yak-130. They still look similar and they are both in production, although there are differences in between them and their additional roles.

Since last couple of years Russia tries to demonstrate its potential and prove to the World that they should be considered a player again, Yak-130 gained additional popularity too, based on that same idea. That actually helped Zvezda as a modeling company too, which are now releasing new kits, either repacked or completely re-tooled, trying to compete with the rest on the market. So just recently we got Zvezda’s 72nd scale Yak-130, tooled in 2017 and already available almost everywhere.

It is true, that such small jet trainer might be a little to small for 72nd scale, plus the subject is not that popular. Thus many might prefer to pay less and have 72nd scale Yak-130 in their collection, while spending their money on something bigger with more attractive shape and different fame. Like the Su-35 for example. With that said, the rest of the modelers who still like and prefer to go for bigger scale, Kitty Hawk announced /but haven’t yet released/ their own perspective of Yak-130. This time it is 48th scale, again, 2017 tooling.

Kitty Hawk are a lot more sophisticated as engineering and goals as a company compared to Zvezda and the bigger scale demands more for sure. So it is pretty clear which one of the two kits will be more attractive, simply from scale-modeling perspective. However, the prices that Kitty Hawk asks for their models are far from being modest, so that might change things a bit. It will – for sure – make both of these kit competitive. I am pretty sure that Kitty Hawk Yak-130 will feature many interesting engineering decisions and soon enough we will see aftermarket for the jet trainer from various manufacturers. More rivets and movable/positionable parts are also highly probable with Kitty Hawk.

In the same time Zvezda might not be so popular and the pictures show rather simplistic plastic, but will offer unbeatable price /as with many of their kits/ and even though in smaller scale, it will be based on the same subject which is neat.

As an aircraft Yak-130 is too young to be that famous as L-39, which Trumpeter is releasing in 2017, nor will ever be a legend like L-29 that AMK offer and Eduard just recently repacked. The other jet trainers available on the market, like Fouga-Magister /AMK/, Kinetic Alpha Jet and MB-339 from Frems are also birds that are widely used and famous. That makes them attractive for modeling and in addition, will create both a challenge and a niche for Yak-130 kits. Especially for Kitty Hawk 48th scale bird.

So there we have another modeling area which is expanding – the jet trainers. Probably we are not far from the point when 32nd scale versions of the jets mentioned above will be available. But let’s see first, how Yak-130 will be accepted and modeled. Maybe that will help companies decide. The good news is, that we have one for every fan out there!


Another M3 from Takom.

Shortly after announcing their first two variants of the ill-famous tank M3, Takom announced another one: #2087 M3 Late. From what I saw with the other two releases, the kit is a rather successful one and it offers great deal of possibilities for those modelers who try to stay aside from the most popular applications.

M3 was used in the shadow of M4, which by itself wasn’t something great as a tank, but history made it famous enough to have a spot at most of modeler’s collections. Lee stayed in the shadows mostly. However, the M3 played some role in Africa and Eastern Front, so there is some possibility that Russian modelers might have some attachment to that tank.

The odd looks and the weathering applicable to that particular model made the Takom’s decision a good step towards expanding their successful line, which is already broad enough. With that, they filled a gap that nobody else wanted to – the M3 in 35th scale.

I believe this is a good move overall and it is about time that we see more of these support-like vehicles at the modeling shows, making way through Shermans, Tigers and STUGS. Not that the latter aren’t good, but a fresh blood is always wanted in whatever area of modeling.

M3 Takom 2087 relase announcement comes surprisingly, only couple of weeks before Telford show 2017, where most of the companies announce their new projects or reveal something ready to go. Wondering what Takom will have to offer at Telford? Now, since another M3 was announced, maybe something very interesting is brewing and we are yet to find out…