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Model Kits as an Investment Strategy

Nowadays everybody are talking about investments. Portfolios filled with crypto coins, NFTs, stocks or paintings, [...]

Eduard Limited Edition Zero – Tora! Tora! Tora!

Eduard Limited Edition kits are famous for becoming an instant hit the moment they are [...]

JetMads Viggen kits are finally getting to their new homes

JetMads Viggen rocked the modeling community when it was first announced not so long ago. [...]

Turning plastic surface into a more visually pleasing metal surface

There are several common ways to paint realistic metal surface on a scale model and [...]

How to avoid typical issues with decals like silvering

How to avoid typical issues with decals? In a word: masks! From silvering and misaligned [...]

Achzarit APC Part 2

There is nothing perfect in this world, and this project isn’t any different too! Simply [...]

1/35 Disc Camo Masks Part 1

There are a lot of fans of Wehrmacht projects that never saw the light of [...]

Voroshilovets Artillery Tractor Mask Set for Trumpeter 1/35

Working on the Voroshilovets Artillery tractor I found out that when I ordered the model [...]