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Ka-52 Alligator kh80123 dn models masks for scale models

Ka-52 Alligator in quarter Scale


Ka-52 Alligator

is a dual seat attack helicopter, derivative from Kamov Ka-50 - Black Shark. The latter one is a single seat version and it was first flown in 1980s. Ka-52 Alligator appeared much later, sometime in the second half of the 90s. The extended crew was due to the changed concepts in the 90s and it supposedly gave the helicopter increased survivability. Due to the economic situation in Russia during that period, the serial production was delayed and the first helicopters started entering service in late 2000s. That - to some extent - makes the Ka-52 one of the newest helicopters in the Russian arsenal, despite its old roots.

Ka-52 Alligator - same as its single-seat variant - feature coaxial rotor system, which eliminates the need of a tail rotor. That helps in many regards, starting from weight, going through control, but the most important area that benefits from that design is the safety of the crew. Ka-52 Alligator features ejection system. In that regard, Kamov helicopters are unique.

Kitty Hawk

made a promise to their fans, which even with some time variations was fulfilled. In quarter scale, Ka-52 was expected for some time and will be very warmly welcomed by the modeling fans of the Alligator. At this point it is not yet clear how the helicopter will be designed. Kitty Hawk are famous for breaking down their kits into unusually and sometimes unnecessary many sub-assemblies. On the other hand, the real Ka-52 Alligator form allows for that and the specific subject can eliminate the design style weakness to some point.

Maybe the kit will feature more than just Russian markings, but that is only a speculation. Egypt is already flying its own Ka-52 and hopefully Kitty Hawk contemplated the idea. Armament-wise, KH were never stingy, so in that regards we can also expect decent amount of plastic included. Whatever the case is with the final product that is about to be released - we are in for a very hot kit and from a company that already proved their qualities on the helo arena.

It is true,

that this announcement comes with some downsides. Probably most important is the scale, because helicopters are traditionally done in 35th. However, Kitty Hawk Huey is still a best seller, as well as AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom. However we can only hope that this is just the beginning. They promised Huey in 35th scale too, which we are about to see. Maybe if the Ka-52 Alligator becomes a hit, it can be up-scaled as well. Only time will tell.

The fact that after all this time we will finally get Ka-52 Alligator from a decent manufacturer is great news. And that should happen sometime in 2020, hopefully rather soon. How deep into the future will the line development go - well, that depends on how popular the real Ka-50/Ka-52 family becomes. It has potential, so at this time it looks very bright!

f-35c top gun: maverick dn models

F-35C in TOP GUN: Maverick? How about decent kits…

As a continuation of the article about the upcoming movie, here we’re going to point out few updates about TOP GUN sequel. “Maverick” as they say it will be called. I mention this because there is some changes in the production schedule of the movie. Interestingly, those changes are somehow connected with the article that I already wrote about TOP GUN: Maverick.

For whatever reason, they pushed back the release date. Not by a couple of weeks, nor few months, but a whole year. What the official information states is, that the producers wanted the perfect in-flight scenes and that will take time. On the other hand, I have a different theory.


There were rumors about F-35 being the star of the movie. There were speculations about VTOL B version, where Maverick struggles with his adaptation process, drone wars and what not. The latest info revealed F/A-18F Super Hornet as Maverick’s jet. “Captain Pete Mitchell” insignia is already documented on the sides of a specially painted Super Hornet. It has been seen on various locations, while production goes on. So obviously, the Super Hornet is in for good.

Now alongside with that, a bunch of young actors - some appropriate, others not so much – joined the cast. In addition, young female pilot will be featured. That rung my first bell. There were ideas for Goose’s son, probably Iceman’s son, but then the cast expanded. Why? Let me tell you down below what I think is really happening.


tries to limit their comments but the latest we got was tht F/A-18F will play huge part of the movie and F-35 will be involved. Version – not clarified.

So here’s my logic: since F-35C is about to become part of the active NAVY and be used in its full capacity, this should be it. Somehow I don’t see A or B versions involved. Young pilots, plus the female star will most likely fly it. Why? Well, because it is fancy nowadays, to have “Smartphone-Generation” kids being praised as the potential future. They are the new age. And they need a toy that fits accordingly. Plus, in the 80s, when the first Top Gun happened, female pilots were…not there. So many youngsters, a female and what? Put them all in Super Hornets? I doubt it.

Now since we are living in a modern, accepting-all innovations era, we should be seeing F-35 in the movie. What’s in for the US NAVY otherwise? How come they will promote their new Stealth fighter which has very dubious reputation? A lot of countries are somehow attempting to get away from the deals they made and what better option to brain-wash the new generation featuring it in the newest blockbuster movie? And by brain-wash I am not trying to be negative here. Well, at least not completely.


So why Super Hornet? Well, how else will get to see Maverick doing his tricky moves and being cocky pilot that he is? We have to have another crew member. No way around that. But what about the rest of the gang?

What I see is this:

Maverick will train Goose’s son in the Super Hornet, will see ghosts, hold something in his hand remembering his RIO. When things get serious, they will jump in a Growler and go into action. Alongside with the kids flying F-35C. There goes 2020s US NAVY into the spotlight.

A lot of potential candidates to join in the years to come, a lot of F-35 fame all around the world, perfect production, win-win situation for everybody.

So for me, the delay is pretty much self-explanatory. I might be wrong, but I don’t think so. What I trust is that we will see a lot of F-35C propaganda, featuring Super Hornet. Two of the most probable future jets in the US NAVY. Super Hornet is about to be upgraded by Boeing and serve for years to come. A decent movie will help shift public’s opinion for sure. On the other hand, F-35C…. well we all know about that two-decades-old story.

So that turns us back to the modeling side of things. As mentioned in the other article, we have a decent Super Hornets and Growlers available. What we have in terms of NAVY F-35 is limited though. As of September 2018, we have only

So if I am on the right path here, and TOP GUN: Maverick is being pushed to give a chance of F-35C to play a major role, then maybe model makers should monitor the production closely. There will be increased demand. Probably more than that. And it will be all about F-35C. True, the movie comes out in 2020. But planning and executing a model like F-35C with decent measurements and nice engineering won’t be an easy task. Maybe Kitty Hawk, MENG Model, Hasegawa even Tamiya should watch this closely.

F-14 is still being made because of Top Gun movie. Not only of course, it is a legendary jet, but still, the Hollywood fame helped.

One thing is certain: TOP GUN: Maverick will define the next decade in terms of modeling interest. Maybe even the decade after. But as I expect it to be a major success in terms of profits, we are about to see more of it. That’s why it is not called TOP GUN 2.

On the other hand the enemy is still undisclosed. Location- or weapons-wise. With what I see currently, it will be probably somewhere in Asia. Maybe fighting against carrier based Chinese jets? Shenyang J-15 maybe? Or else? Hopefully we’ll get more “bird showing” here and there. Just for the fun of it.

We’re about to see in little over a year from now.



RF-101 Voodoo from Kitty Hawk

When Kitty Hawk released their first kit of the Voodoo couple years ago, it was a big hit. It had its issues, but of course nothing major and nothing that can push away the Voodoo lovers. F-101 is a plane that might not have the fame and glory of its bigger cousin - the Phantom - but it is a milestone in aviation by all means. The standard variant is not that popular though. The reconnaissance version is the one that is most famous. So back in 2014, the expectations were that Kitty Hawk will release it probably within a year or so. But no such thing happened. Many speculated that the reason is that Kitty Hawk never sold enough of the Voodoo in the first place, but almost all of my modeling buddies have one in stash or built. So I assume the reason was something different. Anyhow, fast forward to 2018, and we have two Voodoos on the line. The double-seater and the upcoming RF-101C. Since the kit isn't that complex and the design has to be altered slightly, we can expect to see the Recce Voodoo pretty soon. Probably within weeks. In 48th scale the plane is decent in size, so the price won't be on the low end most likely. On the other hand, I really do hope that Kitty Hawk has improved their original Voodoo, since the RF-101 needs alterations in terms of plastic, which eventually might bring with them improvements on the basic kit too. What is known is that the kit will feature RF-101C, and RF-101G/H. In total 5 painting options, but in reality, a lot more to be dealt with. Voodoo was mostly bare metal in color, but it flew in an era, when high-visibility markings were the way to go, so with a little research, miracles can happen. On top of that, those wonderful shades of different metalizers will give any modeler a huge field to work with a lot. Best of all, is that different shades of metal are most visible on black and white photos, so knowing the time when RF-101 Voodoo flew, that is what one can expect to get mostly. Perfectly sound decision from Kitty Hawk and even though a bit late, it is better than never! Voodoo is a big bird and with no problem one might spend couple of months working on that big chunk of scaled down airplane. So prep your metalizers, single-action compressors and reference materials! The Recce Voodoo will be here soon! www.dnmodels.com
Pictures are courtesy of KittyHawk

Kitty Hawk Next Helo Line

Kitty Hawk continue their series of surprises announcing new helicopter models every once in a while. Next we are about to expect the famous Black Hawk and its derivatives. Luckily - in 35th scale. That is a logical step, considering the theme of the boxart of their Little Bird in that same scale. It is almost like a piece of the movie Black Hawk Down. Now, the protagonist of that cinematic masterpiece will come to live in plastic. From what Kitty Hawk hints, we should expect more of the line of the famous bird. Sea version, which is one of the most popular Academy releases now gets a substitute and a rather promising one. Academy kits lacks sophistication and even though with a decent price are far from satisfactory for the most modelers. Kitty Hawk are the exact opposite of that. Even though not perfect, they feature great detail and superb design, plus many of them have additions from Werner's Wings in the form of decals. The first release - MH-60L Black Hawk - will be exactly like that. With a completely new tooling, hopefully up to the current standards and with Werner's Wings spice in the box. Werner is a pro in the area, so if anyone knows what to add, that is the man for the job.  I am fan of the Black Hawk, but I am bigger fan of other versions, most importantly the Coast Guard helo. For that last one there is no info yet, but since HH-60G Pave Hawk and SH-60F Sea Hawk are on the way, probably we will see one specifically designed to be released as a MH-60T JayHawk - the Coast Guard bird.  The release, as far as I know is set for the mid summer 2018. That is for MH-60L Black Hawk. Soon after, the SH-60F and HH-60G will be available. So stay tuned for those upcoming helos. The market begs for that and we are close to very interesting times and wonderful looking Hawks at the modeling shows! www.dnmodels.com

Sukhoi Su-34 /Su-32FN/ Fullback – Kitty Hawk 1:48

Su-32FN as I remember it from my teens, or Su-34 as it is more popular nowadays, is one of the coolest looking multi-role jets of the Russians. Up until the Syrian war, and its short participation in it, Su-34 was somehow forgotten project, pushed to the second row by Su-30 and its derivatives. Probably for commercial reasons, Russians decided to use Su-34 alongside with the old Su-24 and bomb in Syria. Results so far are one Su-24 shot down, and total success for the Fullback. Maybe the reasons for that are various, but whatever the case is, Su-34 deserves a lot more attention that it is getting and not only - it deserves a nice scale model representation. So far, Italeri and Zvezda had Su-32FN / Su-34 in 72nd scale but as you can expect, the quality and the accuracy of those were quite low. During 2016, Hobby Boss promised to release 48th scale tooling of it, which was promising /and still is/ but associated delays with it brought some disappointment. We are soon to enter in the third quarter of the year, and the kit is still nowhere close. Kitty Hawk, obviously saw the gap here, and announced their own tooling of Su-34 Fullback. It is hard to say /from this point of view/ which one will be better. Trumpeter and HobbyBoss in 48th scale tend to be a bit simplified kits. Kitty Hawk with their 48th scale line proven to be very satisfactory, but their MiG-25 showed some engineering flaws and inaccuracies. Of course it is understandable for such a project - MiG-25 being very obscure subject - but same goes for the Su-34 Fullback. Anyhow, in 48th scale now we have two Su-34s upcoming, with most likely very different engineering approaches. The scale is big, and probably this will be the top scale for KittyHawk, however, if the subject becomes famous, HobbyBoss are very likely to expand it via Trumpeter into 32nd scale monster. I will be surprised if this is the end of the 48th scale Su-34 Fullback battle. I assume that very soon Kinetic or AMK or whoever will try to score with the same subject. I am not sure how much Su-34s Russians managed to sell after their Syria campaign, but one thing is certain - they definitely will sell a lot from plastic!  

Mirage 2000 in 32nd scale from Kitty Hawk

Mirage 2000 in 32nd scale is something that I wait for for a long long time. There is no decent kits of that famous French jet fighter, let alone in 32nd scale. The moment that Kitty Hawk announced that they will issue a new tooling in the Large scale during 2017, was the moment when I started counting the days! Mirage planes are somewhat forgotten and overshadowed by the MiGs and the Fs, but they have their place in the history. In fact, they did more for the jet fighter development than many others, especially when it comes down to aerodynamics and combat dynamics. France is one great country and along with their food, art, music and electronics, French do know how to make aircraft, especially fighter jets. Mirage 2000 is in service with many air forces around the world: France, Egypt, Greece, India, Peru, Taiwan, UAE, Brazin and Qatar. It is one very capable jet, single engine, multi-role and highly efficient. If you don't take my word for it, just watch the movie Chevaliers du Ciel or Sky Fighters, where most of the scenes are real and shot mostly with Mirage 2000. This plane is a beauty, and there is no doubt about it. The only thing we are about to learn soon, is how many parts the kit will contain, its engineering features and goodies in the box. By goodies I mean: photo-etch, decal options, interior features, possibly engine. Hopefully we will have many decal options with standard and desert camo as well. For the demo schemes I assume that DN Models will come up with some mask set, as well as some other decal companies out there. There are many attractive Mirages from the Tiger Meets during the years, so stay tuned! It is too early to predict what quality will be the kit. But from what we've seen so far from Kitty Hawk it looks like it would be a nice thing. Additionally, knowing that there is no substitute, the kit will be a must for every modern jet fighter collector, especially in 32nd scale. Very soon I will do a more thorough review of the kit and hopefully an unboxing video. It is only a matter of time! Thanx Kitty Hawk!

F-86D Kitty Hawk 1/32 – The Sabre Dog

F-86D is an all-weather interceptor, based on the day fighter and aviation legend - North American F-86 Sabre. Now, even if they basically look the same plane with different nose, they shared not more than 1/3 of the similarities in between them. Both were very popular of course, however, F-86 Sabre remained the "star" airplane, while Sabre Dog /the name of the F-86D/ was rather modest in its popularity. Don't be fool by that though: Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Honduras, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Venezuela and of course USA used the bird quite actively. Little less than 3000 were built and the airplane flew well into the 70s. That does prove not only a successful design, but also the right mind set and the concept for the need of such specific aircraft. All those facts above makes the F-86D a real milestone in the interceptor aviation history and a basis for all what we have now in terms of interceptors. Don't be fooled by the appearance. All the ideas were embedded already. Now Kitty Hawk, a relatively new company, with rather small number of kits on the market are continuing to surprise with wonderful kits, well designed and all-around-engineered assembly. Talking about this kit, I will start backwards, because the real values of it comes that way. The decal sheet is very colorful and interesting as you might expect from a jet fighter from that age. It is big and features one of each for everybody out there. There are three Asian versions, South Korean, Republic of China and Japanese. One Texas Air National Guard and two USAF options with bright and colorful tailfins. After that comes a small photo-etch set for the belts, but that is there only to say that there is one PE set in the box. Nothing major. The transparent parts are very clear and crisp and I gotta add that this is one of the highlights of the kit. Building aircraft, I encountered several troubles with canopies, but here I saw no reason to worry. This is equally important in small /72nd/ and large scales /32nd and above/. Kitty Hawk made an effort with the molding and gave us very fine detail and clear canopy for the F-86D. Those of course are minor highs of the kit - nice add ons and clear parts. The very good thing is worth mentioning is the build. It is pretty straight forward with nothing major as a problem. There are many rivets around the surface, and imagine if you had to put putty here and there, how many of those would've been lost and in need of repairs. Not the case with this one. There is an engine included. I never enjoyed building my airplanes with a lot of open panels and parts, and even when I finished the engines, I made several pictures and close everything up. I believe planes are suppose to fly, and they don't fly when the rear part is removed, or when all the technical doors are open to see what's inside. So this - having an engine - is a nice addition, but it's not for me. I know that many modelers will like that add on a lot, so that is why I mention it. Kitty Hawk did it very technically-looking, with the inlet and all the bells and whistles, that every aircraft engineer would appreciate when building the kit. That is another kit in the kit itself, so it definitely deserves admiration. Now, as I've said we're going backwards, so finally I am going to mention - clear molding, nice plastic material. Good looking instruction sheet and even better looking color profiles. Everything wrapped in a chunky box, not overly stashed, but more than a regular kit in that scale. I must say, this is a must-have for every jet fan out there and large scale aircraft modeler as well. Of course, if you are not happy with the versions included, Kitty Hawk released F-86K, another option based on that same kit with additional camo-schemes, Luftwaffe two tone included. I would suggest to have them both, because one is more bare silver USAF looking bird, while the other is with two tone option included and more European looking. Even though K version also has tons of bare silver Sabre Dogs featured, the highlight is the Luftwaffe one depicted on the box. The price of each one of the kits is not that high, although it is high-ish. But is worth it! One thing is certain - whichever one of those you get, you will have one hell of a piece of plastic art! Great job by Kitty Hawk!
Pictures are from Kitty Hawk website.

An amazing F-35B project!

I have a friend who is relatively new in scale modeling. This is only his sixth built model. From what I saw in his previous kits, he lacks some painting skills due to lack of experience, he doesn't see some of the details properly, and misses the great deal of the weathering process. And this is pretty normal. For a newbie. He is also a fan of F-35 and F-22, F-15 and F-18. Now, I am pretty sure you all know what we are talking about. A fresh one, with an interest in something that usually interested all of us in the start. And this friend of mine called me the other day to share his work on his latest F-35. It is B version from Kitty Hawk, which is a rather mediocre kit in general, and from what I've heard during the building of the kit, I expected to see one not-so-decent kit, if not a complete mess. What I saw, was not only a great looking F-35B, but a highly improved KittyHawk kit, with one hell of a set of scratch building and engineering. This is something that most people usually never see, or only see in the magazines. I saw it in person. This is, for me of course - the most stunning scratch built project and even though I needed some more weathering over it, I can easily miss it for what it has to show for from its other side. Enough said here, I know that my words are not enough in this case. I just want to prepare you: This is one amazing engineering challenge, done by a young, smart and very promising modeler called Milan. He is part of our club, and he is a friend of mine. And I am proud with what he did. Here it is:

Upcoming Sukhoi Su-17 M3/M4 from Kitty Hawk in 48th scale

Su-17 M3/M4 or as I know it: Su-22M3/M4 is an aircraft, with which I am very tightly connected. That is why, when news came in, that Kitty Hawk are releasing one, I got pretty excited. It has been a long wait for all the fans of that jet, and previous options in that scale were mediocre /politely said/. Su-17 is a development of Su-7, a strike aircraft which gained its popularity mostly outside USSR, mainly in Czechoslovakia and Egypt. They used it and somehow made it to the news, making it more known because it was pretty obscured subject. Kitty Hawk amazed recently with subjects like MiG-25 and F-101 Voodoo, which are also shady airplanes, and in terms of modeling they were definitely a missing piece of the puzzle. Now, they promise that in 2016, they will deliver both versions of Su-17 /Su-22/ M3 and M4, which are single and double seater aircraft with swing wing configuration and deep improvement of Su-7. With that said, one have to know that this aircraft is huge and it was pretty well designed in almost every aspect, and Kitty Hawk have to work hard to replicate this in scale. The cockpit of the real thing is pretty wide, which means that aftermarket companies will most likely attack the subect with resin options, and for two seater version this will be a jem. There are renders of an engine, provided by Kitty Hawk, which also will give a nice option to make cutaways, or place it next to the build kit. In general, Kitty Hawk made another smart move with this kit. Su-17 M3/M4 is still used in Polish Air Force, and they recently repainted the aircraft. In the same time, there are enough sources of old-ish camo schemes, air show camouflages and weathering extremes involving that bird, so we will have a lot to work with. Still not clear what the price will be and when it will be out actually. Probably in the next few months. Whatever the case is, if they do it a bit better than their MiG-25 in terms of engineering and keep the detail at that lever, it will be a winner!
Pictures are taken from KittyHawk FB page