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Airbrush Tailstopper. Do you really need it?

Airbrush tailstopper. Volume adjuster. Needle limiter. Fluid control knob. Those are all names describing one [...]

Sparmax SP-540 Double-Action Airbrush

Intro: The more one uses a specific tool, the more he or she is inclined [...]

Sparmax Anniversary – 40 years in business.

Sparmax – four decades this year 40 years is a long time. A human being [...]

Sparmax SP-35C – Unboxing and Review

SP-35C is a dual-action, gravity-feed airbrush, part of the SP-35 series by Sparmax. Within those, [...]

Sparmax MAX 4 – the daily driver for the working modeler

Sparmax is a company that will surprise you if you get to look at their [...]

You’re only as good as your tools – Zoukei-Mura Contribution

We all know that you are only as good as your tools are. Scale modeling, [...]