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M3 Lee Early Production Interior Kit – MiniArt

Intro M3 line of tanks were not as popular as US made M4 Shermans, nor [...]

Meng Model Panther is almost here.

Meng Model Panther /Sd.Kfz.171 Ausf. A Late/ is almost here: the long awaited new Panther [...]

MiniArt 37014 – T-54-1 mod. 1947 – Plain and Simple

T-54-1 was the first production version of the T-54 and what was to become the [...]

Chassis Upgrades – The Barkas Build kit options Part 3

Chassis usage variations and upgrades of Panzer III are what we are gonna focus on in [...]

T-62 – Syrian Rebels’ Spoil – Trumpeter’s 1/35 kit Part 1

This project in the way that you will find it once finished in this article [...]

Tracks – Stock vs. Aftermarket

When comes to an Aftermarket, the most expensive stuff that you might buy are track [...]

Winter tale – Königstiger 1/35

Winter projects were always very intriguing for me. Their weathering is very differently applied, and [...]