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Rufe Limited Edition by Eduard

Rufe was a WWII naval interceptor and a float plane, modification of the notorious Mitsubishi [...]

Wild, Wilder … Wildest Wildcat?

Wildcat F4F was a carrier-based fighter plane that Grumman introduced more than eight decades ago. [...]

Eduard Limited Edition Zero – Tora! Tora! Tora!

Eduard Limited Edition kits are famous for becoming an instant hit the moment they are [...]

Kitty Hawk Su-25 Frogfoots

Kitty Hawk modeling company seems to be gone. With it, quite a few nice releases [...]

Great Wall Hobby 1/32 Curtiss Hawk

Great Wall Hobby kits are famous. Especially their F-15 and Su-27 families. What they are [...]

Eduard’s MiG-23BN Limited Edition. Oops! A mistake.

MiG-23BN is a derivative of the sweep wing fighter jet MiG-23, being altogether very beautiful [...]

Eduard re-released MiG-21SMT. What is next?

The title of this article might be a bit misleading. It might sound a bit [...]

Zoukei-Mura F-4C – SWS No.06 – USAF Phantom

F-4C: Phantom saw many variations during its development and Zoukei-Mura provided us with J and [...]

Unboxing Spitfire Dual Combo Limited Edition – Eduard 1198

Introduction: Spitfire from Eduard does not need any introduction. It is well known, widely reviewed [...]

F-4 Phantom – Rockin’ Rhino from Eduard 1143 Limited Edition

Phantom, Smokey Joe, Spirit of Saint Louis, Rhino, Snoopy, Double Ugly, Old Smokey, Flying Anvil, [...]