Mi-24 Zvezda in 48th scale - Unboxing and Review dn models masks for scale models

Mi-24 Zvezda in 48th scale – Unboxing and Review


Mi-24 in quarter scale was long due. In the most popular scale and being the most popular attack helicopter in the World, it was a blasphemy to not have a decent kit in 48th so far. And if you are thinking: "Revell/Monogram was there!" the answer is "No". That was not contemporary kit and with the fact that we have relatively recent toolings of Mi-24 in 72nd and in 35th scale makes it even more irrelevant than it already is.

Zvezda, after an year or so of hints and promises finally got us the treat we've all been waiting for. With the fact that they have the award winning 72nd scale Hind that is constantly being re-packed and re-released and the other fact that they probably have the best source of accurate info about the Hind, hopes are very high for this release. So let's dig into the box of this new Mi-24 Zvezda in 48th and see how the Russians did their homework.

mi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale models


Boxart of the Zvezda Mi-24 in 48th scale is very good. As with all their recent releases, Zvezda managed to make a first good impression with their bright yellow-sided box and the Hind in flight depicted on it. The box itself is rather large and the sprues are loose inside, which was kind of a surprise. The room inside is the exact opposite of what we are getting with some other companies that over-flow their boxes with sprues and plastic bags. And it is not any better either. On both sides of this spectrum the lack of decent boxing ideas is showing vividly.

Inside sprues are packed by more than one in an envelope, with couple of other plastic zip-locks holding the decals, the clear parts and at the bottom - instructions and color profiles. All of this, at first sight not very intriguing nor overly aesthetic, especially considering a box that is at least 30% larger than needed to hold all this. But let's not make any snap judgements. 

mi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale models instruction sheet


The instruction sheet that comes with this Mi-24 Zvezda in 48th is not far from what we've seen from the Russian model maker. It is black and white, printed on not very sophisticated paper, looking more rugged and straight forward compared to the modern scale model kits. Of course, that is not necessarily a bad thing, just something that shows a lack of finesse when put side by side with the competition.

The steps aren't many and does not feature much, which shows that the kit is not a giant leap over 72nd scale engineering-wise. On top of that specific description of some of the details is not present, but again - that simplifies the whole building process. Now think of the other perspective - if you are a novice or a kid just stepping into the hobby: the less is more. Which in this case can be considered the up-side.

mi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale models instructions


This Mi-24 from Zvezda in 48th scale is very impressive plastic-wise. Somehow it looks refined and the material - improved. Now this might be the initial excitement talking, but the surface seems crisp, there is no flash and the detail looks very good. This is Zvezda after all and let's not fool ourselves - they are not A-lister when it comes down to scale model production. But for a company that delivers decent kits at very affordable prices - this is a good looking helo. Another point here is that they are delivering Mi-24 in 48th scale which is a beast of its own class and that adds to the statement above.

mi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale modelsmi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale modelsmi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale modelsmi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale modelsmi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale models

The lack of rivets in 2020 is somewhat disappointing, but again - this is Zvezda. Finesse is not their middle name and probably never will be. However, this - for every relatively experienced builder - is not a problem. There are plenty of riveting tools and plenty of information on Mi-24 Hind subject that might help solve this minor issue. Besides, even if that wasn't the case and we had plenty of rivets here, experienced modelers would've added something here and there. It is simply inevitable. And if that might be some sort of consolation - there are couple of pilots on the sprues. A nice add-on for those who would present this Mi-24 Hind in-flight.

All jokes aside - plastic is good and the detail is decent too.

mi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale modelsmi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale modelsmi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale modelsmi24 zvezda in 48th scale review dn models masks for scale models

Clear Parts

Unfortunately same thing cannot be said about the clear parts. Even in 2020, Zvezda clear parts are not good enough. They are neither transparent enough, nor are crisp and impressive. True - this is a helicopter AKA flying tank and clear parts can be easily considered a secondary detail, however there is a trick here. With age, real Hinds show yellow-ish appearance, similar but slightly milder compared to the Soviet airplanes. For example MiG-31. That, with this material would be a challenge to reproduce and unfortunately there is no aftermarket that will help with this Zvezda here. At least not yet. But don't get your hopes up, since for their 72nd scale kit there is still no help on that end.

At first they look cool. Maybe only the sprue frame being bendy hints about the real quality here. But when you look closely - there is huge image bendings, scratches on the surface and in general - soft-ish material with lack of crisp details. Not overly awful, but not very good either. So so.

mi24 zvezda in 48th scale unboxing review clear parts dn models masks for scale models 

Color Profiles

Here we have some improvement finally. While before with Zvezda one of the biggest let downs were color profiles lacking any color what so ever, here we have something different. It might be only one sheet with depictions on both of its sides, but we have color. And that probably adds to the total cost of the production and might be a tough decision for Zvezda, but this is something that you cannot avoid improving. So Zvezda did it.

Zvezda kits are famous mostly with their price tags. Nobody can beat them on that arena. But that comes with some sacrifices, plenty of which are mentioned above. And a question arises from that - why invest in significantly larger-than-needed box with plenty of colors and not add color profiles? Well, they did it the other way this time. It is not like Eduard Limited Edition Mi-24 re-pack but it is definitely acceptable here. Besides Eduard re-packing this quarter scale beast is probably a matter of time. So we can only hope.

mi-24 hind in 48th scale zvezda review dn models masks for scale models color profilemi-24 hind in 48th scale zvezda review dn models masks for scale models color profile


Two sheets of decals are present, packed in zip-lock envelope for extra protection. They seems to be printed by "Zvezda" if we consider the logo on them to be the proof of that. Blue-ish appearance and very thin surface, nothing different from the regular Zvezda that you know and have built. Plenty of aftermarket options are available to substitute that, because let's face it - with this platform, modelers sticking to the OOTB paint options won't be the case. Mi-24 Zvezda in 48th is gem in the scale and its overall existence, so you can count on that plenty of aftermarket decals will show up.

mi24 zvezda in 48th scale review unboxing dn models masks for scale models


Mi-24 Zvezda in 48th is a precious add on to the quarter scale line. Despite all of the minor let-downs mentioned above, this kit is very good investment. The price beats all that is mentioned above and counter-balance all missed from the Russian model maker. A long road is ahead of Zvezda if they want to became an A-list model maker, but they are definitely going that way. Slowly, but in the right direction. This kit is the living proof of that fact.

Now aftermarket companies have the word next. With photo-etch, resin add-ons, decals and more. We at DN Models will try to dig into this subject with some camouflage masks and canopy sets that will eventually ease up the building process. But there will be plenty of others too, especially improving the kit's minor weaknesses. Overall, this is highly recommended kit that will quickly become a best-seller and hopefully will set the beginning of a new long line of Hind variants in 48th scale. So don't wait too long, because probably plenty are on order already and you might miss to get yours in time!

shipping to UK 2020 dn models masks for scale models

Answering a Question to Our UK Clients


Since the end of January we've received plenty of similar questions from our UK customers. It is all about the orders and how things will continue after Brexit. Lately, Corona Virus too. Although this article mostly concerns Brexit, the issues with the parcels to the United Kingdom is an unanswered question in both of the cases. Luckily, we can try to clear some things up a bit here.

Up to this point, there is absolutely no change with the UK parcels. Time frames are pretty much the same, although some delays are expected. Latter one concerns crippled transport system caused by the Covid-19 panic. However, with Brexit, so far nothing has changed.  Parcels come and go same as before. Official news state that tax-wise one year after the Brexit things will continue the same way as before. After the end of 2020 is not exactly clear what comes next, but supposedly there will be a deal between EU and UK. Anyhow, this is months from now and the virus situation adds to that too. So first let's get throughout 2020 and worry about that afterwards. 

Considering how everything is going sideways currently, we can expect that in 2021 there will be some relaxed measures and slow changes that will help additionally. With that said, there is no way to predict is there gonna be some drastic changes or not. Some overseas countries are now banned and normal postal services are halted indefinitely. However, even with Brexit and Corona Virus, United Kingdom is not among those. We can still provide normal services and you will be able to get your parcels in timely manner and without any additional taxes or charges. Everything is still the same as the year before and the year before that.

In 2021 things might or might not change. This is a variable that is yet to be defined and the Worldwide /Covid-19/ confusion is the main reason why. From our end, all we can do is try and provide the same service as before, at least to an extent that concerns our activities. With that article we sincerely hope that some questions are answered and our UK clients will be satisfied and more relaxed. However, feel free to email us with additional questions that might arise now or in the future. As always we will be happy to help!

wingnut wings dn models masks for scale models

Wingnut Wings End Rumors

Wingnut Wings are among the top 5 companies for scale models currently. Their high-quality and nicely packed kits are an example for what  a contemporary scale model should look like. Unfortunately, usually those who are at the top of the food chain suffer first when large scale unpredicted events happen. One such event is the Corona Virus panic, that closed many at home and limited tons of services Worldwide.

Looking at it from a modeler's perspective, this is nothing but good news. You can stay and work at home, waiting for the virus to go away, or whatever the agenda is. That means more time, more relaxed environment and in the end - more models completed. This is all good news but only for the ones who has everything in stash. From another perspective, companies cannot sell their stuff and even if they do, means of transporting it are crippled. That means that salaries are to be blocked, production slowed and many other downsides of such a situation.

The first alleged victim of this is seems to be emerging and the rumor is that it is Wingnut Wings. So unfortunate if that is true. Because they are one of the best. And being an example of a fast downfall is a shame. Now, with all their hardware it is highly unlikely they will disappear completely. Probably somebody will buy them off and sell them under another brand.

However, this might mean that their upcoming Lancasters are never to be happening, as well as other probable changes. One such change might be that the engineering and project processes are gonna be disrupted under another name. It also might mean that someone will buy them off - maybe Trumpeter/HobbyBoss  -and will sell them with all that they have currently. Nothing new. Just to capitalize on the leftovers. It is not clear yet.

We can only hope that Wingnut Wings going away is just a rumor or a preliminary news, which are to be dealt with. Maybe someone will step up and help. Maybe we can all do. We should wait it out and see. It is an option for Wingnut to reach out and ask modelers for their action. Because of jokers like AMK can survive prolonged and false promises with years, it will be a shame to let WnW drown.

London Omnibus MiniArt 38021 dn models masks for scale models

London Omnibus – MiniArt #38021


In London, meaning of transportation has evolved, but the general idea stayed the same for the last century or so. Being one of the World centers in more than one means, London was always a magnet for millions. That of course means that you need to have some way of making those people move. And that is a science, not just a technology offering. London Omnibus from MiniArt is a interesting glimpse into a time long gone. But not only. It is also an idea, what was the basis for a modern city transport. Particularly that city transport. On top of that, it is another offering in 35th scale with civilian appearance. Something colorful to cheer the modeling benches at scale model shows. Because some of us are a bit tired of death selling machines. 

London Omnibus MiniArt 38021 dn models masks for scale models

The Box

comes in bright colors as you might expect for such a kit. Besides, MiniArt are good at that part. Their boxes are always vivid. London Omnibus with its general appearance - bright colors, commercial stickers and tall profile - ads to that. As with the vehicle colors, the box itself is made in red. Something that you cannot miss on the shelf while looking around in your modeling shop.

On the sides you can find the standard kit description and on one of them there are couple of profiles included. Those differ slightly from the Omnibus depicted on the boxart, but in general bring the same idea. If you look closely, you will see that this will not be an easy task modeling-wise. There are plenty of decals, plenty of windows and - most challenging probably - the London Omnibus comes in red. As we all know - white, yellow and red are pretty tricky to be represented accurately. 

steve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canada


MiniArt provides clear and easy to follow instructions in general. As usual, the building steps are presented in minimalistic black and white appearance. The color is kept for the painting guide and advertisement suggestions. Latter one being plenty, considering that you can switch in between what's given in the box and create your own combo.

Another interesting thing to mention is the color of the vehicle depicted on the color profiles. This was truly - a bright red Omnibus. But for its time. From our current perspective, the colors are pale and dull looking. Something that MiniArt caught perfectly. The contrast is clearly visible when you compare London Omnibus color to MiniArt's logo. And that only adds to the realism and the feeling that you are building something from about 110 years ago.

steve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canada


Light grey, packed in a plastic envelope alongside the photo-etch cardboard packing, the plastic is what we usually get from the Ukrainian model maker. The sprues aren't that many, especially comparing this kit to MiniArt's tank or tractor offerings. Besides, the space is mostly taken bu the chassis parts. Sounds interesting? It is, but it is also very challenging.

steve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canada

The alignment of the chassis elements will be a job very demanding and will push away some of the younger modelers with less experience. That of course, has a different perspective. The ones who know what they are dealing with - being MiniArt - know what to expect. And that is one very complex and cleverly engineered model, that will bring a lot of joy during the building process. There is an engine, transmission, suspension elements and plenty of other add-ons. Those are not only interesting to be built, but present an enormous options for weathering and representation.

Actually, exactly half of the building steps are dedicated to the area that is beneath the bus. So even if you decide to leave it at that and present it as a rotten wreckage, there still will be enough to show.

steve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canadasteve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canada

Photo Etch

In this kit MiniArt saved us the hassle of dealing with a lot of photo-etch. Maybe because they left the challenging part for the windows and the advertising options on the sides of this London Omnibus. PE parts are rather large ones and this won't be anything compared to some of their T-55 offerings. Here we get just a normal, simple PE sheet, that anyone can cope with.

steve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canada

Decal sheet

Is not big, because ads are positioned on the instruction sheet. This decision can be criticized by many and to some reasonable extent too. Because the quality of MiniArt's decals is good and some of the adds could've been done with that in mind. However, most of the adds are way too big and as you can see this decal sheet features mostly small items. So MiniArt decided to separate the two.

That is another addition to the fact that this kit is not for inexperience model builders. It is hard to imagine that this can be built successfully if among the first couple kits, because there is so much to think about and so much to expect and avoid. But MiniArt have always been oriented towards different audience, which comes at a price.

steve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canada

Clear parts

Of this London Omnibus are very important as you might've guessed already. Good news is, that knowing the quality of the windows that MiniArt offered in their Tram series, this will be a breeze here. But that is only if you have dealt with the Trams already. For the regular armor modeler, so many windows will be a masking nightmare. Interestingly, MiniArt's clear parts are very sturdy and can sustain decent amount of abuse before show some visible damage. With that said, one must approach this kit with care and patience, but most importantly - with a plan.

steve lapierre 17800 place normandie mirabel mirabel QC j7j1j5 Canada


London Omnibus is a nostalgic offering. It brings you back to an age long gone. With the bright appearance and numerous adds, it will definitely bring a smile on many faces when displayed completed. Kits as this one are not a common sight and we must give it to MiniArt for their effort.

On the other end of the spectrum, this kit is a challenge even for the experienced modelers out there. There are different mediums such as decals, adds from paper, clear parts and metal. To be successful with that, you must know your way around modeling. Alignment of the chassis will be an issue for some, painting in red colors too. But in general, this kit is a step aside from the armor road that many take in 35th scale. It will definitely be a fun one!



kitty hawk huey uh-1b kh5001 dn models masks for scale models

Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B

Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B in 35th scale. New tooling. Isn't that great? You bet it is! And finally, after years of its initial announcement, Kitty Hawk released a boxart of the UH-1B 1/35, #KH5001. That happens amidst weird times for all of the inhabitants of our Planet. Being forced to keep social distancing, on a brink of a new economic crisis and with expectations of unpredictable changes, at least we get some good news. Because if now is not the time for staying home and making models, when will be it?

The Huey we expected from Kitty Hawk was different version. Couple of years ago, we were hinted that later variants will be released - either D or H. Vietnam era legends. And they probably will be. But when, this isn't exactly clear. Actually, same goes for KH5001 - UH-1B. Don't let the news of the boxart fool you. Kitty Hawk are not a company that keeps their deadlines or promises accurately. And we are not talking Hollywood postponements of the upcoming movies due to the virus panic. Nope. Even in perfect times, most of the new comers on the scale modeling market does not respect the time frames of their releases. Even though those time frames were set by themselves.

However, being a hobby that requires time and patience, scale modeling and its fans can tolerate extended deadlines. And with that said, the UH-1B will appear rather soon eventually. One of the reasons for that being the fact, that now people are forced to stay home, or at least limit their movement around. That eliminates traveling abroad and vacations too. So we take it that Kitty Hawk are not stupid and they, as many others will exploit the opportunity of releasing new and interesting kits. Maybe latter one being the reason why B version appears first too.

Kitty Hawk Huey is already available in 48th scale, for those who do not want to wait and want to start immediately. But we all have been waiting for this 35th scale release. And even though it took a while it will be great to have it. So brace yourselves helo fans, a new era in plastic modeling is on the horizon! And if you wanna wait for the 35th in those strange times that we live in, you can always count on Hollywood. Legendary movies like Apocalypse Now and We Were Soldiers are here to stay and keep you home, but more importantly - to motivate you for this upcoming 35th scale beauty. Use your time wisely!

yuma open air museum arizona dn models masks for scale models 2020

Yuma Open Air Museum – Arizona

Yuma Open Air Museum is one of those interesting and hidden places, about which you never hear much. It is in the middle of nowhere, people don’t talk about it much and it is made somewhat irrelevant for many. That shouldn’t fool you though. This place has a lot for armor fans and modelers, despite not being in the spotlight. It is somewhat an Oasis in the desert. Without palms and water, but with heavy metal armored vehicles instead.

yuma open air museum arizona dn models masks for scale models 2020

It is located in the middle of the desert, in the state of Arizona, close to California. Close to Yuma. We will leave it at that, so you can do your due diligence and look for it in Google. Hopefully, that will make it a little more popular, at least in the search engine. It is actually easy one to get to, but it is not one that you hear much about.

yuma open air museum arizona dn models masks for scale models 2020

Despite that, as you can see from the pictures here, there are nice exhibits, maintained in very good condition. Now it is not clear which helps more for that - is it the weather in Arizona, or it is whoever take care of them, but it is probably a little bit of both. Armor vehicles are placed on round concrete pads, which are all over the place and most of them are taken. The empty ones hint that there will be more to come, hopefully in the near future.

yuma open air museum arizona dn models masks for scale models 2020

This is not a huge place, nor it features a lot of exhibits, like some of the other armor museums that we’ve described here on this blog. However, this is one of the coolest ones we’ve been to. Because it is not only about the number of armor pieces shown, but also the arrangement, the maintenance and most importantly the atmosphere of the place.

yuma open air museum arizona dn models masks for scale models 2020

Yuma Open Air Museum is definitely one with atmosphere. At first, we’ve thought, that it is an Air Museum, but it is an armored one. Excluding one Cobra helicopter placed on a pylon close by. Right next to the entrance of the military facility in the vicinity of the museum grounds. With that said, still it was a pleasant surprise.

yuma open air museum arizona dn models masks for scale models 2020

We know that for some of our readers, Arizona is far from home, but still many visit California often. And if you are an armor fan, a modeler or just a museum lover, well, this place is located at an acceptable drive distance from Los Angeles and Sand Diego. Even from Las Vegas, Nevada. All of those mentioned - often visited by tourists abroad. So our suggestion: if you like armor, you are OK with driving, do your research and pay a visit to this place. It is an open air museum, you just park and visit. The weather is good almost all of the time, and the exhibits, well, you can judge from the pictures.

yuma open air museum arizona dn models masks for scale models 2020

For those of you who can't go that far, well, check out the link here. We've made a walkaround of the Sherman, since we thought that this is the most interesting exhibit for the modeling fans. It is not nearly enough to cover what you can see in the Yuma Open Air Museum, but at least will give you some hint and hopefully - some help while modeling the M4 tank.


miniart fuel oil drums 35613 review dn models masks for scale models

MiniArt Fuel & Oil Drums 1930-50s


MiniArt Fuel & Oil Drums 1930-50s is an accessories set in 35th scale, designed as an add-on. That would serve plenty of purposes for various modelers and their ventures. From stowage, through vignette accessories, throughout full diorama sets, this is one of MiniArt's sets that is spot on release for almost every modeler out there.

Back in a day, when modeling was more or less Airfix, Heller and Tamiya, such sets were missing from the scene. They were longed for, scratch built, home-made-designed, and always presented a challenge. The bitter truth for many modelers out there was, that if you don't have higher creativity talents and you are not flexible with the items and materials used, you could hardly get yourself such an item. Those were different times.

Nowadays, there is almost everything on the market. Recently a set of pigeons appeared, as well as plenty resin animals, like dogs, cats, sheep, etc. In that regard MiniArt Fuel & Oil Drums set was only a matter of time. Along with their other Buildings & Accessories Series, this set comes with plenty to cover your basic needs.

The box

that this set comes with is a small and with soft sides, slightly different than what you get with MiniArt's bigger kits. It is - as always - with beautiful boxart, featuring a very clear representation of the contents. In this case - a nice set of various drums and couple of hand pumps in two of them. Color-wise it is attractive and it is made in a way that you can hardly resist when you see it on the shelf of your local store. The sides of the box are black, which is standard for smaller sets from MiniArt like the one we are describing here.

miniart fuel oil drums 35613 review dn models masks for scale models

The instructions

are printed on the back of that same box. The back of the box is divided into three sections. The upper one features the building instructions, the second one - the color section of the instruction "sheet". Those two take up about 90% of the back. On the very bottom, there is a short paint guide, featuring most of the famous brands, among which surprisingly Mission Models are present. They are relatively new producer on the market and it is nice to see that MiniArt are fast and flexible on providing that.

The color schemes are very important with this specific item. Fuel and oil drums come in bright colors, usually specific for the manufacturer. But that is only part of the thing - they usually get very worn with age and work on that matter in scale is practically endless. You can play with variations, weathering techniques and actual physical damage of the parts, in order to get the perfect representation of the worn and often battered drum.

The plastic

is light grey and is packed in a small plastic envelope all together with the decals. This time, almost not flash was found on the sprues, which are repetitive and rather simple. Not always is this the case with MiniArt. The only delicate details featured are the hand pumps, but this shouldn't fool you: the level of detailing over the parts - even though simple by themselves - is very high.

Three distinctive drum types are visible, but probably with little imagination those can be altered into more options. Fit seems to be very good with the couple of the drum types that we tested. Small gaps should be easily filled with putty and without much trouble. Besides, those drums with their bright appearance of red, blue, green or any combo of those usually draws attention to another direction.

miniart fuel oil drums 35613 review dn models masks for scale models miniart fuel oil drums 35613 review dn models masks for scale models


are presented on a small long and narrow sheet. Not all the decals are equal in numbers. For example - Azur and Leuna, Agip and Rhena are 2 of each. While BP, Shell and Sinclair are 6 of each. And Gulf and Esso are two. With that said we all know, that usually with age those types of oil product containers are often repainted or worn enough, to erase any markings what so ever. Which gives even broader spectrum of opportunities. However if you decide to use the decals, stay assured that their thickness, colors and overall quality are all great. 

miniart fuel oil drums 35613 review dn models masks for scale models decals


This MiniArt Fuel and Oil Drums set is great addition to any vignette or diorama and is warmly welcomed by modelers. Along with the Jerry Cans and Road Signs that MiniArt offers, this represent a good and complete set of offerings to cover the basic needs for any modeler. In addition to that, there are plenty of others in the Accessories series by the Ukrainian company, that can give you a complete diorama from one manufacturer.

Those can be combined with plenty of 1930s and on vehicles, even up to this day. Modern times, especially where there are regional low-key barely- or no- funded conflicts are full with examples of older stuff like those drums. And from modeling stand point, they will look a lot more attractive if represented worn, battered and old, rather then being shiny and brand new.

MiniArt made another good set, that was missing from the benches before. Nowadays however, you can find almost everything in terms of modeling. And it is a blessing, that we have companies that think in that direction, rather than focusing only on the best selling subjects out there.

Highly recommended!


takom stug iii dn models masks for scale models 2020

Takom StuG III? Biggest news for armor in 2020

Takom StuG III

release was somewhat logical announcement. Although still not official news neither as scale nor as release date, Takom dropped the bomb with a single picture posted on their Facebook page. For armor modeling world, this is probably the biggest and most likely the greatest announcement of 2020. It is most definitely more interesting and important for armor modelers than corona virus is nowadays.

StuG III is the most produced vehicle of the German side of the Second World War. Not only that, but it has tons of fans around the World, modeling-wise. Interestingly, those who once take the StuG road, tend to stay on it, with few extreme examples. Latter one are builders that build either mostly or only StuG IIIs in 35th scale.

Here comes the question: “What scale will be Takom’s StuG III?”. It might seem like an easy answer, but it is not yet announced officially, which might mean that it can be 1/16th, just like their FT-17 tank. And why not, considering that Trumpeter are releasing StuG in 16th scale sometimes in the next 12 to 24 months. It is definitely a possibility.

Most likely though,

the 35th scale kit will emerge on the already flourishing armor market. And that means a lot. It means that this is just the beginning. Because Takom are not like Bronco, and they will expand their line and probably give the rights to others to re-pack. In the meantime, the most interesting object for modeling of the WWII will  probably be explored by others too. It is highly unlikely this speculation to be false as well. And if you wonder why, think about it:

MiniArt just announced Panzer IV and they already did some pre-production Panzer and StuG IIIs. Border model also entered the game with their Panzer IV, as well as the brilliant Rye Field Model representation of the same thing. It will be insane decision not to take a swing at the StuG III, considering that it is far more popular than Panzer III and IVs.

But let’s give time

to Takom and see what exactly they will offer us. And if expectations of everybody are correct, this will be 35th scale new tooling of a StuG III. Probably with interior. That will set the beginning of a new line of StuG IIIs and will put a huge pressure on Dragon, dethroning them as a StuG dominant on the market. Reasons for that are many, but none more important that this: Takom know how to make contemporary models and are highly competitive, while DML seems to have forgotten how to. One thing is certain: Takom StuG III is happening!


Ka-52 Alligator kh80123 dn models masks for scale models

Ka-52 Alligator in quarter Scale


Ka-52 Alligator

is a dual seat attack helicopter, derivative from Kamov Ka-50 - Black Shark. The latter one is a single seat version and it was first flown in 1980s. Ka-52 Alligator appeared much later, sometime in the second half of the 90s. The extended crew was due to the changed concepts in the 90s and it supposedly gave the helicopter increased survivability. Due to the economic situation in Russia during that period, the serial production was delayed and the first helicopters started entering service in late 2000s. That - to some extent - makes the Ka-52 one of the newest helicopters in the Russian arsenal, despite its old roots.

Ka-52 Alligator - same as its single-seat variant - feature coaxial rotor system, which eliminates the need of a tail rotor. That helps in many regards, starting from weight, going through control, but the most important area that benefits from that design is the safety of the crew. Ka-52 Alligator features ejection system. In that regard, Kamov helicopters are unique.

Kitty Hawk

made a promise to their fans, which even with some time variations was fulfilled. In quarter scale, Ka-52 was expected for some time and will be very warmly welcomed by the modeling fans of the Alligator. At this point it is not yet clear how the helicopter will be designed. Kitty Hawk are famous for breaking down their kits into unusually and sometimes unnecessary many sub-assemblies. On the other hand, the real Ka-52 Alligator form allows for that and the specific subject can eliminate the design style weakness to some point.

Maybe the kit will feature more than just Russian markings, but that is only a speculation. Egypt is already flying its own Ka-52 and hopefully Kitty Hawk contemplated the idea. Armament-wise, KH were never stingy, so in that regards we can also expect decent amount of plastic included. Whatever the case is with the final product that is about to be released - we are in for a very hot kit and from a company that already proved their qualities on the helo arena.

It is true,

that this announcement comes with some downsides. Probably most important is the scale, because helicopters are traditionally done in 35th. However, Kitty Hawk Huey is still a best seller, as well as AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom. However we can only hope that this is just the beginning. They promised Huey in 35th scale too, which we are about to see. Maybe if the Ka-52 Alligator becomes a hit, it can be up-scaled as well. Only time will tell.

The fact that after all this time we will finally get Ka-52 Alligator from a decent manufacturer is great news. And that should happen sometime in 2020, hopefully rather soon. How deep into the future will the line development go - well, that depends on how popular the real Ka-50/Ka-52 family becomes. It has potential, so at this time it looks very bright!

eduard's upcoming spitfire 1/48 mk.i dn models masks for scale models

Eduard’s upcoming Spitfire Mk.I in 48th scale


Eduard's upcoming Spitfire Mk.I will be a definite hit. That is certain, even before any info about the kit's engineering or contents is made available. The reason for that certainty is the history the Czech company made with their 109, as well as with their MiG-21 family. Same goes for their later Spitfire versions. Now, we will have the first Spitfire as well. And this comes as a surprise, knowing that they produce a beautiful BIG Sin set for Tamiya's Spitfire Mk.I. Latter one, by itself - a piece of art.

Eduard's upcoming Spitfire will mark the beginning of a whole new sub-family. That will include Spitfires from the early versions. Even ones with two-blade propeller are already being hinted. It is surprising, because those options are not that popular. At least not among general modeling society. On the other hand, they are indispensable for Spitfire maniacs. As for the Mk.I and on, it is clearly a good decision. If Tamiya have decided to take that road, they probably did their research. We all know they pay insane amounts of money on research.

eduard's upcoming spitfire tamiya 61119 dn models masks for scale models

How will the two 48th scale Mk.Is compare is another story. It is true that many have made comparisons and drew parallels in between new tool Me-109s both from Tamiya and Eduard. There is still no clear winner though. If you ask for precision, rivets, small and intricate details, Eduard are there for you. But if you wan't to enjoy the pure pleasure of modeling, encounter less troubles and have almost guaranteed results - Tamiya is the path.

Eduard's upcoming Spitfire

will probably present us with the same dilemma. Either to choose the traditional Japanese approach, or the innovative Czech modeling design.

We, at DN Models found out that Tamiya kits are always welcomed and our products are very popular when it comes down to that specific brand. One of the main reasons is their accuracy in shape and size. Another is their superb research and spot-on markings and description. That's why, learning that we will get a new Spitfire from Eduard, we decided to update our line with Spitfire's markings included in Tamiya's kit. That will make them available option for the future Eduard buyers, giving them the option to build Eduard and make it look like Tamiya. Even maybe build them side to side with equal markings, but different plastic underneath. Lacking Tamiya's notorious decal troubles of course. 

Spitfire Mk.I Numbers and Insignia Paint Mask Set for Tamiya #61119 1/48 dn models masks for scale models

Eduard Spitfire would not disappoint. Nether Tamiya's option. But in the end, they are rather small airplanes even in quarter scale. Price tags are not scary either. So there is the obvious answer - get them both. Especially if you are a Spitfire fan. That way you will get whatever you want from both worlds. And with DN Models' masks? The end result will be even better!