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Tarhe from ICM. Size WILL BE the Issue!

Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe majestic helicopter was a dream in 35th scale for quite some time. [...]

Precision Sharp Cutters. And Cheap too.

Precision Sharp Cutters are an indispensable tool on every modeler’s bench. A craftsman is as [...]

MC.202 Folgore 1/32 New Tool from Italery

Folgore /Thunderbolt/ was an Italian military airplane made during the 1940s by Macchi Aeronautica. Only [...]

Panzer IV/70(A) – Tamiya 1/35

Panzer IV/70(A) is an unusual WWII vehicle. A fact speaking of this is that it [...]

Border Model Fw-190 A-6 – 1/35

Fw-190 needs absolutely no introduction. This is arguably the very best piston powered fighter of [...]

Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B – 1:35

Ka-27 Helix in 48th scale from Hobby Boss was a big hit when it first [...]

Eduard setting a New Norm

Eduard are a brilliant company from the Czech Republic. They were such since their very [...]

Ghost of Kyiv Colors #2

The article that we wrote on the paints for the Ghost of Kyiv generated a [...]

MENG T-72B3M with KMT-8

MENG are a company that are deeply respected by their fan base. Their 35th scale [...]

Ghost of Kyiv Colors

Ghost of Kyiv Colors is one subject that we are getting asked about a lot. [...]

Top Gun: Maverick in Scale

Top Gun Maverick is out. After four years of waiting, we finally have it available. [...]

Airfix New Spitfire

If there is a company that should have a Spitfire in their line – that [...]