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Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models boxart

Tamiya P-38 Lightning 1/48


Tamiya P-38 Lightning is not only among the newest airplane releases from the Japanese manufacturer, but as the rumors go – it is one of their best. Although almost all Tamiya releases are usually held to very high standards, there were some issues with Tamiya kits in the past. Maybe nothing too bad, usually decals, but nevertheless, modelers complained for this and that. Out of curiosity, as well as love for the legendary twin boom Lightning, we decided to take a peek inside of its box and decide for ourselves – is Tamiya P-38 is really their best quarter scale kit so far?

Tamiya P-38 was something that modelers longed for for quite some time. Although most of us expected it in 32nd scale, accompanying their brilliant Mosquito, Mustang and Corsair, Tamiya decided to do it in the smaller scale. Maybe this is not their last word, but we’ll see in time. P-38 Lightning is a legend. Not only because it was designed by the genius Kelly Johnson or that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry vanished without a trace in one, but because this was an extraordinary machine by all means.

For its time, the lightning was quite ahead in many terms, but none more important than its visual appearance. P-38 Lightning was famous for speed and it was loved by many, even though being outflown by other aircraft by the end of the war. Little more than 10 000 were built, which is quite a number. Much can be said about its history, but let’s focus on the Tamiya P-38 kit here.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models box

Boxing and Boxart

The kit comes in a medium sized box, typical for Tamiya, with light green on its sides and wrapped in a tight cellophane for protection. Once you open it, it is not crammed like many of the new kits that you get to see nowadays. Of course, you can expect certain finesse when it comes down to Tamiya. After all, they are best among them all! Everything inside is packed in separate envelopes, transparent and thick enough to protect the contents. There are metal weights, instructions and more, but we will talk about each down below.

The boxart features a Lockheed P-38 Lightning in flight, over an island, supposedly somewhere in the Pacific. At least color-wise, that is the first impression you get. The camouflage is nothing special, green on top, with lighter blueish-gray color on the belly. Only a small nose art with yellow letters “Miss Virginia” is visible with a number “147” beneath it. In front of that there are two aerial victories and one more, which isn’t exactly clear on the boxart. Probably a ship. The plane wears the old round stars, which are more discrete and somehow more subtle looking than the ones used later on. This Lightning clearly shows wire antennae, which are many and …well, they are about to be your problem. The description beneath is in blue letters, saying P-38F/G, hence – two versions are doable using this release.

So far, a great start!


Tamiya P-38 Lightning comes with close to the standard leaflet type of instructions that you usually get with Tamiya’s 48th scale kits. It is close, because at first sight it looks like one of their leaflets, but when you get your hands on it, it is actually a booklet. Everything inside is thoroughly described with Japanese precision and represents one of the best instruction sheets on the market today. Simple, easy to understand and easy to follow.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models instructions 1

It is only in black and white, but that is due to the fact, that you actually don’t need color for the building process. That doesn’t go for the huge paint options guide, which we will discuss further down. We are talking only building instructions here.

Alongside with those two mentioned above, you get a small leaflet /the old style/ featuring some history fragments about the Lightning. Tamiya did a great job separating it from the instructions, and adding it to the kit in the first place. Lately, many manufacturers forget about this important add-on, which sometimes help young modelers develop affinity towards learning and exploring the real subject.

Lastly, there is a small single sheet showing how to use tools when you deal with scale models, which is another add-on oriented towards younger generation of model builders. Nothing overly important, just some nice fine touches from the Japanese model maker. However, sometimes – as we all know – small touches are everything!

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models instructions 2


Material of the sprues is medium grey in color and at first glance it is nothing special. Tamiya are known for yellow, light grey or medium grey plastic, but whatever the color you might be getting, one thing is certain – quality of it is second to none. Same here. It just doesn’t get any better.

The detail of the surface is very good. Perfect would be too strong, considering the fact that some minor details can be eventually added. But it is darn close. Maybe some rivets and maybe some photo-etch elements might be added. But hey, let’s not forget about aftermarket companies that deal with PE and the fact that some modelers actually enjoy re-riveting their kits.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models sprueTamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models sprue 2Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models fuselageTamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models dashboardTamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models cockpit partsTamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models nose

The cockpit details are very close to what you might get with a resin substitute, practically eliminating the need of one. The pilot included represents the same case – resin figure is not needed. Of course, some might feel the need to add wires and cables here and there, but in general, for OOTB, this kit is a pure gem.

The wings, the upper parts of the engine nacelles and the nose are molded into one piece, which guarantees proper geometry. If you look closely, you will see details that are not visible at first glance, catching up perfectly the scale of things. Each of the twin booms are engineered to be a separate module, and this is only fraction of the small tricks that Tamiya used to make this kit a pleasure ride for the builder. Most definitely, they factored the alignment in that too.

Of course, the sophistication that we see with their 32nd scale kits is missing to some extent, but let’s not forget that we are talking quarter scale here. Besides, there are already companies that are aiming to produce resin parts, like superchargers and wheels, and we will eventually see more. Engines, open sections, etc.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models nose weightsTamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models super-chargersTamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models propellersTamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models wings

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models twin boom empennage

Antennae, mentioned above will be something that you will have to figure out by yourself. This is challenging, but on the other hand it gives an opportunity to recreate especially interesting and delicate kit if you do it properly. Luckily for the masters of the wiring, P-38 is abundant of those, and you will be able to make it shine. For everybody else, you can always leave those aside, and it is guaranteed, that the kit will look brilliantly even without them.

Clear Parts

Are really impressive. Those look somewhat better than what we are used to see with Tamiya. Maybe it was a false feeling, but we share nothing more than an opinion, and we thought that they look fantastic. There are two companies that we know of, that make superb clear parts. One is MiniArt, the other is Zoukei-Mura. This Tamiya P-38 Lightning seems to have beaten those two with this clear sprue. There is very /very!/ good transparency and the detail around the canopy is second to none. An option for open window is present and in general, if you manage to mask them out properly and work clean and careful around them, the end results will be fantastic.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models canopy

There is everything that you might wish for in a kit, especially considering the size of the canopy of P-38, plus the fact that its side windows not only look odd in reality, but are tricky to replicate in scale. Maybe that is why Tamiya put effort in this clear sprue. Or maybe they are just stepping up their game slowly but steadily, with each and every new release. Whatever the case is, this clear sprue is one of the best features of the kit according to our perception.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models canopy 2

Decals & Paint Masks

Tamiya P-38 Lightning comes with a small sheet of decals, which feature an interesting add-on. Those are mirror-like elements, which are embedded into the decal sheet. Other companies have done this too, but when it comes down to decal sheets, Tamiya have always experienced some issues with thickness. However, despite those mirror-like elements, the decals are pretty thin, even though we all know it could’ve been better.

In the same translucent envelope one can find a mask set, with all the outlines of the windows, however you should be aware that they are not pre-cut. One should use very sharp knife and cut the masks by oneself. That is done by cutting over the lines that are very clearly shown and in straight and firm cuts, so to keep the alignment proper. Overall, having those is a good add-on to any kit, however there are better options for that as well.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models decals

Speaking of which, both mentioned above are covered by DN Models already. Decals are always best substituted with masks. The reason is that the real-life way of painting aircraft was done exactly that way – using stencils. And windows paint masks from DN Models always comes already precisely cut. It is up to you to decide whether to use Tamiya’s decals and masks, or to go aftermarket for maximum realism, especially with the insignia and markings.

But back to the subject of Tamiya’s decals and paint masks – they are good for those who would like to stick to OOTB contents. There are many modelers devoted to building kits exactly as the manufacturer provided them, which is - of course - a great option. And Tamiya provided plenty to satisfy the needs for all – from beginners to the experts.

Paint Options

There are two variants included with this Tamiya release. Well, three if you pick DN Models' set instead. But back to Tamiya:

First one is “White 147”, the one depicted on the boxart. Here /remember the boxart description?/, on the color profiles you can see more clearly that the victories are two aerials /Japanese aircraft/ and one battleship. Simple camo scheme – top is green, bottom is grey. The plane belonged to 339th Fighter Squadron, 347th Fighter Group, 13th Air Force, Guadalcanal, April 1943.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models ver.1

The second one is ”White 33”, 39th Fighter Squadron, 35th Fighter Group, 5th Air Force, Port Moresby, late 1942. Again, same colors, but this time with prop spinners painted in blue and beneath them and on both engines, shark mouths. Again, if you remember the boxart section of this review – as expected, both aircraft were Pacific planes. So Tamiya’s first impression from the boxart is spot on.

The most interesting thing to mention about this color guide is the size. It is folded and it looks like it is A4 or Folio, but actually when you unfold it is double sided, full color close to A2 in size. It represents the size of the kit exactly, which helps in many ways. First, you can use it to create your own stencils, in case Tamiya decals or DN Models masks isn’t gonna cut it for you. Second, you can easily prep a base, knowing the exact appearance of the airplane, which quite often spares time and is less risky for the built model. In addition to that, you get to see how it will look actually, because apparently, there are still manufacturers that present only one of the sides and some even go that far, that forget to put colors on their color paint schemes. Not here. Tamiya did it perfectly.

Tamiya P-38 Lightning #61120 review unboxing DN Models masks for scale models ver.2


Well, this is all about Tamiya P-38 Lightning in 48th scale. Or at least this is their first option from the line that might evolve from that bird. Tamiya are not like Hasegawa, so they won’t go bananas releasing every possible variant and paint scheme out there, however we can expect couple more at the very least.

As far as the quality goes, this might not be the best Tamiya kit ever, because it can hardly compete with their larger scale options, but if we talk strictly 48th scale, this is very close to perfection. Let’s not forget, that Tamiya’s Thunderbolts, their Me-109 and their fresh Spitfire were also considered “the very best in scale” once. The truth is, that this is a unicorn kind of a thing. There is no “best”. For anything.

However, this Tamiya P-38 Lightning is most definitely the ultimate P-38 in any scale up to this point, and it is damn well guaranteed, that the quality is here. The fit will be perfect, the engineering will be at the highest level possible and the price is very acceptable. Besides, let’s not forget that once you get used to Tamiya quality, everything else will present unwanted challenges and will most likely be laughed at.

So if you wanna build a P-38 Lightning, Tamiya is your answer. If you are flexible in scale – this kit will be our nicest option of them all too. Most accurate too. As with most Tamiya releases, this is extremely highly recommended. From beginners to pro’s, this kits delivers and will leave you with pleasant experience and satisfaction, still unmatched by any other manufacturer on the planet.


rotary tools for scale modeling dn models masks for scale models

Rotary Tools for Scale Modeling + Demo Sessions Video


Rotary tools can come in many different forms. There are plenty of manufacturers on the market who have one or more variations in their line and last years many new appeared too. Rotary Tools can be of various sizes, but the basis for all of them comes from Dremel with their legendary tool. The latter one has numerous advantages over the competition, but for the purposes of scale modeling it is not something that would help you make a decision per se.

Scale Modeling rarely involves power tools besides the compressor. The compressor itself is not a power tool exactly, but a supporting machinery. So there are few such tools that one can implement into the hobby, however the definite leader among them as practicality and usefulness is the rotary tool.

Plenty can be achieved with such a tool and you can see that in the video attached below. Those are only few demo sessions that show various solutions that can be tedious if not using a rotary tool. And the one seen in that video is a very cheap option. However, speaking of price one must know that rotary tool that you will use for scale models won’t suffer much and in general there is no need for super-rugged and pricy item which can sustain all that abuse from constant work.

That is simply because it won’t be doing much of that.

The most important thing to look for are the various speeds option as well as a good fat set of bits included. As seen from the Demo Sessions below, there are practical use for almost ever bit, plus the fact that this is only a small fraction of the things that can be done with it. For example – armor modeling present a whole different universe of usage, starting from Metal Track polishing and cleaning up to and including shell holes. Latter ones are very slow process when done by hand.

Whatever the main purpose you are getting your rotary tool is, there going to be many more options revealing once you get the tool in hand. There are extensions with more flexible attachments to go into tricky places with those rotary tools, which will come handy. There are engraving tools that can cover that part of the modeling, but you can get all in one if you find a good set. Or get the stand to hold your rotary tool on your bench and use only the flexi-extension.

Much can be said about rotary tools and many various brands can be shown as example. Dremel are the best, that is certain, but there are many more. From Ryobi, through DeWalt and Black&Decker up to many no- or odd-brand ed Chinese options, they will all do the job for the regular scale modeler.

Check out the video below and see what a basic cheap tool can do. This one costs half the price of a 48th scale model, even less, and it can cope with almost anything:



Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (Early) – HK Models First 48th Scale Kit



There are plenty of 4 engine bombers with their respective variants that were used during the Second World War, but none more significant and well recognized than the Boeing B-17, The Flying Fortress. Up to this day, this is still the most famous and most respected bomber that was used in the war, despite claims made from the Brits with their Avro Lancaster, and the historians with their howl about the Boeing B-29.

Nope. The Flying Fortress is still The King when people start to talk about bombers both – in real life and in scale. And even though on the modeling market we recently saw 32nd scale Liberator, two new Lancasters and promises for even more, news about B-17 being released in any scale is always….well, news!

Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

Quarter scale is dominated by few companies, and everybody were surprised when HK Models announced a Boeing B-17 in 48th. That is probably because they already have a 32nd scale options. And nothing to show for when it comes down to 48th. So why scaling down? Well, maybe there are fans waiting for that. Or maybe, HK Models are more ambitious that we thought and are aiming at the mighty quarter scale. But nothing is more important than the end result. So what did we get? Let’s see:


The box that the first HK Models’ 48th scale kit comes in is surprisingly small. Light too. It features superb boxart, but not so attractive price-tag. It is also made in a nice and presentable way, so you might be tempted to buy the kit even without thinking what you are getting inside. After all, this is not the first 48th scale kit of the Flying Fortress on the market. Its greatest advantage is, that is the newest. That is not bad, considering there are plenty new-coming modelers, from younger generations, that will consider this the base line for their modeling experience. Maybe HK Models are aiming towards them. To set a new standard. But that are just our thoughts here, nothing more.

Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models


The sheet is printed on a very nice quality paper and is surprisingly thick. That comes from the weight of the sheets mostly, not because of the many steps included inside. There is always a let-down in one way or another with kits produced in China. You have to remember – this is not Tamiya. For HK Models especially, that is nothing new, and here it comes with the fact that this kit, with its price tag has nothing better to show, than black and white instruction sheet.

Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

Many argued about this issue, which was mentioned more than once in regards to HK Models, but this is beyond any doubt – a very nasty surprise. It could’ve been far better, at least for the “color” profiles, which are lacking color here. There are some mistakes with the colors guide description, but that is nothing compared to the previous statement.

Other than that, the steps are clearly depicted and easy to follow, even though the engineering is a bit over-done. That is a pleasing fact for many of course, and can be seen from opposing perspectives. A matter of personal preference, one might say. Some like it more tricky, while others prefer straight-forward builds. Unfortunately, when it comes down to newly released Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses, this is the only one we have currently.

Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models


Overall the plastic is with good quality. There are not weak spots or big sink marks at first glance, mostly pleasant experience once you get to open the box. Some questionable attachment points here and there. It is light gray, spread out throughout a decent number of sprues, with some details very well thought out, and others not that much. Again, typical modern Chinese quality.

Surface details are superb, with countless rivets and nice panel lines mostly, however it is not yet clear how accurate that is. HK Models pay a lot of attention to the surface details and here you can tell from the first glimpse. Of course, for those who want to improve, there will be always the re-scribing and re-riveting option, but what we saw from the beginning is pretty pleasing.

Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsShape-wise, the kit already received some comments and according to Boeing B-17 modeling experts, there might be some accuracy-issues embedded. That can be said for any other kit as well, but since HK Models need to prove their place on the market and this is their first 48th scale tooling, they should thread lightly. A noisy slap from the fans won’t be a good start. Those potential inaccuracies are still unconfirmed though.

The kit is only weeks from its official release and many are still waiting for their orders at the time of this review, so we are far from a firm conclusion. Even if there are weak spots, in time either aftermarket, or ingenuity of the modelers will solve those in no time. There are no perfect scale model kits. That goes for all scales and manufacturers. Most definitely for HK Models and many of the newcomers on the market.

Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

Oh, and let's not forget there is an interior too! That's right. For such a thick bird, that was kinda mandatory if you think of it that way. And HK Models did a very nice job with that too, as seen on the pictures. Detailing is pretty neat and some very tricky things were polished, implying that real modelers were involved into the design process from the get go. Latter one is always a wise decision, because if you get models made by modelers, you are always sure that the questions that you might have are responded to. At least to some extent. 

Boeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale ModelsBoeing B-17G Early HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

Clear Parts, Decals & PE

HK Models did a great job with the clears. They look very nice and well designed all-around. Transparency is not perfect, but is not bad either. The only real criticism on the transparency is in regards to the turrets. However, they are small and round, which creates self-explanatory problems. Overall, the clear parts are pretty nice with this Boeing B-17 release.

boeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale modelsboeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale models

Decals seem to be a bit dark on the colors, however this is different for everyone’s eye perception and cannot be treated as an issue. The film is thin and barely visible around the edges of the decal. They create nice first impression, however Boeing B-17 in 48th scale is still rather large and masks are always better for the insignia. Despite that, mask sets cannot cover the nose art of the aircraft 99% of the time and the decals come as a great tool for solving this problem. So still, they are important and we think that HK Models did good on that end too.

Boeing B-17G Early decals HK Models 1/48 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

Photo-etch does not worth commenting much. It is small sheet and is not an overly complex one per se. You can judge from the pictures, but we strongly believe that aftermarket companies will hit this weakness very hard, which is always good for modelers. Neither of the parts included in the OOB set is unique and irreplaceable. On the contrary. Any photo-etch aftermarket company can do better on those.

boeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale models

Paint Options

It could’ve been better. Especially with that price-tag. As mentioned before, they are depicted in black and white, which is, for lack of a better word, a shame. Another letdown with the options included is the fact that there are only two available. But one man’s failure can be another man’s triumph, so let’s give it to the aftermarket companies with the chance that they’ll get with that. There are hundreds of options in regards to the early Boeing B-17Gs and even though some will look alike, still the nose-art will be important factor. At DN Models, a new line of masks sets for the B-17s in 48th scale is emerging as well. There will be couple of sets and luckily, they will fit more than just this HK Models release.

boeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale modelsboeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale modelsboeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale modelsboeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale models

And speaking of that, what is the potential


of this Boeing B-17? Maybe the label on the box, stating "series" is a strong enough hint.

Well, looking at the 32nd scale line that HK Models already offers, it won’t be much of a surprise if we see it duplicated in 48th. The Flying Fortress has enough potential to be a very good seller in any scale. In many possible options too. Besides, the fact that the quarter scale variant is significantly less space demanding, true fans will most likely go for more than one kit. Especially if they are happy with the potential upcoming releases. Who knows, HK Models might even go smaller.

boeing b-17 flying fortress early hkm dn models masks for scale models


It is too early to conclude about the first quarter scale line attempt made from HK Models. However, we can share our conclusion about this particular kit. It is not bad, although it is very far from perfect. Its price tag is demanding too. Maybe because it is the first of the line. Maybe because it is new tooling. Or maybe, HK Models are just testing out the market. It is certain that they can afford it. What is the real reason though, only HKM can tell.

The kit has the potential to be turned into a beautiful 48th scale representation of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and that is enough for many. Plenty actually. After all, modeling for some people is improving the base kit by adding this and that, in attempt to make it perfect. It is good to have such kit in that scale and in new tooling in 2019. Better late than never!

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was, is and always will be a legend. So no matter how many small glitches this kit might show, it’ll still be a great option. It is recommended for any B-17 fan and one thing we can promise: its tooling and general approach is quite modern. In the end, you will enjoy it!



Su-30SM for the Blizzard Scheme DN Models Masks for scale models

Su-30SM for the Blizzard Scheme

Su-30SM is a variant of the famous Su-30MKI – the capable-of-all-defying-gravity maneuvers aircraft – that is designed specifically for the Russian Air Force. Its code name is Flanker-H and fits modern Russian requirements perfectly. That was achieved by “tuning-up” the MKI to the SM variant by providing the proper electronics, friend-foe systems and radios. Everything that Russian Defence Ministry thought it was make it the perfect military machine considering the specific needs.

Su-30MKI became famous for its Blizzard camouflage scheme, which became so inspiring, that the US Aggressor Squadron accepted as one of the variations for their F-16s. DN Models released the camo scheme for the Su-30 some time ago, based on the high demand for that camouflage mask set. However, up to recently, there were no kit on the market that would suit that camo scheme quite as good as any of the recent releases of the Su-30SM will.

Su-30SM Blizzard camo scheme Zvezda 1/72 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

The DN Models Su-30 Blizzard is available in two variants – 72nd and 48th scale. Zvezda covers the first one. Although not the perfect representation of Su-30 in 72nd, Zvezda’s kit is very suitable choice for building the SM and with very good accuracy too. There is some comments about the lack of proper “contemporary” riveting on that kit. However, the kit features the canard scheme, which in most of the other options is missing and needs to be substituted. That can be done only with resin or scratch built elements, both of which costs either time or money. Often times both.

Just recently, Kitty Hawk announced 48th scale version of Su-30SM. A “new tooling”, which is based on their Flanker line that is expanding rapidly last months. At least with expected releases. The quality of the kit will be similar to Kitty Hawk’s Su-35, which is considered “second best” on the market. However, for Su-30 variant, this will be probably the best kit out there as of the date of its release. Latter one should be either in the beginning or in the middle of 2020.

For both of those kits there are various camouflage schemes available, but none of those comes close to the Blizzard demo camouflage, which is by far one of the most attractive Sukhoi show-stoppers. Luckily, DN Models’ sets in both 48th and 72nd scale are based on HobbyBoss/Trumpeter kits, which in general are very accurate and will cover Zvezda 72nd and Kitty Hawk’s 48th tooling.

The release of both scales of masks sets might’ve been done a little bit too early for many, but now the kits are starting to appear and the pieces of the puzzle will click perfectly. Because if you are about to do a Su-30SM Flanker H, no matter 72nd or quarter scale, this camouflage is the way to go.


top 10 weathering products for scale modeling dn models masks for scale models

Top 10 Weathering Products


In scale modeling, nothing is more important than the proper weathering. Every scale model kit, no matter how simple it is, how many errors it embeds and how far from the real things is, can be turned into a masterpiece with the proper "make up". In the same time, even the best kits out there, beautiful and brilliantly engineered toolings like Tamiya's 32nd scale planes or MiniArt or MENG Model armor vehicles can be ruined if not weathered properly.

Weathering is part of the finishing touches and in art schools they teach you that the thing that matters the most are the last five percent of the product. Those 5% are defining for the outcome of the whole creation. They are the first thing that the spectator sees and in the very first moment of that meeting between the mind and the art, that is when the bond is formed.

Here we will share the Top 10 weathering products available on the market according to us. Alongside with each, you will find a short opinion and its all based on experience and experimentation. They do not follow specific order and they are all very good. So without much more writing, let's get onto them:

Abteilung 502

We are talking about the oil sets here. There are many options from Abteilung502 that are sold separately, but the sets are the one that we found to be more valuable. The reason for that is not only that the combo lowers the price in general, but the way they are selected and packed. For example, one of our favorite sets - the Naval and Grey Effects - suits ships and submarines, exactly as well as it fits Naval airplanes and winter camouflaged tanks. It basically covers all the "cold" and "wet" effects in terms of tonality and with it you can recreate pretty much anything in any of the areas described above.

Similarly, the Vehicle Weathering and Effects set should cover almost any amour or soft-skin vehicle that you might have in stash, and even extend to aircraft that were used on unprepared fields. Each of those products contain 6 oil tubes, that will basically last you for eternity, even if you share them with some friends. Of all the oils on the market, we think that this is the best choice for modelers, despite the fact that the competition is very strong.

Xtreme Metal & True Metal Wax

These two products are a hybrid form of paint-weathering tool. They came a bit later compared to Alclad2 paints, but both are very high quality products and superb substitute for the Alclad2s. While Xtreme Metal comes in a liquid form, True Metal comes as a paste and both cover different areas of modeling. Best experience you might get is when you get them served together. True Metal is more of a weathering product than Xtreme metal, but we consider them both indispensable for every modeler toolbox/paint rack. Both products are from AK Interactive line, a definite leader in the weathering business. If you haven't tried them out, give them a go, they deserve your attention. They give a very realistic metallic finish, hardly achievable with most of the other products on the market.

Chipping from AMMO/AK

Both light and heavy chipping from AMMO or AK are absolute necessity for an armor modeler. With that said, we know that many of you would go the the grocery store and get hair spray for 1/3rd of their price, but still. Those products are well balanced and as all the others in this article are suitable for more than one area of scale modeling. For example, chipping can be used very successfully with vintage airplanes, not only tanks, and that is why there are two options light and heavy. We suggest you to get them both. It is well worth the money. They are enamel products, that is why you need to pick your paints wisely. Heavy chippings goes for the armor, light one is more suitable for planes. 

MIG Pigments

Yes baby! Those are the nicest, coolest and best pigments on the market according to many. They come in different variations and even though in this list there is a substitute for them in a much cheaper form, we love MIG pigments. Actually either Vallejo, AK or MIG would do - as many of you know -, but it all started with MIG and those huge jars of the not so distant past. We love them and we recommend them with all our hearts! Perfect colors, well balanced and with extremely realistic appearance after fixing them onto the model.

Adam’s books

For quite some time we discussed should we put this in the list, because it is a book, not a product. It is true, that it is as good as Michael Rinaldi's books, however Adam Wilder has its own line of weathering products and they are as good as any other brand, if not better. Many swear to them. And because we didn't want to fuel any feuds on the matter, we decided that Adam's book on weathering should be on this list here. Alongside with a full guide useful for every modeler, inside you can find hints that you might implement in your modeling routine. Part 2 is already hard ti find, so hurry up! And don't forget to check Wilder products too.

Vallejo Model Color

One thing is important here: to make a distinction between Vallejo Model Air and Vallejo Model Color. The latter one is oriented towards paint brushing rather than anything else. That is why it is famous for years as one of the best option for weathering effects. Brush chipping, custom home-made filters and washes and such are best achieved with Vallejo paints and we love them!

Vallejo Model Color can be found as sets or separate paints. They can be thinned down for airbrushing as well, but this is beyond the point of this article and there is a perfect Vallejo set already created specifically for that purpose. The most important thing to have here is a decent brush and steady hand. Everything else - Vallejo already provided.

Tamiya Weathering Master

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you! This is not a set of lady's make-up, it is a weathering product! And Tamiya choose very wisely, since the weathering is exactly that: applying a make-up over your painted plastic model. The only things that gives up the idea are the small stylized tanks on the plastic envelope.

Each of these can be found as a separate product too, but what we would suggest is go for the set. It will be the cheaper option and you will have anything that you might need either as a ready color or you could mix. The quality is nothing less than the regular Tamiya - the best on the market.

Regular Pastels

This is the cheapest and one of the most effective solutions for weathering in this list. It can be found in many variations and it can be mixed-matched as much as your own fantasy and vision goes. And even though there are sets that are better than others, in general the colors are what matters. Quite often, the cheapest products of barely-known brands works best, but this is not a dogma. Just ask around and you will find that many modelers use pastels for substituting pigments and soft pencils for substituting metal powder. Why not? After all the final appearance is what matters.

LifeColor Sets

Those come as pigments or paints and they are well respected and loved by modelers. Paints offer experience just like Vallejo Model Color and the pigments are very fine and easy to use. The only let down is the latter ones don't last long. But the option above is one of the solutions for that. Plenty of sets are available, but we suggest to avoid sticking just to LifeColor. It is better to mix and match with other brands mentioned here.

AMMO washes

Washes and Filters are among the most popular products for weathering and altering the final appearance of the model. Nowadays everybody has their own solution for those, with plenty of homemade remedies that fits their style. However we love AMMO washes and trust that they deserve a spot here, in the TOP 10 Weathering products list. Although expensive compared to the alternative, they provide a perfect solution and fine results, which sometimes can be missed when you make substitutes of your own. They are too enamel products and you better watch out for the paint you are about to use on your model. 


These are our top 10 pics for weathering products. We can easily put ten more in that list, but it is hard nowadays, since the market is full of superb products. With that said, the option of home-made product always stays and there are plenty of brilliant ideas for weathering that people share on the modeling forums and YouTube. Track solutions deserve a different article as well. There is so much for weathering and it is great! All we know is, that if you go with any of the above products, you won't be disappointed!

arctic splinter aggressor hornet kinetic dn models masks for scale models

Arctic Splinter Aggressor from Kinetic in early 2020


Arctic Splinter Camo scheme in 48th scale was released by DN Models as a mask set quite a while ago. Our line of Aggressor camouflages covering most interesting camo schemes on the market was somewhat incomplete without a proper Hornet among them. That was a mask set that was accompanying our ATARS Tiger camouflage, which was surprisingly released from Kinetic as a part of their Gold Series not so long ago. We knew from the very first release of Kinetic's new Hornet that ATARS set will be included somewhere along the line, because the ATARS pod was on the sprues from the beginning. However we never imagined that part of the Kinetic line will feature kits that match exactly our mask releases.

arctic aggressor hornet dn models masks masks for scale modelsarctic aggressor hornet dn models masks masks for scale models

This was done a while ago with DN Models' Masks. Jarek was very kind to allow us to use those.

Kinetic's latest announcement is coming as another surprise with Arctic Splinter Aggressor scheme, about to be on the shelves in January 2020. It will be basically the same good Hornet that they offer, inspired by the demand by the modelers and probably the fact that the upcoming Top Gun Maverick movie will feature Hornets /although Super/. Kinetic are not stupid, they know that people will start paying more attention to all Hornet variations soon enough.

And what better option than a proper Aggressor Hornet, Top Gun-inspired camouflage combined with a contemporary tooling and good decals?

Camouflage Paint Masks for F/A-18 Hornet Aggressor/Adversary VFC-12 Fighting Omars 1/48

It is hard to miss the fact that Kinetic are releasing kits that match some of DN Models' mask sets, with some decent delay. It is something that may be a pure coincidence. It may be as well inspired by the demand, because modelers all around the World admire and love Aggressor paint schemes. Whatever the case is, we at DN Models are way ahead of their game. We released the Tiger ATARS before them /check for a full video below/ and we did the same with the Arctic Aggressor a while ago. And we are more than happy that Kinetic are getting up to speed with their own releases, because that will give modelers the best possible combo of kit and aftermarket mask sets so they can complete their kits more easily and straight-forward.

arctic aggressor hornet dn models masks masks for scale modelsarctic aggressor hornet dn models masks masks for scale models

Check Jarek's Facebook Page. He is an amazing modeler!

One thing you must be aware of though: most of the companies do not pay much attention on the accuracy of the camo schemes they publish. We, on the other hand are all about that. And if you want to be sure that your scheme will match the real deal, follow our mask set offerings' instructions. We made sure that we are as close to the real aircraft as possible. We try to always do our homework.

What Kinetic are about to offer with their new Aggressor release, is another subject. And we will soon find out. Is their camouflage will match the real thing is just an aspect of the whole thing. How many options will be included is another. And hopefully that won't be their last Aggressor along their F/A-18 line. Nor they won't limit themselves to the Legacy Hornet only and we will see the "Super" soon. From our end at DN Models, well, you can expect a lot more on the Hornet subject. Both - Legacy and Super. And most likely we will be again - the first to offer them. But nevertheless, the others, like Kinetic in this case - are more than welcome to follow!


kit prices china future of production scale modeling dn models masks for scale models

Kit Prices and the Future of Production


Prices of the kits that come from China to US are probably going to go up. That might be very soon the case for Europe as well, but that is not the point in the article. Just this morning /December 6th, 2019/, a well respected company for scale modeling re-selling announced that they will raise the prices due to the tariffs that are to be imposed on China. Nothing unexpected, nor nothing overly scary for the regular consumer. You buy kits only every once in a while, its not like one cannot live without them. Its not food or gas.

It deserves respect that the re-sellers are mentioning that in their news stream. That means they care for their clients and they care for what people think about their pricing policies. The issue comes with the fact that kits nowadays are coming mostly from China. Back in a day, kits were Revell, Heller, Airfix, Hasegawa, Tamiya and Italeri. They never offered way too much in terms of variety, but some of them produced decent kits that are still nice up to this day. Those who produced lower quality kits inspired scratch building, home-made alterations and all kinds of art-oriented improvements that showed the true colors of every modeler.

Nowadays we have tons of kits covering every subject and even some that are doubling or tripling on a specific model, just to make more money. They are almost perfect, however with that comes the slow but steady death of the artistic part in the building process, leaving more on the painting and weathering side. Good for some, very bad for others.

The main problem is, that China is not a market that can sustain that production by itself. Those Shermans, Tomcats or whatever are not made for Chinese modelers. Undoubtedly, there are many of them, but it is hard for one to imagine that they stimulate that production. The case is that Western World is the main consumer. To them are all those kits oriented and that is why their subjects are such and such.

Then why the kits are still being produced in China? Why not see high-quality kits from Italeri, Revell or whatever company being designed as well produced on their homeland? Price is the answer.

In that terms, news that re-sellers are about to raise their prices are not bad. Maybe raising prices for the Chinese production kit will stimulate production and improvement of the stuff old players on the market make. If you have similar quality, similar abundance and easy access to a kit, what's the point of paying the same price when you can get it from somewhere else? Because the main reason the production of new and modern kits is coming from China is that China offers the lowest prices for that. 

It is not the best thing to see Zoukei-Mura or Wingnut Wings being made in China. We don't go and buy ZM or WnW because we want to get Chinese quality. There is Trumpeter for that. We buy them because we want something better in all aspects. And it is true that those companies too depend on the market to survive, but the struggle for quality must never step aside just to give way to quantity. Never.

Especially in a hobby where people are all about accuracy, clean and clear production, and precision. A hobby that you need your brain more than anything else so to be successful. 

Before China we had scale modeling. And a good one too. After China we will have it still. But now we are all dependent on their production. We are trapped in an endless struggle between paying less and getting more, which at some point becomes impossible.

Maybe its time for a change. Maybe its time for old companies to take some notes from producers like MiniArt who are produced in ex-communist country, but somehow manage to be competitive even to China. Better in many respects too. Maybe its time to bring all the production where it belongs. Bring it home. Even if we have to pay more for that. And wherever home might be.


pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models

PL-01 Polish Light Tank Prototype – Takom #2127



Polish Light Tank prototype, or PL-01 as it is more popular, is one of the few conceptually new designs for tanks in the recent years. Excluding the Armata platform which is with uncertain future and the rumors that there might be a Merkava V prototype, there are no others on the scene. Everybody is using the old platforms, upgrading them with new electronics and polishing the areas which prove to be problematic.

In that respect, PL-01 is something very interesting and rare and we will hopefully see it in the future as a production vehicle. The concept was first presented in 2013, as a joint venture between OBRUM from Poland and BAE Systems from UK. Strange co-operation, but nevertheless, a new concept of a tank was born. PL-01 is said to feature remote control turret and 3 man crew, but since it is a prototype it is too early to conclude about what the production vehicle might look like or feature. One thing is certain – from the outside it looks like a tank variant of the F-117 Stealth fighter jet, with cool small LED headlights, out-of-this-world shapes and smooth and low appearance.

Takom definitely surprised armor modelers with this release. Although many wanted this tank in 35th scale, few dared to hope for an actual plastic model. Takom proved them wrong. It might never become a real tank per se, but PL-01 will most definitely will be something on the scale modeling shows in the coming years.


The box is made in the typical Takom style. That includes the boxart as well. However, there are few differences that are worth mentioning. First one is that the box came in cellophane, maybe because it was an US domestic order. In Europe, every time you buy a Takom, you get it just as a box, no transparent packing. Nothing of big importance, but probably something that has its explanation.

pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models

Usual box that you get from Takom is thicker than what you get with this PL-01. We don’t put a lot of attention in the material or the box thickness, however, some people like to put their kits one over another and those piles can easily get 7 feet high, which might present a slight problem. Other than that, probably this way of packing /with lighter and thinner materials/ is more environmental friendly, which is the most important thing nowadays.

Boxart is showing the PL-01 prototype next to a T-55 tank, all made with nice and vivid colors. On one of the sides you can see two of the camouflages included in this kit and on the other- the sprues, decals and the PE sheet. Latter one are not that intriguing, but both the camo profiles shown are very attractive. One is digital, the other one is 3-tone hard-edge khaki one. A bit later on that though.


Landscape oriented, Takom instructions are as usual – clear and easy to follow. Black and white, without many sub-assemblies on each step, they are suitable even for the youngest modelers out there. This can be used as a first kit with ease, both because of its engineering and instructions.

pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models

The instruction sheet is packed altogether with a small PE sheet and the decals. We’ll talk more about those two later, but as far as the instructions go, everything seems perfectly fine. The booklet features four camouflage schemes which are done in color. They are positioned at one of the booklet ends and they unfold, giving the feel that they are separate part of the instructions.

The material is good and the printing quality is great too, with only one letdown that we have to mention – the color schemes depict tanks that are too small, especially when it comes down to the Digital Camo scheme. But maybe, some company that makes aftermarket masks for scale models will take care of that soon enough!

pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models


Plastic wise, Takom are well respected in the armor-scale-modeling World. The details might not be as tiny and delicate as with MENG Models’ kits, however Takom has another upside. Tamiya is a company that stands out among everybody else as a benchmark for quality in all respects. They too do not offer the thinnest and most delicate details, especially for armor kits. However, the simplicity of their builds as well as the organization of the whole process – instruction-wise, engineering and etc. is superb. Takom are very close to that in many respects and that goes for their plastic too.

pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models

The material is easy to be worked with. It sands nicely and modifications and alterations are a breeze. Another example and explanation to that is that MiniArt and Takom share T-54/55 series as well as M3 Grant/Lee series in 35th scale. While with MiniArt everything is about precision and perfection in scale, with Takom everything is more user-friendly especially to novice modelers. That describes the plastic as well, and summarizing, we might say that if you want to go the easy way, Takom is your path.

This obviously does not touch directly the stealth-tank subject, because of the simplicity of the outer appearance. However, braking down the elements and the way the assembly process goes, everything is nice and it is done with care for the builder. The rest is self- explanatory when you look at the pictures.

pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models

Paint Options

As mentioned before, we have four options and the only letdown of the instruction sheet is the fact that the tanks are too small. Especially for the Digital Camo scheme. However, each of those, besides the one depicted on the box are what-if vehicles. This has its up and downs, about which we will talk in the conclusion.

With that said, the camouflage options are beautiful and they should turn this futuristic tank into a piece of art. Especially if you do some weathering and recreate a vehicle that is already used and worn. Even if you stick to the prototype version it is still acceptable having in mind the various effects that can be achieved with single tone variations and shadings, especially on flat surfaces. Latter ones are plenty on this PL-01. A great canvas to some extent.

pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models

Decals, Clear parts and Photo-Etch

The Photo-Etch sheet is so small that it doesn’t need comments of any kind. However, there is an aftermarket set with some PE goodies from Voyager Model on the market, which even though nothing overly special, can spice up things a little bit. Besides, this PL-01 kit is a fresh release and we can expect more from the producers in the future. Everything is kinda limited if you come to think of it, because of its outer stealth shape and flat surfaces. Still, with some imagination, more PE sets can be created.

Clear parts are represented on a small sprue but they are important in this case. The lights on this tank are tiny and are LEDs, however that creates some demand in terms of quality and clarity. They seem OK at first glance, but maybe the plastic is not the best out there.

pl-01 polish light tank takom 2127 unboxing review dn models masks for scale models

Decals are also limited in size. Besides the chevrons, the prototype signs and Polish flags, there is nothing worth mentioning. Those are too, limited mostly for the version depicted on the box. When it comes down to other camo schemes, you can go with your imagination. In real life for example, this tank can belong to any NATO country and even more. You can go with whatever you can dig from your stash of decals. Maybe even US or Russian markings. Who would challenge the authenticity?! We’re talking about the eventual future after all…


This is one of the few models on the market designed for pure fun. There is no accuracy-burden, no camouflage variations that somebody might challenge as inadequate, nothing of that kind. It is just a plastic kit that you should get, glue and paint in almost every imaginable way possible. You can make it worn out or beaten, or brand new just like the original one. Camouflage schemes presented in the set are just a fraction of what can be done with this kit. You can experiment with digital or splinter camouflages as well as invent your own, which – who knows – someday might catch some interest from the military.

This kit is a blank piece of canvas that the modeler can paint on and release the full power of one’s own imagination and creativity. This is why, this kit is among the best on the market today. It might not represent a production tank, but it can be turned into anything you like. After all, if PL-01 happens to become a real mass-produced vehicle, it is up to current kids imagination what it will look like on the battlefield. They will be the ones who will use and abuse it, they will be the ones who will build on it and improve it.

Very highly recommended, especially due to its nature as a basis for creativity limitlessness.


micro pcs for modeling rooms dn models masks for scale models

Micro PCs for Modeling Rooms

Micro PCs were something unimaginable 20 years ago. At least for the general consumer. Actually, even laptops were at pretty high levels when it came down to price. Luckily, now a regular smartphone has more computing power than the standard desktop computer from the 90s, therefore the prices went down with time. In terms of scale modeling, everything changed too. It was inevitable when you come to think of it: almost every book for tanks, ships or airplanes is now available in some computer format, plus tons of historical sites that contain plenty of information. Information, without which a decent model cannot be built as expert modelers know from experience.

That made the computer a required /if not mandatory/ accessory for the modeling room of every modeler. But that presents a different problem. Standard PC as the regular modeler remembers it /we are mostly in our 40s or above, that is where the hobby thrives/ is big and noisy, with fans making serious wind and consuming power, all factors that are not suitable for a modeling room.

Modeling rooms are usually small or are detached from the main homes and present somewhat limited space. That is only one of the reasons though. Fans from big desktop boxes pollute the atmosphere with dust, something that is highly unwanted feature on a freshly painted model. Not only that, but when you sand your plastic, the last thing you need is a fan blowing the poisonous dust all over the place and getting it into the computer box. Not even talking about resin, where the particles are cancerogenic. 

All that are factors, that once taken into consideration leave the modeler with few choices. However, nowadays we live in a technological boom pretty much for two decades already and with that come few solutions. Those are the Micro PCs.

They are usually small boxes, without fans and with minimalistic footprint, that require wireless keyboard/mouse and wired a monitor. The benefits are many, while the letdowns concern only consumers that need high computer power for gaming or software, which in most cases is not a necessity on the modeling bench.

There are few choices that we will mention here, just to outline the general idea. All of those are only the PC boxes, without mouse/keyboard combos or the monitors, where it all depends on one’s preferences. Workspace too, especially for the display size. Because the latter one will be the most expensive and the most large of the accessories needed for your work bench computer station.

Azulle byte 3 is one very popular option. You might be able to find it with keyboard/mouse add-on and you can easily fit it into your modeling room. It will work perfectly to stream your Netflix or YouTube videos, but most importantly, can satisfy the basic needs for every modeler. They come with 32GB + expandable storage in the form of SD card. Both of those are plenty to cover the literature and picture references for your current projects. Lenovo Thinkcenter M720 Tiny is a bit different in terms of shape and size, but with that comes bit more in terms of storage. The vertical appearance of this Micro PC makes it very nice to be placed behind a monitor, where it will be somewhat protected from the dust and particles that are spread around after sanding or spray session. Because let’s not fool ourselves – even the best spray booths dose not suck all the paint dust that comes from the airbrush. It might be an overkill for some though. Price-wise only of course. Shuttle XPC Nano is another good choice, although more modest compared to the previous ones. Again, it can be stored behind the monitor and it is one of those Micro PCs that you can easily detach every time you leave your modeling room. In theory of course. The 120GB of storage is plenty for all the reference materials and the price is very tempting too. It is one of the nicest options here.   Intel NUC Nuc6 with its 2 x 4.5 inch footprint is a legendary device for Micro PC fans and users. Depending on your specific needs and budget, you can order yours in various modifications, but what we think will be great to satisfy the basic modeling needs is 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage. Tested for modeling and working satisfactory! Next comes something different:    Apple Mac Mini, as well as the PRO series of tablets are good options too, however they have some limitations. First one is the price. They are expensive because they are Apple product and you are paying of the brand. Second, having a tablet on your modeling bench is not a good idea for some, although plenty of modelers have iMac with huge monitors on their desks. Tablets can be removed every time of course, but the connector to the TV might loosen up with time. However, even flexible, Apple Tablet option is pricy. With that said, Apple Mac Mini might be an option, however it can be hardly comparable to the ones stated above. One of the reasons for that is depending on where you are located on the Globe, PCs might be more friendly for finding and preferred for sharing information in PDF formats. For example Russia. And the format mentioned is the most used method for books and reference materials in the hobby. Another reason is the availability. Not everywhere you go, you can find an Apple Store.With all that said Apple is still an option, especially with older models which work just as fine as the new ones. And if you are an avid Apple user, you cannot turn to another operating system. Of course, that article covers only a small fraction of options and here we have mentioned the ones that we already know that are on some modeling benches. The fellow modelers use them regularly and gladly shared their experience with us. So we are sharing it with you. Laptops are out of the question and even though you might have an old one that you want to put to work, don’t forget that keyboard is partially an opening for cooling for some laptops and all that airbrushing dust will eventually go inside. So you can ruin it even though unwillingly.

You might want to start with picking the right monitor size, continuing then on with one of the many options stated above, as well as others that could eventually fit your choice. Keyboard and mice options are plenty and since they are mostly Bluetooth or wireless, you can leave only the USB dongle attached. It can stay on the monitor or on the Micro PC and you can stash the rest in a drawer to keep it from unwanted damage. Problem solved in regards to keyboard and mouse.

 And let’s not forget that any of those Micro PCs mentioned can be easily covered with a simple food storage box, the one that will mysteriously disappear from the fridge only never to be seen again. This will easily solve your problem with protecting the Micro PC from plastic particles or paint dust. Easy does it.

The monitor is another issue, but nobody has found a way around that, because there size does matter. However, so does the size of the bench…


FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

FJ-3 Fury 1/48 from Kitty Hawk coming in 2020

FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

FJ-3 Fury is the navalised version of the mighty F-86 Sabre, which was used from US NAVY and Marine Corps. F-86 Sabre had its Soviet adversary in the face of MiG-15 and MiG-17, however none of those offered the potential to become a true carrier based aircraft. In this regard FJ-3 along with FJ-2 and FJ-4 were one of a kind planes for their era and even though somewhat forgotten nowadays, deserve a lot of respect.

We have plenty of kits in many scales when it comes down to the mighty Sabre. However, FJ-series are not included in that equation. It was about time to see such an option for quarter scale lovers and Kitty Hawk responded to the demand. Even though initially promised for 2019, FJ-3 fury from Kitty Hawk should appear in 2020, but rather soon as rumor goes. Probably in the first couple of months of the new decade.

FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

The kit is promised to feature several interesting camo schemes, which you can see on the pictures in this article. Unlike the modern fighter jets of today, the first US jets were painted with bright colors and models of those are always an attractive sight. Sabre by itself is not a small jet per se, thus all those vivid options that we will receive with this Kitty Hawk release will make out of the kit one very shiny and bright piece of art.

FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 1/48 New Tool 2020 DN Models Masks for Scale Models

The kit will be a complex one, like most of Kitty Hawk’s line of kits. It should present us with superb detail and couple of options to present the completed model. Based on the FJ-3 Fury, Kitty Hawk will soon release FJ-2 /which is available at some locations already/ as well as hopefully the FJ-4, with a fact in mind, that the latter one is very deep modification of the Sabre and while FJ-2 and FJ-3 are close, the Fourth is almost a completely new aircraft.

Future looks bright for the lovers of the early jet age planes, especially carrier based ones. FJ-3 Fury was produced in relatively modest numbers for its time, but despite that fact it is a memorable aircraft and a must for every modeler that builds US NAVY and US Marines planes. Thanx to Kitty Hawk, we will soon have that options in 48th scale. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of the line of carrier based Sabre siblings.