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Rye Field Model & MiniArt Pumas

We are already used to the trend of multiple companies releasing the same subject at [...]

Rufe Limited Edition by Eduard

Rufe was a WWII naval interceptor and a float plane, modification of the notorious Mitsubishi [...]

1/48 Kits Still Missing

1/48 is a scale that is very popular. Many call it “King’s Scale”, implying that [...]

Sword New Gannet

Sword New Gannet was just announced and will be in quarter scale. For many, that [...]

What is Most Important in a Scale Model

Just recently, we caught a glimpse of a Kinetic post in their social network page, [...]

News from ICM in three scales

ICM were always creative with their releases. Subjects, sometime so esoteric that hardly recognizable, as [...]

A-6 Trumpeter Intruder 1/72

A-6 Intruder by Trumpeter/HobbyBoss is a kit that you probably have heard of already. In [...]

DSPIAE ES-P – Portable Electric Grinder

DSPIAE Dspiae is a brand that barely needs introduction. Famous for their superb nippers, the [...]

Trumpeter AH-64 Apache

Over the years, Trumpeter/Hobbyboss duo have proven multiple times, that they are a mixed bag [...]

Heinkel He-111 H-6 – Border Model

Heinkel He-111 is a Luftwaffe legend. Its shape, being beyond of this world for its [...]

HobbyBoss Devastator 1/48 – New Tool?

HobbyBoss Devastator was announced with latest catalogue news from Trumpeter/HobbyBoos releases. Those usually cover two [...]

Ukraine M2A2 Bradley 1/35 – Magic Factory

Ukraine is still at war and things aren’t looking bright. For a second year we [...]