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Mobius Airbrush – Gaahleri

Premium Is the name of the line that Mobius belongs to. Gaahleri are skipping the [...]

Top 10 YouTube Modeling Channels – 2023

2023 is close to its end and as always, at the end of every cycle, [...]

Evolution 2024 CRplus by Harder & Steenbeck

Evolution is an airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck, that is considered to be among the [...]

Gaahleri GHAD-39 Airbrush

Gaahleri GHAD-39 is a dual-action, gravity fed, Chinese made airbrush. The chances to not have [...]

Sparmax Flyer Airbrush – a review

Intro: The first time I saw the the Flyer from Sparmax I was beyond surprised. [...]

Masks Vs. Decals – The Analysis

Masks vs. Decals – the analysis, is a short article, about how decals alter the [...]

Top 5 Airbrushes for Beginners. And not only.

Getting an Airbrush is a somewhat difficult decision. Price-wise it is on the heavy side, [...]

The Importance of having good airbrush.

This is very interesting and discussed subject. It’s been and probably will be – an [...]

Sparmax Beetle Compressor

Intro: The compressor is one of the most important parts of the airbrushing system. It [...]

Sparmax SP-540 Double-Action Airbrush

Intro: The more one uses a specific tool, the more he or she is inclined [...]

Cheap Chinese Airbrush Review – .2mm Spirit Air 180

Chinese knock-off concept Wherever we turn nowadays, we see Chinese production. Some of that is [...]

Mr.Hobby PS-270 Procon Boy FWA Platinum Airbrush

Introduction: Among high-precision airbrushes that I got my hands on, PS-270 Platinum is the most [...]