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Airbrush Tailstopper. Do you really need it?

Airbrush tailstopper. Volume adjuster. Needle limiter. Fluid control knob. Those are all names describing one [...]

Gaahleri GHAD-68 Pistol-Grip Airbrush

Intro Gaahleri GHAD-68 is the second airbrush from that new company we get to test. [...]

Top 5 Airbrushes for Beginners. And not only.

Getting an Airbrush is a somewhat difficult decision. Price-wise it is on the heavy side, [...]

The Importance of having good airbrush.

This is very interesting and discussed subject. It’s been and probably will be – an [...]

The Million Dollar Question: Which Airbrush?

Recently I got a question from a young modeler who found me through my YouTube [...]

You’re only as good as your tools – Zoukei-Mura Contribution

We all know that you are only as good as your tools are. Scale modeling, [...]

Acrylic paints – how to thin and airbrush them.

Acrylic paints are the most popular paints on the market now. There is no doubt [...]