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Mobius Airbrush – Gaahleri

Premium Is the name of the line that Mobius belongs to. Gaahleri are skipping the [...]

Rufe Limited Edition by Eduard

Rufe was a WWII naval interceptor and a float plane, modification of the notorious Mitsubishi [...]

What is Most Important in a Scale Model

Just recently, we caught a glimpse of a Kinetic post in their social network page, [...]

Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen IV

Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen IV is a kit well known and popular among modelers. The tooling is [...]

Airbrush Tailstopper. Do you really need it?

Airbrush tailstopper. Volume adjuster. Needle limiter. Fluid control knob. Those are all names describing one [...]

Dragon Models Resurrected?

Dragon Models is a Hong-Kong based model maker, that started its glorious journey back in [...]

Eduard Upcoming 1/48 Stuka Family

Eduard are one of the most prolific companies on the scale modeling scene. Especially last [...]

Chipping Fluid from Tamiya

Chipping fluid – or Hairspray technique as it is more widely known is a modeling [...]

Giraldez Infinity Airbrush

Giraldez Infinity is an airbrush made by Harder & Steenbeck and created specifically for miniature [...]

Su-25 Zvezda 1/48 – #4807

Su-25 Frogfoot or “Grach” as it is also known in Russia, is a Soviet ground [...]

Jagdpanzer 38t with Full Interior from Takom

Jagdpanzer 38t is a tank destroyer that was used in the last two years of [...]

Optional Aftermarket Parts

Optional Aftermarket Parts – as advertised – are those items, that you can use to [...]