Zoukei Mura World - Welcome

Zoukei Mura World – Welcome !

In the latest monthly advertisement that Zoukei-Mura sent me I found nothing new nor upcoming. Yet, that was the most attractive advert that I ever got from them, since it had it all. “Welcome to the World of SWS!” – was the name, and in it, fans of the wonderful hobby of scale modeling, can find a picture worth of thousand words.

When I was a kid, I remember the Muppet Show adverts, where each and every one of the Muppets were set and posing for picture. Now, we have the same here, with aircraft from plastic! I found it quite intriguing, not only because the way it was presented, but because it gives you a choice and a lot to think of. A lot to contemplate on.

In Fact, we don’t have many kits from the Japanese company. We have few, but selected ones. Kits, made with superb precision and different than the standard approach.

At the beginning, they were so attractive, that many are already sold out. Like the Shinden J7W1 and the first version of Zoukei-Mura’s Ta-152: the H-1. Both in 32nd scale, they were one the market for short time, and the modelers who knew about them bought them out quite quickly.

Zoukei-Mura offers kits that have competition too. And a tough one in the face of the P-51 Mustang. Of course, for that subject there are many  options on the market, even in 32nd scale. But let’s not fool ourselves and admit, that Tamiya is on the top of that list. And then not exactly the winner here. Zoukei-Mura released their P-51D, which featured a lot to show for from the inside of the plane, a quality that Tamiya is missing.

Then they have the P-51K too, which was expected and normal extension of the line of Mustangs. By selected kits, I meant exactly that. Zoukei-Mura know what to put their efforts in and are not chaotic as many other companies. And please, don’t get me wrong, I have the Tamiya Mustang and I adore the kit. One of the best 32nd scale props ever. But not if you want to show the insides and not go insane with scratch-building.

Interestingly, on that advert, Zoukei-Mura placed a lot information alltogether. Like the prices, the options and of course pictures, showing the dissected birds in their best look possible.

You can get prices and compare of course. For the kits that have substitutes, like the Ta-152 and the Mustang, and also their newest on the market – the F-4J. The latter one, being within a strong competition between the Hasegawa well known tooling and the new Academy approach, now combined with Eduard talent to issue super-kits repacked with a lot of decals, resin and PE inside.

Probably because it is the newest, and due to the fact that it faces tough market, the Mighty Phantom takes the center place of the advert. It is not their biggest set by far – only in 48th scale, although sizeable jet, the F-4 is smaller than the Uhu, the Pfeil and the Skyraider. All of those – Zoukei’s masterpieces.

For me though, the center of attention goes to the Horten Ho-229, which is available in both scales. I prefer 32nd of course, because of the more detail, and the respect that I have for this flying wing designed by the Horten brothers. It is a milestone in aviation history, featuring numerous innovations, technologies and engineering approaches.

No wonder why Zoukei-Mura did this plane in both scales, 32nd and 48th. They did the same with Kurt Tank’s high-altitude fighter – the Ta-152. Another legend in the history of aviation. And hopefully, we will see them do it with the Phantom too.

I am suspecting hard-core fans of scale modeling are reading the blog here. I also suspect that I got your hearts pounding with this leaflet. Got you contemplating, which of these you should get. In my opinion they all deserve to be built. As for personal preferences, Horten Ho 229 and Ta-152 are my favorites. I would’ve mentioned the Uhu but a thorough review of Heinkel He219A-0 was already published here. I assume you’ve read it.

Hopefully, with time we will get to see up close and personal all of those, or at least the bigger part. You will be amazed how much can be found in the boxes of those Zoukei-Mura’s sets.

Be sure to check out their website and see for yourself. There is a whole new modeling Universe there!