You’re only as good as your tools – Zoukei-Mura Contribution

We all know that you are only as good as your tools are. Scale modeling, even though it doesn’t look like it, is an expensive hobby. A tool set for a mid-level modeler can easily reach $2-3000 worth, and for masters that sometimes double or triple the amount. It looks a lot, especially when it comes down to plastic tanks, planes or ships but this is the reality. It is also a truth, that most of the tools are rarely used. Rotary tool or gas heater or solder are such. On the other hand, airbrush, tweezers, files, cutters and the base for work – wooden or self-healing – are always “hot and armed”. They are the most used and extremely important, because without them even the easiest tasks might become a challenge and model – easily ruined.

It is not surprising, that the best companies for scale models in the World provide us with their own perspective of those tools. They believe, that providing the models only is not enough. Supplying the workshop is essential for the final result. And what is a perfect model in a box without those tools? Nothing but a bunch of useless plastic sprues.

Zoukei-Mura is a company that deals only with perfection and you might judge for that from their kits and the way that they are engineered. I always wondered, how you can cope with such quality, using tools that you usually apply on Airfix or Italeri for example. But Zoukei-Mura, as every other serious company is constantly evolving along their journey and now they added the most important tools for a modeler to their line.

Those are “the magnificent seven” – the airbrush, the cutters, two types of tweezers, chisel, plastic shaper, diamond file and a workstation from wood. Those, by themselves are just enough for every modeler to shape the basis of a great kit but only if they are with high quality. Looks like Zoukei-Mura are completing their circle, providing us with probably the best kits out there and now the tools as well.

The airbrush is most likely the best in the set of those seven. It is trigger type, which allows for the best precision. Trust me on that, I’ve tried them all, there is no better way of painting. And Zoukei knows about it! The workstation though is very interesting for me, because the “third arm” tools with magnifier and metal clamps usually used are not-so-useful but rather damaging the plastic tools. This here is made from wood and looks simple but deadly effective. All the others as with great importance as well, but the cutters are essential for starting the work on each element, cutting it out from the sprue. So they provide the basis for the final result, and I think you would agree with me if I say that it is very hard to find decent and lasting cutting tool.

So in their September release, Zoukei surprises the modelers again and pleasantly – with the Seven Tools, the most important ones for every modeler. This time – made in Japan, made from Zoukei-Mura, oriented towards the most serious modelers out there.

I think they left us with no option but to get those!