Zoukei-Mura’s Scraper – The Seven Tools Story Continued

When we hear “Japan” we imagine beautiful sights, cherry trees blossom and Samurai and Ninja Swords. Of course, the latter ones are a symbol of strength, quality of material and devotion to finest craftsman and precision. We all know the stories, how the steel is treated several times becoming the strongest and sharpest one in the World.

Imagine now, that we can get that in scale modeling. Not as a weapon scaled down, but as a helping tool. Zoukei-Mura started easing up our lives providing wonderful tools, if you remember – The Seven Tools story. Constantly many companies are doing that, but with doubtful results and quality. Not with Zoukei-Mura.

Japanese maker of kits is famous for being one of the best /if not THE Best/ company in the business. So no doubts in their accessories line should arise. In their last info note, Zoukei-Mura announced forged, Yasuki steel made Chisel and Scraper:

So two things you should be aware of here:

First, look closely at the picture above. You will see a mark, saying: Limited Hand-Made item. Hand made in Japan and limited edition.

Second – check out the other tools shown there. The trigger action airbrush, the precision plastic cutters, the wooden work base, the basic tools needed for modeling. Everything screams precision and let’s not forget that these are emerging through a tough competition from newest Meng Model airbrush or well known and respected Gunze and Tamiya accessories. Trumpeter also started their own line of helping tools.

But none of those can compare. Zoukei-Mura started with modest but well defined concept, of making the finest models with a lot of interior features. Limited as variety to choose from, but instead full with superb qualities if you choose their subjects. Same goes for the tools. We don’t have that much, but we have the right ones. We have the ones that are used mostly, the ones that are enough for a good modeler to cope with any task.

And lastly – they are made in Japan. Enough said I believe!