Zoukei-Mura F-4D is upcoming in February

Zoukei-Mura F-4 series are the best Phantom option in any scale up to this date. So far we have S, J and C released in 48th scale. Zoukei-Mura opted those, each in different box and with different camouflage options. What is interesting about those kits is that they are made from nice plastic, are with superb detailing all over, have engines, detailed cockpit and are accurate in shape and size. As always, Zoukei-Mura does not disappoints.

We knew that F-4D is in the works, but it wasn’t clear when exactly the kit will be released. Now the date is clear – February 17th, 2018. And that is when F-4D will be available in Japan. Soon after, other countries will follow.

With that said, have in mind that the F-4J is already sold out, available only in limited numbers here and there, even though it is barely one-year-old tooling. That is what happens with Zoukei-Mura kits, since they are very popular. So be sure to get your favorite version before it is too late. What I assume is that soon the S and C will run out of stock, and even though with F-4D upcoming, the market for the rest won’t change with a lot.

The tooling, according to Zoukei-Mura is a brand new. Not knowing what exactly is new in the kit, I cannot comment yet. It might be a lot or it might be even everything. Only time will tell. I am pretty certain, that the kit will be absolutely fantastic since I know its origins. The major differences are mentioned by Zoukei-Mura in their monthly update, and you can see those below:

Alongside with it, F-4J and F-4S markings are upcoming, so Zoukei-Mura will provide us with pretty strong start of 2018 Phantom-wise. It is very promising and I believe that you will be more than happy, as me and many other Phantom fans are! And while waiting, check out DN Models’ YouTube channel for F-4J/S and C reviews and DN Models webstore for mask sets for these birds. Hopefully, you will like it there too!