Zlín Z-37A Čmelák upcoming from Eduard - 1/72 zlin z-37

Zlín Z-37A Čmelák upcoming from Eduard – 1/72

Zlin Z-37 A Cmelak

is a legend in Eastern Europe. Together with Zlin Z-526 Trener, Aero L-29 Delfin and Let L-13 Blanik, the Z-37A Cmelak is among the most famous and successful Czech designs. It was not mass produced aircraft per se – with only little over 700 built. Nonetheless, a well known one all around the Globe. Many Zlin Z-37 are flying in Africa, India, United Kingdom and United States. Of course the airplane is still one of the most popular crop dusters in the former Eastern Block.

Eduard, already are providing us with new tooling of two other legendary aircraft in 72nd scale – MiG-21 and MiG-15. They are now onto the Z-37 too. If you wonder why I am mentioning the MiGs, both of them were built in Czechoslovakia under license, so they were part of Czechoslovakian Aviation Industry at some point. Probably due to that, Eduard are aiming to create new toolings directly related to the history of their home country. And in the legendary scale of 1/72.

Zlín Z-37A Čmelák upcoming from Eduard 1:72

Zlin Z-37’s

new tooling is rumored to appear sometime in 2019 in 72nd scale. According to one of my favorite sources /Scalemates/, the kit will be released from both Eduard and Veselý lepič. Latter one a company that is not extremely famous. If we count on what we have seen so far from Eduard, the new Zlin Z-37 will feature great engineering and superb accuracy. Adding to that – the Zlin Z-37 is not a small plane. That means that the kit won’t be small, even in 72nd scale. For a reference regarding the size and the power of Zlin Z-37:

A record was made with that plane towing nine gliders all together, which is pretty tough job for any airplane. Let alone a crop duster.

So hopefully in less than an year, we will have new tooling of the famous Cmelak /Bumblebee/. There are old but obsolete toolings available, but I doubt that the new release from Eduard will disappoint anybody. It is about time for a new non-military release and especially in that scale. Builds of such planes are often rare sight at scale model shows and they are very attractive. Especially with Zlin Z-37, which although mostly seen in yellow, was available in many other paint schemes, from Silver to bright combos with many brand stickers all over.

Another great promise from the Czech modeling company! Maybe we can count on an upscale too. And I surely trust that we can count on new L-13, L-39 and MiG-21 F-13. In the years to come…