Why the Z-M 1-48 Phantom II is such a tempting kit to have

The newest model of F-4J Phantom II in any scale is now for sale and thanks to Zoukei-Mura, we can enjoy now what is called the new approach in the hobby. It comes to newly casted parts with so sharp, crisp and thin details that some of them look like resin details. Other details are so complex and overwhelmed in surface ornaments like rivets and panel lines, that you can easily tell the quality of the kit from just taking a look at the first few parts.

There are plenty of other new design approaches that make this kit such an irresistible kit to have. For instance, the cockpit tub and the nose landing gear are assembled together, because they share the same pieces for the walls, while the cockpit floor has numerous details on the other side, which are for the top of the landing bay. Previously, the most typical assembly was to glue the nose landing gear bay to a separately assembled cockpit tub, or the bay itself may be molded to the fuselage parts. Nevertheless, this new F-4J kit has plenty of new features in it!

The corrected dimensions of this F-4J are also top notch and they can be found just about everywhere, compared to other F-4 kits. From the width of the windshield to the shape of the intake lips and the volume of the engine cowls – the SWS F-4J boasts a lot of improvements too. So, if you really want to have the most exact and accurate miniature of the real machine – then this kit really is irresistible to have.

Next, the amount of details even for a kit in 1/48 scale is overwhelming. The exuberant separate parts for the landing gear bays, the underwing pylons with options for fuel tanks and/or missiles, the meticulously detailed hot section on the tail, the slatted stabilators, the cockpit details – all of these and many other components make the SWS F-4J a very beautifully detailed kit. Then, the real quality of this kit is noticeable from the impeccable fit of the details. This is due to the technologies used for the making of the kit, which ensure the best fit of parts with very complex shapes. Some parts fit in such a way, that the seamlines look smaller than the rest of the normal panel lines. Or else, some parts fit seamlessly and with no need for filling/sanding at all.

Overall, the SWS F-4J is just another step closer to the real Phantom II, simply because we are talking about a 1/48 scale copy of the real plane. Otherwise, this kit has a full set of engines, complemented by lots of details and a special attention is turned at the visible parts such as the compressor fans, the afterburners and the piping above the APU doors. This plane has leading edge slats as separate pieces and the flaps are separate pieces too. The canopies can be glued open or closed, the airbrakes too. They are these airbrakes, which are so thin that they almost look fragile, yet in the meantime, they are dotted by frames and rivets. And of course, we are talking about a 1/48 scale F-4J.

(source: www.pinterest.com)