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Wingnut Wings Surprise

Its been a while since Wingnut Wings are around. They are a great company with even greater kits. Probably that’s because of their team or love for aircraft. Or because they are devoted to a specific area – WWI airplanes. It is hard for one to tell which one is it. Whatever the case is, Wingnut Wings create wonderful aircraft and are among the Top 5 modeling companies in the World today.

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models fuselage

It came as a surprise that they are shifting from the path well known. Probably most of you already know what I am talking about: their announcement for 2019. Lancaster kits in 32nd scale. Wingnut Wings kept the scale, but they took a time travel further ahead into the Second World War realm.

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models interior

That is beautiful surprise. The knowledge and experience they have, plus the quality they demonstrated with their kits so far speaks a lot about the upcoming Lancasters. They should be, undoubtedly, works of art. The pictures available on their website speak by themselves. We get everything: Engines, Oil Canning, Rivets all over – the whole package.

If you owned or at least looked through a Wingnut Wings kit, you would know that the instruction sheet is work of art too. And that is for single engine WWI aircraft, which are not that complex. Imagine what we will get next year with those Lancasters. It seems so good that it is scary!

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models engine

The other thing that is scary is the step they took. Wingnut Wings are definitely a company that showed different perspective from the get go. A winning one too. Now they are going fast forward 30 years later in history and they are hitting very hard. The market has vacuum in decent 32nd scale 4 engine bombers from that period. Besides Lancaster is of course a legend and of a special significance to many. So the scary part here is, what will come next? If Wingnut Wings go for WWII, at least half of my modeler friends will go bankrupt. Because there are so many objects deserving attention and so few that are getting the correct one.

If anything, Wingnut Wings proved that it can give the proper attention to their kits. Hence, whatever new they will release will be probably top notch. That means, that if the Lancaster is the first of many WWII kits, we will do two things. First – spend a lot of money for plastic. Second, eat healthy food and live healthy lives, because time won’t be enough to enjoy what’s coming.

wingnut wings surprise lancaster dn models cockpit

I doubt that there is a slightest chance that Wingnut Wings will disappoint. Most likely, there will be pleasant surprises, huge expectations for the future and a lot of sales. But with that said, every great company deserves that fate. Looks like the folks on that part of the World know how to do serious business. And in the end modelers are the winners in that game.

Pictures courtesy of Wingnut Wings