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Wingnut Wings End Rumors

Wingnut Wings are among the top 5 companies for scale models currently. Their high-quality and nicely packed kits are an example for what  a contemporary scale model should look like. Unfortunately, usually those who are at the top of the food chain suffer first when large scale unpredicted events happen. One such event is the Corona Virus panic, that closed many at home and limited tons of services Worldwide.

Looking at it from a modeler’s perspective, this is nothing but good news. You can stay and work at home, waiting for the virus to go away, or whatever the agenda is. That means more time, more relaxed environment and in the end – more models completed. This is all good news but only for the ones who has everything in stash. From another perspective, companies cannot sell their stuff and even if they do, means of transporting it are crippled. That means that salaries are to be blocked, production slowed and many other downsides of such a situation.

The first alleged victim of this is seems to be emerging and the rumor is that it is Wingnut Wings. So unfortunate if that is true. Because they are one of the best. And being an example of a fast downfall is a shame. Now, with all their hardware it is highly unlikely they will disappear completely. Probably somebody will buy them off and sell them under another brand.

However, this might mean that their upcoming Lancasters are never to be happening, as well as other probable changes. One such change might be that the engineering and project processes are gonna be disrupted under another name. It also might mean that someone will buy them off – maybe Trumpeter/HobbyBoss  -and will sell them with all that they have currently. Nothing new. Just to capitalize on the leftovers. It is not clear yet.

We can only hope that Wingnut Wings going away is just a rumor or a preliminary news, which are to be dealt with. Maybe someone will step up and help. Maybe we can all do. We should wait it out and see. It is an option for Wingnut to reach out and ask modelers for their action. Because of jokers like AMK can survive prolonged and false promises with years, it will be a shame to let WnW drown.