Wiesel A1 TOW 1/16 from TAKOM dn models masks for scale models

Wiesel A1 TOW 1/16 from TAKOM


1/16 is  a scale that you see significantly less-often compared to 35th. Probably, because of the significant size of Abrams or Leopard tanks in 16th scale. But if you remember, few years back, there was a Hobby Boss Dora kit in 72nd scale, which actually was spot on, again for the very same reasons. So in other words, there are kits that are suitable for 35th scale, but there are many that are definitely not. 

Takom somehow hit the right spot again, with this upcoming release of Wiesel A1 tankette. Previous time they did it was with their 1/16 Renault FT, another tank that in 35th scale is too small to be interesting. Others followed too. And even though Wiesel A1 is far less popular than the legendary FT light tank, it will still fit the bill perfectly.

The major advantages of the models in scale 1/16 are the enormous amount of details that you can work with. Again, that isn’t a good choice for larger vehicles /or probably is, but it is an expensive one/, mostly due to their size when assembled, but for smaller tanks this is quite an option. Wiesel A1 is a relatively tiny vehicle, which features enough details on its exterior and definitely deserves a model in 16th scale. And TAKOM calculated the situation with impressive precision.

The german tankette, although not very popular and camera-friendly in real life, especially compared to the latest tanks, is actually interesting for the modelers. Both Revell and AFV Club have proven that over the years. In smaller scale of course. Now for the devoted fans, January 2021 is coming with the bigger and hopefully deeply re-engineered version of the Wiesel A1 TOW, which will probably be the start. And by that, we mean a new line of kits, with various options, because Wiesel has few of them that needs to be represented as models. 

Takom are one of the companies that are not releasing many kits as Trumpeter do on an annual basis. They are more modest and careful when expanding their catalogue. But sometimes when they do, they announce very interesting and potentially celebrity-type kits. Most likely, Wiesel A1 TOW will be one of those.