Voroshilovets Artillery Tractor Mask Set for Trumpeter 1/35

Working on the Voroshilovets Artillery tractor I found out that when I ordered the model I forgot to get masks for it. Since masks are essential when making vehicle with glass parts /besides the tank lights of course/  I decided to do as I did with the D9 Caterpillar and make some for myself and eventually, for others interested in the model.

Eduard have done that already, but mines tend to be little different. Instead of

making masks for the rear compartment, I made some for the wheels. I’ve done that because engineering the tractor, Trumpeter made the glasses of the dog house separate, with possibility to be installed after painting.

On the other hand, wheels are quote a hassle, because they are many, and it will be probably better to use masks for those, instead of wasting time masking windows who can be put aside until finishing touches.
I have made instructions for the set, but I doubt that anybody will need those. The form of the masks are pretty much self explanatory, but it was fun to do it.
I hope that this will be of help for Voroshilovets fans, as much as it was for me!
Thanx for watching!