dragon 6889 kugelblitz new release 2017 1-35 dn models

Upcoming: Dragon 6889 – Kugelblitz

Upcoming new release from Dragon (#6889) – the Kugelblitz – was just announced not long ago. Kugelblitz is very interesting and rare vehicle, of which only 5 were ever built. The urgent need of anti-aircraft vehicle for the Wehrmacht was increasing in the second half of the war and German engineers tried to adapt the chassis of Panzer IV /very widely used for various adaptations/ and make something new.

The new concept featured fully closed turret, armored and fully rotating. It featured twin gun which after the war was adapted by many as a standard form for FLAK vehicles. In this particular application, the gun planned for mass production was Zwillingsflak 30mm MK 103 twin anti-aircraft gun.

It is unclear was that vehicle used in combat. Some say Kugelblitz was used in last days of the war in Berlin. Nothing is confirmed by any documentation though. There is one surviving vehicle, which sits at the Lehrsammlung der Heeresflugabwehrschule, Rendsburg and unfortunately, not much is known about this interesting project.

Dragon somehow got information about it and turned it into a plastic model. Accuracy is about to be judged, since the kit is upcoming. What is unclear too, is what parts will be featured in the kit. It might be a repack of the old version that we’ve seen before, or it might be something new. Maybe some Platz design will be incorporated.

At this time one might only wonder.

Hopefully, soon enough we will get the answer. Let’s keep our hopes up, that a new tooling or at least partially retooled Kugelblitz is about to appear. It will be deeply appreciated!