Under New Management Group Build

Publishing this article on the very first day after the final date of the Under New Management Group Build is not an accident. I nearly missed the deadline, being busy with other stuff including more modeling, but not only.

The subject is very interesting from my perspective, since captured vehicles was always an interest for me, especially WWII vehicles that was captured by the Nazis, and re-painted in their insignia or in special schemes.

Most of you probably know how beautiful looking are the Spitfires and the Mustangs with the yellow tails, and how odd-looking are the soviet or allied tanks with german crosses on.

That being said, when Panzermeister36 /this is his nickname in YouTube/ announced that group build is coming, I was more than excited, with at least 10 options for captured vehicles to build for participation. Among these was Tirans /captured T-series from the IDF/, many support vehicles – Stalinetz, Voroshilovetz, GAZ trucks, and of course, my favorite subjects – tank killers and howitzers, like Su-152, JSU-152 and so on.

Finally, just before I settled with Ambulance GAZ truck from MiniArt, I switched to T-70. I got this special edition kit from MiniArt themselves, but not being a fan of that tank I hesitated for a while. I built it, primed it, and then it got me – I should search for Nazi captured pieces, and make it that way. So just a month before the deadline I got into gear, and started modeling.

I won’t bother you with the whole process, instead at the end of this article I will add links to the building video and the Group Build video for Under New Management GB. I must say that overall, it is a very small tank, similar in size to Panzer IV in 48th scale from Tamiya, rather than a 35th scale armor model. Once built though, things change slightly, and model comes just into place for being a excellent piece of plastic in light tank area.

With a bit of stress and some missed stages in weathering /like chips and some rust spots/ I managed to pull it off two days before the final date of the Group Build, and I needed one more day to let spirits settle. You can see from the pictures that there is a slight difference in the colors of the mud in the main wheels and the small wheels on the upper side. Everything eventually gonna come to one blended look, but it needs some time and the cold weather makes it even slower.

All in all – this was a very nice experience, and could’ve been even better if more time was at hand. Or I made up my mind earlier. The final result is that I managed to squeeze into time frame, which I am very happy about, especially when I missed the STUG Life Group Build during the summer.

Worth mentioning that the helmet on the side is from Vulcan Models and the tarp is from FT-17 from Meng, with some small additions of Milliput White to make it follow the curvature of the tank.

The rest you can find below in the videos, and I hope that you will comment and eventually subscribe.

Thanx to Panzermeister36 for the opportunity, that Group Build was pure fun!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more!

You can get this kit here: T-70 from MiniArt

Here are the videos:

Building video

GB Part 1

GB Part 2

GB Part 3

Final Reveal of the Completed T-70M

and an inbox review: