Unboxing Review for L-29 from AMK in 1/48 Scale

While opening this yet small AMK box of the 1/48th scale L-29 Delfin, I came across some good feeling like I`m opening a kit from a very good quality. Indeed, the plastic sprues are so little and the void space inside the box is so big, that maybe everything could fit in an even smaller box. But the quality of this L-29 in 1/48 scale Is magnificent.

The small sturdy cardboard box is decorated with soft reddish and greyish tones, while a gorgeous box art depicts a flying L-29. In the box, two huge cardboard side panels appear that are part of the box itself and that help hold everything inside even if the box is open. Thanks to the small amount of plastic sprues, one could quickly stroll through the elements of this AMK 1/48 L-29 model and see what`s inside with just a blink of the eye. There is one small dark and nicely printed instruction manual, one tiny sheet with key PE parts, one big sheet with numerous decals, and 6 sprues with details. Let`s get started with:

The plastic parts

At first glance it looks like a simple build, but after checking out the manual, the situation becomes a little bit more difficult than it looks like. There are big plastic parts, which location is obvious for such a well-known T-tail plane, but there are also tiny little parts, which are difficult to identify. The quality of the plastic parts is very good, since they are from a darker type of plastic and are neither too soft, nor too hard. The detailing of the parts is not quite impressive and one of the most visible issues is the lack of riveting.

Otherwise, there are plenty of panel lines and you have to just add the rivets if you wish so. Since it is a trainer aircraft, it`s accepted to be a cleaner airplane and the rivets are actually not that easily noticeable, but according to me – they should be there. Some gentle riveting is required and perhaps avoiding the use of very contrasting dark wash during the weathering is a great tip. The clear parts for the canopy are thin and crystal clear, but what`s the most beautiful thing is that there are no long seamlines in the middle of the canopy parts, so no sanding and polishing is required.

Decals, Photoetch, Instructions

Decals and PE parts – they will definitely turn this AMK kit into a wonderful L-29 Delfin. The decals permit 7 different airframes out of this scale model kit alone!

The rest of the instruction is very clear to understand and orientate, while the easy build of this L-29 starts from the cockpit and the fuselage, continues with the wings, the landing wheels and the undercarriage, and ends with the canopy. Of course, it has to be painted after that, and thankfully, the recommended color themes are depicted along with the marking options, as well as are mentioned in the very first page of the instruction manual.

The photo etched parts for this AMK L-29 in 1/48th scale are not so many, but they are very essential to enhance the overlook of the model. There are just about 3 big PE parts for the underbelly of the fuselage, imitating different raised access panels and doors. The rest of the tiny PE parts is dedicated for between the wings and the flaps to improve that area if you choose to display the model with the flaps down.

Which are the greatest advantages of this AMK 1/48 L-29 kit:

  • The privilege of building such a good quality kit is always a great advantage, especially when it can be assembled quickly and easily with less than a hundred parts;
  • Very well detailed nose section with cables to which are attached bottles and other details, as well as options to display the door open and expose this detailed area;
  • A vast array of airframe options provided in the kit. A lot of decals;
  • Very well represented airbrakes – with holes, frames and photo etch pieces for the hinges, which will make the airbrakes very beautiful if displayed open;
  • Decals for the main instrument panels with very crisp detailing.

Which are the disadvantages of this L-29 kit from AMK:

  • Not quite thick, but still thick trailing edges of all control surfaces, which need some thinning in order to put the model closer to the realm;
  • Absolute lack of rivets, while the only few rivet lines onto the wing surfaces look a little bit on the thicker side, just like the panel lines;


Overall, this 1/48 scale Aero L-29 Delfin from AMK is a very good representation of the real plane. The real plane has nothing fancy – it is made rigid and strong, to sustain the basic training needs during the Cold War era, which indeed was the dawn of the fast jet-engine planes. Although two-seater, the L-29 is a quite small plane and its simplicity is very nicely mirrored in this 1/48th scale model from AMK. Add the attractive marking options, which are numerous, add the easiness of the build due to the small amount of parts, add the pleasure from working with photo etch parts, and you will get a picture perfect reason why to add this model to your showcase.

You can get this kit here: AMK L-29 1/48

You can get DN Models mask set here: L-29 Canopy and Wheel mask set for AMK 1/48 Aero L-29 Delfin