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Typhoon-K : Russian MRAP KAMAZ-63968 from TAKOM

Recently, MRAP vehicles became very popular. Not only because many model companies compete in issuing their 35th or 16th scale version of such, but because they are widely used in the numerous small /and not so small/ conflicts around the world. In the last couple of years and the unfortunate events in Ukraine, rumors for Russian MRAPs being present there are growing. One of these is the Typhoon from Kamaz. It is a modular, armored and mine-resistant vehicle. Being part of the Russian modernization programs, Typhoon vehicles are heavy, 6×6 armored beast, introduced just couple of years ago.

No doubt, this is very interesting subject for modelers. Just remember what a boom those wheeled armored vehicles made. And what was the TIGER from MENG Model for the modelers when it was released at first. Now it is everywhere, with Zvezda making their own new tool too. Kamaz Typhoon is something bigger and meaner looking and recently, TAKOM promised a kit for the Typhoon-K version.

The kit is to be released as #2082 and it is promised to feature interior of the cab and the cabin. Since this vehicle can transport quite a lot of soldiers, the interior is a must. Although the windows of their compartment are pretty small and eventually TAKOM will make them thick too. Its an armored thing after all!

So with the quality we are used to get from TAKOM and the growing MRAP market, we can expect quite an attractive kit here! #2082 is about to hit the stores in 2017. From what I’ve seen, TAKOM are pretty punctual with most of their kits so hopefully, we will get to see that kit soon. Maybe at the autumn model shows at the latest.

I hope we will get to see some of the sprues or at least test shot reviews soon. This will definitely stir the market and we can expect others to join the MRAP dance soon!