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Trumpeter’s Red Cat – Rookiat 1/35 set for release 2017

Trumpeter’s Red Cat – Rookiat was announced in 2016, but last couple of days was officially set for release in 2017. Being right in the middle of the year, this leaves us with only couple of months waiting for this unusual subject. Alongside B1 Centauro, BTR-80A and M1130 Stryker, Rookiat will be very wanted add-on for any APC collection.

The pictures that Trumpeter showed does not disappoint. Detail looks great and the price will be decent hopefully.

picture courtesy of Trumpeter

Rookiat is a South African design, of which 240 were produced since the late 80s. It is an anti-tank and fire-support vehicle with beautiful 76mm gun on its top, making it look very mean. Despite not being so popular, Rookiat has some combat history, like South African intervention in Lesotho, as well as various combat patrol missions.

The vehicle usual environment in Africa leads toward different weathering approach too, mostly based on the red soil in the area, which makes it very interesting from that stand-point too. Such weathering is seen rarely and combined with the overall look of this rhino, will gather a lot of interest once the kit is out for sale.

picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Hopefully the part count and the approach towards the model will be the same as Trumpeter demonstrated so far with their various APCs available. They do need some aftermarket to be great, but even OOTB they are quite good. We’re about to find out what exactly Rookiat will be like.