Troubles with pictures in the articles

Hello to everybody who visit DN Models blog and apologies for the following:

Since June 29th, 2017 one of the services used for sharing most of the pictures – Photobucket – cancelled third party sharing for any account subscribed for less than their “PRO 500” plan. In other words /and numbers/ if you are not paying Photobucket, your pictures will be no longer visible for blogs, forums etc.

Now, paying is not a problem in terms of their normal services, which were around $60 – $100 annually. However Photobucket asks $399 in order to continue sharing pictures which are already there.

It seems like 4 years of work on this blog will be disrupted and at this point it seems it might not be “only temporarily”. My deepest apologies for that!

Currently there are a lot of fuss about this problem, especially on one of my favorite forums – Large Scale Planes, where a lot of threads will be ruined either completely or partially. Of course, it is not only there. Forum-wise this is a small disaster. Blog-wise its a catastrophe.

I know that a lot of you will be disappointed in the lack of content /only picture-wise of course/, however at this point $399 is not an option for DN Models to pay for continuing usage of Photobucket services.

From this point on, any pictures seen on the threads will be uploaded on an alternative source, however, some new articles will be delayed slightly. Hopefully Photobucket will come to their senses and will restore the 3rd party sharing at least for whatever is uploaded or downgrade their requirements in terms of plan allowance.

I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this might’ve caused to you, please contact me with questions for whatever information with which I can eventually help.

Hopefully this matter will be resolved soon!