Trigger Style Airbrush – the hidden jewels

Trigger Style Airbrushes are one of the most useful type of airbrushes available and in the same time for whatever reason they are not so popular among the median modeler. All masters that I know of have at least one of them, some even swear to triggers and use only them in their work.

Actually, there are quite an abundance of those on the market today. We have Grex TS, Iwata TR, Neo TRN and lately – Zoukei-Mura PM-C. We even have Chinese cheapo substitutes which are tenth of the price but also a fraction of the quality of those.

Neo by Iwata Trigger Style Airbrush

Still, there isn’t a great deal of interest towards this particular style of air guns.

As you probably noted, T letter is within the most of the codes of those types of airbrushes. It symbolizes the “Trigger” and that is the main difference of course. The main advantage here is that this is a dual action airbrush, but it works rather like a single action one. Pulling the trigger you automatically mix the paint and air and the more you pull the more rich your mix becomes.

That spares you the hassle of being overly precise with the trigger. In the same time, we have great accuracy. For example, we have TR0 from Iwata, which needle/nozzle combo is .2mm. And it sprays just like /if not better/ than any standard /.2mm airbrush.

Grex Pistol Grip Airbrush

Besides keeping your trigger cleaner than with the regular airbrush, you have more confidant grip of the tool and thus – more control.

What inspired me to write this article was the fact that I used TR-1 from Iwata a lot. Now, not so much. I was begged by a fellow modeler of mine to sell him my airbrush and in the end I did. Now, for quite a long I wondered which one I would like to get – in terms of trigger style airbrush.

Lately I noted that Zoukei-Mura added .3mm trigger style airbrush to their line. It has 5cc cup and it is lacking a grip. Just like the one Iwata sells from their Revolution series. It is made in Japan and I am betting on that here, since Japanese quality is unsurpassed.

Zoukei-Mura’s Pro Model C  Trigger Style Airbrush

Neo from Iwata also sells something similar but it is lower in quality, since it is not Iwata per se. It is made for Iwata but it is something slightly different. And from what I see the parts are pretty much at the same price as the Iwata. Not that trigger style airbrushes need spares that often, but still.

So this Pro-Model C from Zoukei-Mura is still one I am intending to buy. Grex are good airbrushes, but are somewhat rougher in execution and I’ve already owned Iwata so I will go for a little change.

Knowing the quality of Zoukei-Mura products, I am certain that PM-C model will be quite a nice air gun and it is a trigger style, so I can easily compare it to Iwata’s TR that I used to have.

Stay tuned for a full review and have in mind that trigger airbrushes worth your attention. They are more easy to work with, last longer and need less spare parts. The control is greater too. Which is the most important part of all.

Checkout Zoukei-Mura’s website for PM-C model. It is available at Volks USA. The price is quite reasonable and the quality is guaranteed.