Top 10 YouTube Modeling Channels - 2023

Top 10 YouTube Modeling Channels – 2023

2023 is close to its end and as always, at the end of every cycle, it is a good time for debrief, analyze, re-think, adjust. The goal is always – improvement and continuation in the proper direction for all of us. For many, 2023 was an year of turmoil and too much pressure. For many others – it is a tragedy still. So many wars, so many rapid changes in our lives on a daily basis…But life goes on and we must adapt and proceed. We sincerely wish for better times, but we also hope that for most of you it was /and still is/ a good year.

Modeling-wise, 2023 was rather abundant. New kits, new model makers, new tools. The hobby, once quoted as “a dying one” is far from that prophecy. Just the contrary. New scales are starting to blossom, like 1/16th for armor and 1/35 for aircraft, as well as humongous 1/18 planes as well. And there is apparently room for everyone nowadays. With all that – and combined with the age that we live in – the number of YouTube and other media modeling appearances are growing in parallel.

But in this article we will focus not on the newest ones AKA “Released 2023”, but on the best overall creators for that year. By “best” we mean not the most consistent in terms of number of videos, or in terms of views. But those we believe are most useful. And useful could be many things for different people, that is why we are not focusing on one single thing here. In our list, you won’t find the ones with most subscribers, because those are not necessarily the greatest productions nor the most interesting. We are focusing on value, usefulness, entertainment and legacy. Latter one – most important than anything else.


Evan is one hell of a modeler. He has done a lot and he is still so young! He is also your go-to StuG expert. Besides producing very interesting video tutorials, he reviews the kits he builds in a specific manner, which is more than useful when picking up a new kit or aiming for one with certain qualities. His help and guidance is great. There are many reviewers on the web, but very few provide such reliable content as Panzermeister36.

Ugur Kenel

He is a real-life pilot as far as we know. That also means very busy and with a shattered life schedule usually. Yet, Ugur never fails to deliver high-quality content and superb builds. All of his work is highly inspirational and he is seemingly leading a way to a new form of modeling media, that very few can create. Something that makes an interesting show out of a slow and usually boring process for many. Each and every video he produces is overly interesting. His subjects are very popular as well.

Michael Rinaldi

If you are into armor modeling and you haven’t heard the name, you probably live on another planet. Michael is the owner of RSP – Rinaldi Studio Press, one of the very best armor modeling books producers. He is an experienced and talented modeler with so much knowledge, that it will takes weeks, if not months of conversations so you can get the grasp of it. He is highly professional at what he does and more important than anything else – his foundation comes from his education, not just experience in the hobby. His input in armor modeling legacy is beyond legendary.


This channel needs no introduction what so ever. It is not far from million subscribers and that speaks a lot. Even though we mentioned that subs are not overly important, we have to give it here – 1 million subs once reached will be a milestone. You will also be surprised how can a mediocre model /by most standards/ can be turned into a masterpiece. Not focused on anything specific, this YouTube channel provides almost everything that you might need for inspiration. Definitely one of the best out there.

Night Shift

This is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels dedicated to modeling. The production is superb, themes are very interesting and videography is at very high level. If you want to learn a lot about armor modeling and have it served as a weekly sitcom, this is the best place to go. We also consider this to be the channel that will see largest growth of them all. The guy is simply unstoppable! His projects are complex and he spices things up like Master Chef.

The Inner Nerd

What a name, eh? The Inner Nerd Scale Modeling is also a channel that features various themes in the videos, unlike Night Shift who is dedicated mostly to armor for example. Unfortunately, even though it landed in our 2023 list, The Inner Nerd is not that prolific last 12 months for whatever reason. The legacy of the channel is undisputed though, therefore we have to give it to this guy.

Moshiyan’s Hobby

Moshiyan’s Hobby Scale Model Research is one of the video makers that we truly enjoy. The videos are made in a way that grabs you and inspires you every step of the build. Although some of the techniques and the add-ons are repetitive, that doesn’t make them less useful and interesting. Shooting of the videos is also – very professional and enjoyable. Armor is the game here. But as we all know best modelers combine techniques from every niche of the hobby, therefore very useful subjects can be found in this channel even for aircraft or ship modelers.

Scale Model Club 2

Very similar to Moshiyan’s channel. We will not be surprised if they are related in some way. Whatever the case is, Scale Model Club 2 is also very pleasant to watch and time-consuming too. But modeling is all about spending more time with it, so…no harm done here. Besides, spending more time watching videos is YouTube’s wet dream. But honestly, it very nice to see what people actually use and how they transform it into art. Both those channels are superb examples. Again, like with the one above, armor is the main theme here.


Bret Green’s channel is something that we respect deeply. Bret is not green by any means in terms of modeling. Just the contrary. He is a modeling Guru. We follow his work for years and we hope to get more content from him for years to come. His channel value is priceless. Unfortunately, we don’t have many videos for 2023. But over the years his reviews still hold as one of the best. Whatever the case is for this year, Bret’s channel is here to stay.

Scale Model Workshop

Paul Budzik’s channel is something very different from the rest. He is somewhat the voice of wisdom in scale modeling. His work can be compared probably to Hyperscale’s, but it is done in a specific manner, which took the essence and presented it to you in a way that will stay for the generations to come. We don’t know what his magic is exactly, but we know it is there. All his videos are complete in every sense of the word and you simply cannot get disappointed. Most definitely one of the very best out there. Not overly long, not boring. Just perfect and with 100% valuable info in all of them.

So, those are our top 10 YouTube modeling channels for 2023. There are many many more and we hope we didn’t offend anyone by leaving it out of our list. Not by accident we haven’t put labels from one to ten. It is because every single one of the mentioned above is good at what they do and not in a direct competition with the rest. With that in mind, we have to acknowledge that the modeling scene on YT is growing and the content is getting better and better. If you want to sit back and relax, you can enjoy tens of hours of work on a weekly basis.

Once someone predicted that internet will surpass TV as a medium and people will not only have plenty of channels, but will also be able to pick when and what to watch specifically. If only modelers knew back then what is about to be revealed. But hold on to your hat, all this is only getting up to speed. It will get better with time!