Tiran 4s on the Horizon!

2017 looks like it might be the year of the T-series and especially Tiran tanks. Tiran tanks were captured /by the Israelis/ T-54 and T-55s modified to their standards and used successfully in battle afterwords. I won’t bore you with details, since I am pretty sure you are all familiar with those. What I want to share with you are two new upcoming kits – one from Takom and one from MiniArt.

Takom’s boxart

Both companies compete in T-54/55 series recently, releasing wonderful kits with a lot of goodies and never before seen accuracy and detailing. T-54 and T-55 are still widely used and have been for many years. Of course, that means that it is most likely that they have a lot of fans and a lot of people related in the vehicle in some way or another.

Once the first Pre-production Ts from MiniArt came out they made a huge Bang! in the modeling world. Full interior, workable suspension, perfect tracks. In the same time, more modern versions were released by Takom, who made their kits with finesse and accuracy, even though missing the complexity of MiniArt in some ways.

MiniArt #37029 Boxart

Nevertheless, both companies have fans and they do compete for their own market share without interfering with one another. Recently, Takom announced their Tiran 4 tank, upcoming for 2017. It gained a huge success as purely news and many IDF fans were pleasantly surprised.

Just a couple of days ago, MiniArt also announced Tiran 4 version, showing the renders and the boxart of their upcoming kit. It will feature full interior, like the rest of their Interior Kit line. It will be very challenging, with moving parts, high level of details and very attractive.

MiniArt Turret – inside and out

Both kits will have their ups and downs eventually, but we still don’t know what they’re going to be. From what I’ve seen from Takom and MiniArt I can tell, that almost no flaws are evident with their recent releases and I doubt that Tiran 4s will show many.

Just the contrary. Probably both companies will fill a gap in the market for Tiran 4, showing kits for interior lovers and …the rest. I am joking of course! With what we are soon to witness, I believe that we will have two Tiran 4 tanks, both very accurate and both just a beginning for more Tiran tanks to come, replacing Tamiya and Trumpeter options as well as Legend resin conversions.

Let’s hope that we will see Tiran 4 on the shelves soon! I am sure most of you cannot wait for that to happen!

The render seen is the MiniArt kit.