Tiger Model gaining speed

Tiger Model is relatively new and unknown company, which gained popularity mostly with their AMX-30B2 Brennus release. Meng missed that opportunity and Tiger Model quickly took that chair. After a while, they announced very attractive new coming kits, like their Nagamchon, their Abrams in 72nd scale and their AMX-10RCR.

Still, nobody knows where they came from. Some even speculate that Tiger Model is a company which is a derivative of Tamiya, because their approach to engineering the models is very close and the details is almost the same. That isn’t confirmed of course, and I doubt that if Tamiya invested into another smaller sub-company, they will announce it out in the open to please the public.

Anyhow, Tiger Model is gaining speed quite fast. Having in mind that a kit mold machines usually cost something like 100 000 US dollars, you can imagine what can of an investment we are looking at here. And Tiger Model keeps announcing new kits with new interesting ideas behind them. They just announced their new tool of T-90MS, which Trumpeter are cooking up in the oven. They seem to have better overall quality compared to Trumpeter, but it is not yet certain what will be the final result with the measurements.

Anyhow, Tiger model adds some clever things to their models, like the stickers for the sprues, metal gun barrels and colorful window options. That is not that much, but just enough to make your day! The other thing that you can notice when you get any Tiger Model kit is the quality of the box. Nowadays, this is very very important, and they did great job with it. And of course – they are not over-engineered.

I am not certain where they got their info about T-90MS, which is brand new /old-ish/ thing, but they are about to hit the market with it, and let’s hope it will be as good as their Nagmachon. They got it quite right there, and the other news is that they are releasing Early version of Nagamachon, with open top, without the bar armor and with a very fancy antenna.

Still its not clear – as mentioned above – what we will be getting and how high it will be rated, but considering what we have until now, we might expect very nice kits from Tiger Model this summer! They are gaining speed, and adding Russian Modern armor and IDF stuff to their line which is usually a winning strategy!

all pictures are courtesy of Tiger Model