The Zipper - Eduard Limited Edition F-104C 1/48 dn models scale model masks

The Zipper – Eduard Limited Edition F-104 1/48

Eduard have released couple of F-104 variants over the years. There were all re-packs of Hasegawa kits, which by design was a great kit for its time. Actually, one of the most famous quarter scalers. However, Eduard – being one of the leading companies in scale modeling last decade, probably noted, that Hasegawa kit has flaws which are not acceptable according to the current standards. So, they decided to switch to another option and make a new run of Limited Edition Starfighter again.

F-104 from Hasegawa has one big flaw and those are the rivet holes on its wings. There are others and all that is fixable, by why bother, when Kinetic already released a substitute of the legendary 50s jet? Eduard probably knew the answer. They are very knowledgeable people and their team proved it with their superb 48th scale kits, especially their MiG-21. So, even with their old Limited Edition Starfighters valued and cherished by both – modelers and collectors, now the time has come for a new and improved option.

According to the information that we have, the F-104 variant that Eduard will be releasing this summer is a C model. One of the worst performing aircraft of the Vietnam War, it is still one of the greatest achievements in aviation of the mid-20th century. Eduard knew that, and to spice things a bit, they /again, according to our sources, but not confirmed yet/ will offer us seven options and a ton of add-ons, making the standard Kinetic release into a super-kit.

The add-ons will be from the Brassin line /of course/ and will feature wheels, airbrakes, nozzle, sidewinder missiles and more. There will be masks for the canopy, as well as seatbelts and an ejection seat. And that is not all. But summed up, this will be a pretty nice deal coming from the Czechs, especially in one box and with the undisputable fact, that Eduard are making one of the best re-packs out there.

Recently, with the myriad of F-4 Phantoms released by various manufacturers, the need for a refreshment became more significant. Eduard realized that and they made their move. Quite successfully – we think. With the release of Eduard 11169, Czechs will add another F-104 to their Limited Edition line and with that, another kit that is worth owning as much as its worth building. And that is a standard that they imposed on us for the last decade or so. Which we are quite happy to live by!