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Telford Scale Model World 2020 – Cancelled


Telford Scale Model World 2020 seems to be the latest Covid victim in these odd times. Apparently the event has been cancelled due to the pandemic. Believe in that pandemic or not, Telford 2020 seems doomed because of it.

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons for this decision was based on the median age of the participants, which is kinda sad. This hobby, in the times that we live in, especially after 2008 economic crisis is blooming. Not many young ones joined obviously, making the average modeler a person with a decent amount of years behind his/her back. As with most of the Airshows and similar events in Europe and North America, scale modeling shows are being cancelled one by one and drop off of the calendar.

Telford, being the definitive king of all the modeling events was the latest to be announced cancelled, although there were high hopes that because of its size, it will happen no matter what. That was a wrong assumption though and for many this year will be crippled by the virus not only because of stay-at-home initiative, but by the lack of any options what so ever to change the boring daily routine even for a short weekend.

Another hope was based on the idea that the average modeler is an aged smart person, with decent amount of knowledge in history and thirst for wisdom, and that will eventually lead to responsible participants, wearing masks or whatever protective measurements are imposed on the participants. Models in general are not supposed to be touched by bare hands, thus this should help too. But in the end, all this was another wrong assumption. Aged modelers in that case, went into another class of risk assessment, which led to the final decision. A no-go.

As a result, the biggest modeling contest on the planet won’t happen in 2020, joining the long line of activities killed by the COVID in the last 8-10 months. Not only that, but many of the long awaited releases will be either postponed or will be done online, which will definitely kill some of the fun and excitement. There are companies that are looking forward to this specific event to present their latest releases. On the other hand, the modelers are longing for that weekend where they can spend some time with fellow-thinkers and spend some hard-earned money on their favorite hobby. Good for modelers – good for modeling companies.

Not in 2020 though. For many it seems like a ridiculous idea, but yes, this virus is killing of a lot more than people. It kills legacies and companies, one of which by the way is Wingnut Wings, a leader on the scale modeling market. Now it killed the biggest show on the planet. So what comes next?

Let’s try and look it from the bright side, which by the way is very hard to be discovered. But yes, staying at home and fewer modeling shows will mean more actual modeling. And it will be done with the simple and firm idea, that this is a preparation. A preparation for the next show. In the next season. Maybe in 2021. Hopefully not 2022.

Because one thing is sure, we will not be beaten by this thing. Whatever it is. We will beat it. And we might not be able to go to Telford this year. But it is sure as hell we will be on the first Telford event that happens after this madness.