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Tarhe from ICM. Size WILL BE the Issue!

Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe majestic helicopter was a dream in 35th scale for quite some time. Mostly due to its size. But ICM, despite being a company situated in a country living through an actual war, managed to turn that dream into reality. And even though it was promised for 2022, we can understand why it might’ve been delayed. With that said, we have to add that this year will not only be a spectacular helicopter show in many scales and subjects, but apparently in size as well.

tarhe icm dn models scale model masks sikorsky ch54

Anyone would stare in awe once Tarhe in 35th scale reveal itself. With more than 60cm rotor diameter and nearly 80cm fuselage length, the flying crane is beyond massive. That comes at a price of course. The kit will not be cheap by any standards, but it is self-explanatory that for the modeler that will be hardly an issue. The real problem will be the space needed. Because that will be serious area. And to top that up, ICM are promising not one, but TWO versions of the Tarhe, the second one featuring a Daisy Cutter bomb. We won’t be surprised to see a third one as well, featuring civilian option /Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane/, still in use around the World.

But how to cope with that size? Well, to be frank, we can’t answer that. Our biggest built models are in various collections, anywhere, but not at home. Museums, airports, conference rooms, but not at home. “Too bad” one will think. And it is a bitter truth – if you don’t have enough space, you cannot arrange your models neatly and create one’s own, personal museum. Some are luckier than others in terms of space availability, but in our opinion, we have never met a modeler who can utilize all the stash and turn it into a complete built collection. The main reason is, boxes takes less space than completed models.

tarhe icm dn models scale model masks sikorsky ch-54 skycrane

Transporting the heavy transport helicopter even in 35th scale will be an issue too. The body is a doable solution. You approach the issue just like you approach any ship model. However, the main rotor with its 620mm length will be a hassle. And not only, it will be quite risky. But we have a suggestion here. We have seen it on some modeling shows and it appears to work: Pizza. Pizza boxes used for delivery are very neat and cheap solution for transporting your main rotor. As we know, pizzas come in different sizes and you can cover most of the helicopters’ rotors, while in the same time picking up a quick dinner. Just be sure to order extra boxes, because you will want the clean ones for your model parts.

tarhe icm dn models scale model masks sikorsky ch-54 flying crane

For Tarhe, the pizza box will be definitely a family size. And aside from that, you will have serious workbench to fit the damn thing! But we think that it’s worth the effort. After all, CH-54 by Sikorsky is spectacular technical achievement. Alongside with the bunch of upcoming Apaches, Mi-28, UH-1Y and others, it will be a superb addition to your 35th rotorcraft scale model collection. We cannot wait to see it and big thanx to ICM for the pictures and for the efforts! We appreciate your effort to give us more, despite your own troubles. Selfless act, that we should not forget!