Tank destroyer on Mars – Jagdtiger 1/35

The kit is Tamiya ,which builds up perfectly. There are two sets of tracks opted – rubber ones and plastic ones. I used the plastic ones, since they are curved perfectly, and I wanted my tank to appears like its moving with traveling speed, which meant that the track should be with some kind of tension on it.
The three tone camo is made with
.3 airbrush – free hand. The spots are made with brush 5/0 and with diluted Tamiya and Gunze-Sangyo paints by hand. The colors are not the ones used on the camo lines, but some shades closer to that in order to show a bit more contrast on the vehicle.
There are no fenders, since every Jagdtiger I’ve heard about or saw on pictures, had no fenders on it once on the field. I have no clue, if they removed them on purpose or they damaged the tank along the way, but that is how it was. Or at least on the pictures I saw.
There is an option that Tamiya offers – with full interior, which unfortunately is not included in the kit itself.
There are some PE parts, as well as movable barrel. Not much to deal with, but enough I guess.
The model can be easily improved with Friul metal tracks and/or with Photo-etched aftermarket sets from other companies. Since by the time I started it, I had nothing in my stash for that particular tank /in terms of aftermarket/, I decided to use camo scheme which is more attractive, instead of making it with a lot of additional stuff. Me personally, I prefer to see a more colorful and well painted model, instead of a regular vehicle with tons of small details and stuff you hardly see. But again – that’s me.
Weathering is done mostly with oil paints, different graphyte pencils, and washes and filters made by myself. I avoided MIG or AK Interactive in order to make the final result more close to what I had in mind – more colorful scheme, and not so much beaten up vehicle.
These tank killers were made sometime late during the war, which gave me the idea that the newer it look – the better.
Tank itself is one of the biggest AFV items I’ve ever build. Its size makes it attractive as much as the camouflage. Bigger size usually gives options for bigger battle damages, but of course, as I mentioned above – not in this case. Besides, bigger is better. Always.
The red-ish look of the tracks is other thing that I got as an idea only by accident. Just before starting this project I went hiking in a mountain 200 miles from my home and I noted pines very close in appearance to those that are shown on the boxart. Then I noted that the soil is kinda red, and I got some of it in my bottle of water that I always bring in my backpack. From the color of that sample I got the basic dirt color which I made from pastels and pigments. So even if to some it might appear very red, I saw that kind of a dirt in real life and I liked it so much that I decided to use it on my model.
The other thing I noted is that while I was hiking only my boots were red and the dust didn’t covered my upper clothes or backpack. This is not the way it usually happens – even my hat becomes dusty after couple of hours on an outdoor wildlife journey. Well, not that time. However, I used this trick as well – I left the upper turret relatively clean.
For the diorama pad I tried to create scaled down road similar to the one I’ve walked. I didn’t had that much of scaled down trees in stash as there were on the real road but I think it is enough. In the other way I guess it would’ve been harder to look at the model. It probably would appeared more like some kinda of a forest diorama instead of a tank dio /or vignette/ with couple of finishing touches -bushes or pines or whatever else.
I enjoyed building that model very much for couple of reasons. First, it is Tamiya and their models are always a pleasure to work with. Second, the camo scheme requires free-hand experience with the airbrush, and I find that to be the best part of painting and maybe of the modeling process itself. And last, but not least, German late-war Jagd- vehicles are one of my favorites. They are huge and they apparently were inspirational for all the future AFV industry. And even I didn’t like Jagdtiger that much at the beginning, well – at the end it became my favorite Tank killer.
Hope that you like the finished product!