Tank Biathlon and BMPT-72. Second round.

Trumpeter did it again – shortly after Meng Model announcing their T-72B3 TS-028 and Tiger Model their BMPT-72, Trumpi announced the same subjects under their brand. They didn’t stopped there either. Trumpeter announced another version of T-72b3: the T-72B3M which is the tank from the Tank Biathlon games and it is currently the most advanced version of T-72 MBT in the World.

From the 3D graphics of the models, both tanks seem pretty equal /except for one part in green seen below/. Obviously, whoever wants to make the Tank Biathlon machines will be able to do it using the Meng Model TS028. Just a little scratch building. However, the decals and the camouflage schemes in the Trumpeter’s box will cry out to be bought. Tricky move. Clever, but still – tricky. We saw quite a few times so far, a company announces something, and on the next day, the competitor hit the market with the same subject. Confusing for many, it is a benefit, because on the different markets World-wise, people can buy different things. However, when it comes down to quality…well, then the arguments start. But it is not necessarily a bad thing. That moves the companies forward so this is so beneficial for the modelers…

It is pretty clear that Trumpeter, Meng and Tiger Model are very good at what they do. So for me there is no doubt that Meng kit will be great, but Trumpeter will be pretty much the same thing. I have seen it with their T-90 series. Although quality of the boxes and plastic are a bit superior in Meng, Trumpeter keep their prices more reasonable, and give you pretty much the same amount of detail. So it is up to you, or up to what is available close to you. Somewhere that is Meng, another place – Trumpeter.

Then next thing that Trumpeter did was showing their BMPT-72. Just a day after Tiger Models announced theirs. A day! I will not be surprised if I see it coming from Meng /which I actually expect them to do for quite some time now/ or even Zvezda.

Trumpeter haven’t released yet their standard BMPT on the market, but they already have a test build of their Terminator 2. This is very intriguing, having in mind that those are plastic model kits. Still it is amazingly competitive market! Meng, Trumpeter, Tiger, Takom…they will rip their eyes off! Or the other way around it – they might be owned by the same person. Who knows?

From the picture it is visible, that the tracks aren’t there yet, so eventually they will be separate links, not like with Zvezda. It is also pretty clear that the quality of the moldings is very high, the detail is superb and this will be very nice kit once built. The guns are detailed to a level, where aftermarket parts become obsolete and this is too good news.

The real Terminator II is a kit-like offer from Uralvagonzavod for current T-72 users around the World. They will even use locally based factories to make the conversion. I hope that there will be some clients for that and we will see it in a lot of different camo schemes and upgrades soon. It is mean looking vehicle, and it resembles Terminator-like machines seen in the movie better, than the first BMPT from Uralvagonzavod. Still, it is a matter of personal taste though!

So, these two options of T-72B3 and BMPT-72 is wonderful news from Trumpeter. I planned to build Tank Biathlon vehicle for quite some time now, and I will sell my T-72B in order to buy the porper T-72B3M with the correct set of decals and camo schemes. Eventually DN Models will release masks for that, but let’s see the kit in the stores first. As for the BMPT-72… DN Models mask set is an ongoing project currently. And for the kit itself: well, I will most likely get Trumpeter and Tiger Model. And if Meng announces theirs…too bad for my pocket!