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Tamiya F-35A 1/48

Tamiya F-35A in 1/48 seems like an error announcement. If you wonder why, just remember how many Lightning II kits are available and widely spread out there: Kitty Hawk, Italeri, Academy, MENG, all in quarter scale. But that didn’t stop Tamiya for playing that card. And if you wonder why, the best possible answer that we found on the web is: Because they CAN! They are TAMIYA. Not much more to comment.

After all, so far the best option was MENG’s release, mostly beating others due to their not-so-exaggerated RAM Panels. Other toolings were /and still are/ not at the desired level. So why not Tamiya try their talent on the subject?! Of course, the bar is now set higher, even though we still haven’t seen their tooling. But we trust them, because lately, Tamiya kits are blasting everybody out of the sky. Popular or unpopular subject, the Japanese company continues to prove its dominance on the scale modeling market. Especially in that particular scale.

Many will say that their kits are not detailed enough. Others will say that they release kits with errors. Usually both statements are disregarded by the modelers who know Tamiya well. They hardly make any mistakes. Their fit is THE BEST EVER and the pleasant process is adored by many. Tamiya also invest plenty when they do their research. And luckily, this time, they picked the subject that requires their full attention and devotion. Because the real F-35A is the next widespread jet for decades to come, looking boldly at half more century of World Wide service. Japanese service included. So what we will probably get in scale, is something that will stand against time and most importantly – the competition. AKA – Tamiya F-35A.

Tamiya F-35A in 1/48 will be released December 2022. Or at least that is what the rumor says. It is pretty much clear, that if that is the truth, the kit is already completed. And what we expect and most likely what we will get, is a kit, that will stand well above all others, together with their F-14, F-4, P-38, Bf-109 and many others in 48th scale, just because the abovementioned were among the best. And since Tamiya CAN do it, well, they did it. They will also make F-35B, but this time the rumor is that they will use Italeri’s latest F-35B tooling, which is decent, but there is a lot more to ask. On this subject, let’s wait it out and see.

Luckily, the A model – the most used of them all – will be completely new design, made by Tamiya.

And that is great news!